The Comment Awards Are Packing for Camp


Hi friends! True story: As I was sitting down to write this, my dog kept growling at a rock in the backyard. Turns out it was not a rock, it was…a tortoise! Now Sir Hector is in an Amazon Prime box in my kitchen (which my dog is scared of), and I’m googling “what to feed a tortoise.” Leftover raw spinach and endives, anyone? (Now he’s scrabbling around in there and I’m worried he hates me. I might have rejection issues.)

This week in Be the Change, Kaelyn reminded us that love is amazing, but love alone is not enough.

Now that it’s almost summer vacation, Nora’s going to do all of our packing. Or at least tell us what to pack in.

Riese wrote a thing about food that gets me way more than any fancy recipe ever could.

Oh hey: want to write a Queer Girl City Guide?

In No Filter, Glennon Doyle Melton’s kid might have an okay soccer coach, or something.

Did you see this? Faith’s asking hilarious women stupid questions, and it is exactly as delightful as it sounds.

From Alexis: this is about hair, and life, the universe and everything, and you should read it.

And then there were your comments!

On 16 Meals and Snacks To Maintain The Level Of Sad You Already Feel:

The Clipart.jpeg award to Sally:

Oh, for the days when women laughed, carefree, over salad. Were we ever so young and innocent?

On Sunday Funday Is Meeting Badass LGBTQ Elders For A Dinner Date:

The Cameo Award to Alaina:

omg it’s a picture of my pastor on autostraddle!! shout out to me for choosing churches that are doing the Right Thing

On Also.Also.Also: Good Things Constantly Being Unraveled by Stupid Straight White Men and Other Stories for Your Week:

The Vive La France Award to Ivett and Danielle:

Never has the world been so happy because a woman lost an election.

On Style Thief: Your Camp Counselor From 1999:

The Good Game Award to Sarah:

I definitely needed this. I’m now thinking of my shiny-haired counselors of yesteryear, remember tipping my plastic bowler hat to a particularly lovely brunette beauty at the final camp performance and catching her eye. I was seven, so I’m sure she was IN TO IT.

On Supergirl” Episode 220 Recap: Worst Mother’s Day Ever:

The Broken Promise Ring Award to SecretName:

Kara, it was only two episodes ago you said you would always protect Lena and now you’re leaving her alone unconscious in a room with your archenemy? I mean, I know she had a lot on her plate but it would take about a second for her to fly Lena to relative safety.

On 10 Stupid Questions With 10 Hilarious Queer Women, Part 1:

The Lonely Planet Award to Brianna:

i had to google both “brats

On Summer 2017 Gay TV Preview: Some Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Characters For Ya:

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Habits Award to Jenna:BOLD STATEMENT: The Handmaid’s Tale is Alexis Bledel’s finest work as an actress, and I have a theory that she’s queer don’t @ me

The ‘Muff Said Award to Faith:I’ve been debating getting into American Gods, and now that I know it features Gillian Anderson and killer vaginas I’ve made my decision. Thank you.

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  1. Went out drinking to Macron on Tuesday

    In related news: Did you know that he’s married to his former High School French teacher?
    It’s like all the tired f/f fanfiction tropes suddenly sprang to life last week.
    Student/Teacher happily after and then the Magic Baby on PLL. I don’t even read that stuff cause it’s so clichè.
    Oh, and Voldemort kicked Fudge out after he finally cottoned on.
    It’s nice not to be quoting anti utopias when translating the news into nerdspeak, for once.
    (See what I did there?;-)

    • I’m so sick of seeing his sociopathic face on my facebook feed, ugh. Thank god the election cycle in France is somewhat short, because I’m feeling exhausted and I’m gonna need strength to fight the shit he’s gonna pull in the next 5 years.

        • he’s not a nazi. so yes, better than le Pen. but still… ugh.

          one of his gem’s from the campaign: “One of the fundamental errors of this presidential term was ignoring a part of the country that has good reasons to feel resentment and sadness*. That’s what happened with Marriage for All**, where we humiliated that part of France. We should never humiliate, we should talk. We must share our disagreements.”

          *sadness feels like not a great translation of “passions tristes”, but I used it because that’s how I’ve found it translated into English in summaries of Spinoza’s theories of affect

          **in French, le marriage pour tous, the homophobic organization that opposed gay marriage and got the government to rescind its promise of allowing in-vitro fertilization for lesbian couples.

          Mind you, the gay marriage “debate” included a number of racist attacks on the woman responsible for passing the law and led to an increase in hate crimes (which are still rising). Which wasn’t surprising since the group’s crazy ass leader literally promised blood. But yeah, we definitely humiliated these poor people by not talking enough. F*ck you, Macron.

    • I only know about that because my mom loves gossip rags, is fair reader of french and it came up in convo about a certain localish high school that seems to have a problem with teachers “dating” the students.
      Court proceedings started up not too long ago on the latest incident, which involves two female teachers close to my age and an alleged three-way with a 16 year old male student.
      This is like the 3rd or 4th inappropriate incident in a decade at that school.

  2. My first dog, Buster, once grabbed a tortoise and carried it inside. I was able to rescue the poor animal(though not without swearing in front of my mother)and release it in our front yard. I checked a few minutes later and saw it had crawled away.

    • I had a good talk with a tortoise owner who works at the Nature Center today and she assured me it would be ok to set him free in an area with some green plants in it – even if he was domesticated once upon a time. There’s a big field behind my house, and I was thinking of putting a bit of kale out for him back there too.

      • I would love to mark him in some way in case he comes back, but he’s like “my body my choice, dude,” I would feel so guilty.

        • Friendly neighborhood environmental educator popping in to say:
          Was it a species native to where you live, or something like a Russian tortoise that had been a pet and released?

          If it’s not native, generally it’s good practice to see if a Nature Center or sanctuary will take it; sometimes because the animal won’t survive where it is (say for instance if you’re in an an area with cold winters and it’s a tropical species), or because it may pose a threat to native species (outcompeting them for food or nesting grounds, or introducing parasites, etc). If it was a native species in your backyard, that’s a great thing! Tortoises take a long time to establish themselves in a habitat, and fragmentation from people-activity is an ongoing threat, so anytime you have a native turtle or tortoise it means the habitat is relatively healthy and intact.

          And, whether native or exotic, when feeding reptiles, always go easy on the spinach and any other high-oxalate foods (such as parsley). In the short term, not a problem, but they can cause long-term negative effects like kidney issues and metabolic bone disease.

  3. yaaas! as the first and only Slovak who got this award I will have official ceremony in our national TV. Thank you Autostraddle!

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