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Hi there, Mounds and Almond Joys! It’s halfway through January! I’m still writing 2017 on my checks!

This week, A.E. had answers to a very important question: What do you do when strap-on sex leaves bruises?

You get inspired! And you get inspired! And you get inspired!

Alyssa’s handsome. But don’t take my word for it.

I love Stevonnie so, so much.

In this week’s AM/PM, Alaina’s got the vacuum (and the inner peace) I’ve been coveting for AWHILE.

So I guess warm-up pants are back?

Democracy now! Thanks, Laura.

You will cry, in the best way: I Hated Country Music Until I Met Lena.

And then there were your comments!

On Amilyn Holdo and Leia Organa Were Dating in “The Last Jedi” and You Can’t Convince Me Otherwise:

The And Also With You Award to Tam:

So many women in this movie… AND NONE IN A GOLD BIKINI. and people still watched it. P.S. I am marrying the next woman who tells me “may the force be with you always”

On Steven Universe’s Stevonnie Is Bringing Non-Binary Representation to TV in a Brand New Way:

The Good Old-Fashioned Squeeee Award to Jay:

Every time I watch an episode with Stevonnie it fills my heart with so much happiness! I can’t even imagine what it would have felt like to see a character like them as a kid! They are so wonderful

On 2018 Golden Globes Winners: Oprah and the Simmering Rage of Women:

The Simmering Rage Goals Award to Valerie Anne:

Petition to call a group of feminists a “simmering rage.” “Did you hear about the protest?” “Yeah I hear a simmering rage of women showed up!” “Awesome!”

On Business Lounge Is Your Fancy Pajama-esque Winter Aesthetic:

The LOC Award to Mae Elise:

Popping by to say my new style is lounge-of-center after reading this brilliant article

On No Filter: Gillian Anderson Cordially Invites You to Walk All Over Her:

The Call Me Out, Maybe Award to jane:

Wasn’t aware that Demi Lovato had a callout culture fetish, but GOOD TO KNOW

On You Need Help: When Strap-On Sex Leaves (Accidental) Bruises:

The Peach Emoji Award to Alaina:

alternatively, tell said boo they look really hot with bruises and encourage them to wear said bruises with pride.

On Pop Culture Fix: Would You Like to Hear a Story About Kate McKinnon, Gillian Anderson and a Bathtub?

The Shipping News Award to Rous Rose:

I have a rule of not shipping real-life humans – which I only break every time I see two adult females make eye-contact – but I’m pretty sure Kate and Gillian are pure manifestations of extremely high frequency energy ripping up the space-time continuum with ethereal perfection, anyway, so I’m going to go ahead and wish them a happy life together.

And on Gay Hairplay: Top 11 Times a Girl Touched Another Girl’s Hair on TV and Film:

The Braid Me Like One of Your French Girls Award to Faustine:

I’m sensing this is another important entry in the future meta-post: “We’re hair, we’re queer: 11 times Autostraddle obsessed about women touching women’s hair in moving pictures”

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