The Comment Awards Are Saving the Date for Roxane Gay and Debbie Millman

Hi, pals! Last weekend I stayed at a house in the redwood forest, and very early in the morning I looked up through a skylight to watch a squirrel jumping through the tops of the very tall trees, through a beam of sunlight that wouldn’t hit the house for another half an hour, and I was home! My heart is so full of the people and places who are dear to me right now, and I wish the very same thing for you, every day.

This week, Casey brought us eight books about monstrous queer women we should read today!

Drew placed her trust in Co-Star.

Need a less expensive strap-on? Malic’s got some suggestions!

This is perfect in every way: Every Fiona Apple Song, Ranked by Existential Despair.


Allie made poached eggs and dry martinis for the glove lunch we all deserve.

I cannot with Sally lately, she is on such a roll! Please read Anatomy of a Power Lesbian immediately.

And then there were your comments!

On Some of Y’all Are Really Out Here Flexing on Tinder with Finger Measurements, Discuss:

The Manual Dexterity Award to Abbey and Snow:

Never seen finger measurements on dating apps, but I’m intrigued! I have short, chubby fingers, but fairly large hands so not sure where I stand tbh

On How To Name a Lesbian or Bisexual TV Character:

The Lex-panding Universe Award to amidola and Lex:

Well, isn’t this list just dandy? If I ever want to name a kid, I’ll just call them Alex! Ahm speaking of, I’d also like to throw Lexa’s name into that hat. / Lex: [Gif of Eddie from Vida saying "I'll drink to that"]

And the Patient Zero Award to andreac and Riese:

You forgot a key early entry in the Book of Susans. The woman Ellen Morgan came out for (who turned out to be already partnered). “Susan…

On No Filter: Leisha Hailey and Kate Moennig Flex Their Lesbian Hands For You:

The Good Morning, Angels Award to shamblebot:

A Charlie’s Angels tv show with Laverne Cox, Angelica Ross, and Trace Lysette?? WOULD WATCH

On Every Fiona Apple Song, Ranked by Existential Despair:

The To-Do List Award to RCF:

1. See article – chuckle knowingly and think “thank goodness for Rachel

And the Board Certified Award to Brooke:

Singing along with “and I do know what’s good for me

On Roxane Gay and Debbie Millman Are ENGAGED! Love Is Indeed Not a Lie!

The Queermark Channel Award to Laureline:

This is the Christmas rom com we deserve!!

And the Love Is Not A Lie Award to Debbie Millman:

Thank you Carmen and my friends at Autostraddle. Love you! ❤️💙🧡💛💜🌈

On Pop Culture Fix: All the Cool Queer Kids Are Lining Up for “Charlie’s Angels”:

The First Five Award to Lisa:

Kayla’s assertion that Mommi is not a spectrum got me thinking that there might be something like stages of Mommi. For your consideration: J.Lo: Mommi, Phd. Laura Dern: Mommi, Phd. Lupita Nyong’o: Graduate student mommi Awkwafina: Applying to graduate school mommi Rene Zellweger: Never finished her dissertaion mommi ScarJo: She had so much potential…

And on Lez Try It: Poached Eggs and Martinis á la “Carol”:

The Glove Lunch Award to Steffi:

Ok, I’ve been reading autostraddle for several years now and have never registered. This post did it. (Obviously it was a Carol-related post) Hilarious. Thanks for trying out this dish; personally, I am running away from poached eggs like the yolk itself, but I appreciate your sacrifice. “no croutons of hardship”. haha. thanks for this 🙂

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    • Ah, I just realized that I’m probably the only one who used to watch this show and that this clip is a bit dark.
      Uh, sorry. Winter time and all that. It’s only funny if you consider that I am chronically single, have watched this like two years ago and grimace every time someone suggests I get an Alexa.
      Please, if you feel offended feel free to yell at me, and if you feel lonely, feel free to..yell at me some more? Or dm me your address so I can send you some cookies. I have this shortbread recipe that turns out pretty well.

      • A few years ago my work kept giving out those damn things as christmas presents. I can only assume they were trying to invade MY LIFE

      • No worries. Youtube in its debatable wisdom refused to show me the clip because I’m not in the right country, apparently.

        We’ll survive the winter though ! Cookies across the ocean.

      • I can’t see the clip, but we have an Alexa and it’s creepy af, especially when she says something inscrutable out of the blue while we’re trying to watch a movie or whatever

    • lol yes amidola i had not anticipated what i was doing when i brought an alexa in to the bedroom, regularly stopping what i was doing with a partner as we both turned to yell at alexa to play a different song is really a JOURNEY

      • Even more of a journey if you can’t agree on the song!^^
        Also a problem, (circling back to the beginning) if your partner’s name is Alex!

