FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: Building From Small Moments

Hi songbirds and welcome to this week’s Friday Open Thread!

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How’s your 2018 going so far?

Sometimes it feels like everything needs to be everything all at once, and that all at once needs to be right now. It’s easy to get so impatient for the future or for knowing what will happen next or for knowing what will be. Who wants to sit with discomfort or uncertainty instead of pressing fast forward and just being done with it? Except that that’s kind of how this works. It can be hard to grasp the future in the fist of a bullet journal and plow boldly forward, certain and sure, but also uncertain and fine with it. And even though I know we all know this, sometimes you think you know but you forget that you know, you know?

So this week, I want to hear about your small peaceful moments instead. Maybe you were worried about the prospect of an intense custody battle over your dog with your probably-but-hopefully-not-but-who-knows-it’s-fine-ex and you came to a resolution. Maybe you ate some really good pickles. Maybe you got a really good haircut. Maybe you ate too many pickles, it turned out, and got suddenly very sick and were stuck in a bar bathroom for five hours, ironically or perfectly with a Samantha Irby book, and someone you have some feelings for brought you the exact right meds to help and waited around for hours while they kicked in and took you home. Maybe you ate a really, really good avocado and did not get sick at all. Maybe one day you woke up and went out into a garden and felt the wet gravel between your toes and saw your breath cloud the air and watched a cat in a sunbeam and felt like maybe things would be okay even if they don’t look any way you would have pictured.

a garden, featuring a cat in a sunbeam licking its paw

are all those examples from my life who can say

I also want to hear about your new year’s goal setting progress, and your cats, and what you’re eating or drinking or reading or watching or doing or thinking or feeling or anything else. The night and the comments belong to us.

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