Pop Culture Fix: All the Cool Queer Kids Are Lining Up for “Charlie’s Angels”

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Welcome to your weekly Pop Culture Fix!

+ Hem hem.

+ The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Actress Roundtable is here, starring Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson, Lupita Nyong’o, Laura Dern and Renée Zellweger. They talked about working in this shifting #MeToo moment in Hollywood, the roles they’ve been most intimidated by, being hyper-sexualized, Lupita Nyong’o is the best, etc. Obviously our TV Team ranked the whole thing by Mommi energy for you.

Carmen: I am not our official Mommi ranker Kayla, but I assume Jennifer Lopez is Number ONE
And Scarlett Johansson would be last place.
Kayla: Jennifer Lynn Lopez is Daddy.
Carmen: …. Kayla you cannot just stop there.
Wait? Are you saying that J.Lo is out of the Mommi race because she is in fact, a Daddy. Is that what’s happening right now?
Kayla: Yes.
Laneia: I’m sorry but Scarjo would not be included in the list at all ok bye thank you.
Kayla: Yes I was going to say that next.
Scarjo is also not a Mommi.
It is not a spectrum. Not everyone is a Mommi.
Laneia: Scarjo is cousin vibes at most.
Kayla: askldlasdl;asdk
Laneia: The one you don’t know their name.
It’s almost like Scarjo was like can y’all give me the most “distant cousin whose name no one knows”-vibe dress.
And they were like yeah we were already going to do that

+ Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ellen DeGeneres are teaming up for some kind of thriller about lying at Fox.

+ Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris open up about playing for the NWSL’s homophobic owner.

+ Harley Quinn recruits some villainous sidekicks in a very profane trailer

+ Selena Gomez smooched Julia Michaels and then they got matching tattoos, is a thing I have learned this week.

+ Our new Contributing Writer Jourdain Searles has a piece about Marriage Story in the New York Times!

+ How This Is Us Brought Dinner Scenes of Race & Class to Network TV

+ The case for spoilers.

+ Now that Netflix has more streaming competitors, it suddenly cares about ratings/

+ ODAAT season four will be here in March!

+ She-Hulk is FINALLY getting her own series.

+ The Good Place will end with a 90-minute series finale.

+ Anna Paquin is really not concerned with her lack of lines in The Irishman

+ Women TV Directors Can Call the Shots, But ‘Don’t Have the Luxury to Fail’

+ Harry Styles’ 2020 tour will include King Princess.

+ Kristen and Patrick Stewart aren’t related, but they are the best part of Charlie’s Angels

+ And finally, in the off chance you haven’t had the opportunity to cry about this car commercial yet.

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  1. Em

    I scoffed at the suggestion that I would cry over a car commercial, but here I am with my heart in knots and tears running down my face in public

  2. Kayla’s assertion that Mommi is not a spectrum got me thinking that there might be something like stages of Mommi.
    For your consideration:

    J.Lo: Mommi, Phd.
    Laura Dern: Mommi, Phd.
    Lupita Nyong’o: Graduate student mommi
    Awkwafina: Applying to graduate school mommi
    Rene Zellweger: Never finished her dissertaion mommi
    ScarJo: She had so much potential…

  3. Oh shit that commercial got me. I don’t think “cry” is a strong enough word to describe my emotional reaction, I was sobbing so loud the neighbors probably heard me and are gonna post on Nextdoor to see what’s going on. EVERYTHING’S FINE OVER HERE, I’m just emotionally wrecked over this lesbian love story

  4. I would get rid of my Subaru to buy Renault Clio now if I wasn’t a random gay who neither can drive nor even have a driving licence.

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