  1. Also Lex-spanding universe made me chuckle.

    And now I have to share that this morning a class-full of kids got on the bus, and I overheard “Your butt is bigger than SPACE. It’s so big it goes backwards in time then loops back to the future”.

    Readers, if this is the level of 7 year old snark, I have hope for the spacetime future of our planet after all.

  2. Glove Lunch Award is the most refined award name we will ever read, it is decided, we can all go home now.

    How’s everyone doing this week? These days I’m a weird mix of just general **blah** about work but WILD EXCITEMENT about creative projects, both mine and other people’s. I went to a workshop on 3d printing yesterday, which was the coolest thing! And I’m hoping to try painting my first mini soon to use in my dungeons & dragons group. Thank goodness for projects as a buoying force.

    Also also!! This is related to creative projects, but isn’t related to the comment awards, but I wasn’t sure where else to put it, so following Snow’s example I will also put it on the Friday straddleverse post! For any other queer fantasy-loving readers out there, I feel like I need to share this in case it hasn’t come up yet on AS: Right now they’ve got ten authors signed on to write stories for the anthology, and five artists, and they’ll also be taking submissions for additional stories, and I’m just soooooo so so excited this will exist. Makes me happy just thinking about it :)

    (And as a queer hispanic gal i’m alllllso super excited about this other project: This one’s not explicitly queer, though it is put together by queer folks. So many exciting projectsssssss)

    • omigod I have been painting minis since uh (checks the dusty corners of my mind) 1983? Um yeah 1983. wow. That’s super exciting! I always geek out when someone takes a stab at painting those little bastards. I got a big display cabinet to keep mine in last year; maybe I’ll put up a pic of it when I get home.

      Also did you SEE the FEA video I posted up? They are capital Queer! And Hispanic, from Texas! Creative and cool as hell. I’ve had this on repeat for the last hour.

      • 😍😍I just watched it!!! Ohhhhh my goodness I could watch them all day! (… maybe I will…)

        Also MINIS! YOU PAINT THEM! THAT IS SO COOL!! I’m really really looking forward to giving them a try, and I’m also soooo nervous that I’m going to screw them up. But on the other hand I figure the first one will at least be good practice, and it looks like exactly my kind of fun. If you get a chance to post a picture of your minis cabinet I for one would love to see them!!

          • *swoon* this is amazing!! I downloaded the photos just to zoom in! the colors! the different shades on the front purple mini’s sword! the detail on the visor of the one behind! plus the painting area photo… i promise i don’t mean this in a weird way but i kiiiiiind of want to be you hahaha. this is all the absolute coolest.

        • Blush blush thank you! None of my current friends are all that interested in minis, so they’re starved of attention. I’ll post a close up of an old favorite here for you.

          And Fea aren’t just cool, they’re chill! We’ve hung out and talked to them after several of their shows and we like them a lot. Hopefully they’ll let us open for them one of these days.

          • THE GRADIENT IN THE WING COLOR!!! I am deceased. This is the best.

            😮 you’ve HUNG OUT with Fea?? And you say that opening for them is a possibility, implying that you are in a *band*??? oh my godddd you are so cool, is there anything you DON’T do??

          • Umm I don’t do drugs? Don’t do drugs kids, and stay in school. You too could be in a goofy middle aged punk band someday!

          • Hahahaha well, I’m in grad school now, so I *may* have taken this stay-in-school thing a little too literally ;) Punk bands for the win!

    • hi tapir! CREATIVE PROJECTS! i have a question – do you have any tips for getting into that mode when you’ve been working and tired? i have such trouble peeling myself off the couch!

      • Uhhhh honestly that’s a hard problem haha! One of the things that works best for me (especially if I’m feeling kind of bleh in general) is to talk about the project to someone else and get them really excited about it too. Then when I get home and the “you could just go take a nap” voice starts piping up, I can kind of channel that friend’s earlier excitement, and that’s usually juuuuust enough to give me a push to get started on the project. And once I’ve started the rest is history :D

        (that said, i do also love me some quality time with my couch. i do best with hobbies that let me get both at the same time. ;) )

    • That queer fantasy collab sounds amazing! I’ve been trying to write some queer speculative fic forever and it’s going.. slowly.

      This is the time of year I get blah about work too (despite the fact that I love my job) and spend half my time procrastinating on the Internet instead (in case anybody hasn’t noticed)

  3. And the Love Is Not A Lie Award to Debbie Millman!
    Congratulations! Double congratulations, in fact

  4. Why would you make a beautiful love story about Christmas? It has nothing to do with Christmas! It’s November! Oyoyoy please stop, gentiles.

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