Pop Culture Fix: Would You Like to Hear a Story About Kate McKinnon, Gillian Anderson and a Bathtub?

It’s 35 degrees in New York City today which is 30 degrees warmer than it has been in a while. I shoveled the melting snow in a t-shirt, and then I wrote this Pop Culture Fix for you.

  • KateMcKinnon, Gillian Anderson, and a bathtub. That’s all you need to know about this story.

  • Laneia already told you this in Also.Also.Also but I just want to tell you again: The season two trailer for One Day at a Time is here!

  • Hey and here’s another trailer! It’s for Supergirl’s return! Any Mon-El is too much Mon-El in my opinion but if you can block him out there’s plenty to love here and he’ll be gone soon. (Also, don’t panic about the short hiatus that’s happening to the show this winter.)

“We are not in the same world anymore,” she said. “Even white people are tired of watching white people’s shows.”

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