The Comment Awards Are Looking Very Shane Today


Hello lovelies! Here is how I know my dog is too good for this world: he really, really wants me to play so he’s sitting behind me on the sofa, being very quiet and good, thumping his tail every three minutes or so, so I won’t forget he’s there. Hang on, buddy! I’m almost done!

This week, The Bold Type healed our hearts with a love story, and Kayla recapped it.

Here are some ways you can help people in Texas, from Straddler Marissandrist.

DO NOT PATCH THE HOLES IN YOUR WALL WITH WHITEOUT, as I once did when I was twelve! Jenna’s here to tell us how to do it properly.

In this week’s AM/PM, we found out that Faith wakes up without coffee, which is… something you can do? Apparently?

Carol comes to Netflix on September 20th, and Erin’s ready with this list of food and drinks (no spinach creaming necessary).

Need a safe space? Autostraddle’s got you covered.

And then there were your comments!

On Grease Bats: New Relationship Energy:

The Andy’s (Fun) Home Award to Carmen SanDiego:

I’m changing my major to Joan I’m changing my major to sex with Joan I’m changing my major to sex with Joan With a minor in kissing Joan Foreign study to Joan’s inner thighs…

On Y’All Need Help #8: Cross That Bridge When You Come to It!

The U-Haulin’ Award to Saga:

I still don’t get this Uhaul reference… I took a Uhaul from Alaska to Idaho and didn’t meet my soul mate. Am I doing this wrong? Did I rent the wrong Uhaul? Is it because I drive a Subaru?

And the Defying Gravity Award to Denise:

I thought from the pictures and the advice to go slow was a direct message to me about my affinity for tripping all over the place every time I go hiking. It really is a miracle I have never broken a bone.

On Monday Roundtable: I Was Not Myself Those Days:

The Laneia for Wax Award to Chandra, Laneia and Linnea:

Laneia as Shane!!!!!

On 12 Food and Drink Ideas For When Netflix Releases “Carol” and You Watch It For 24 Hours Straight:

The Netflix & Glove Lunch Award to amidola:

What do you do on Sundays? Nothing in particular. What do you do? Nothing lately.Maybe you would like to come visit me sometime? Like, September 20th? Would you like to come visit me, then? Yes.

And the Self-Censure Award to Rous Rose:

Protip: The GIF gets 200x better when you imagine Carol without pants (or shapeless grey 1950s midi skirt) on. (Yes, I am a 14-year-old boy.) / Half an hour later, Rous says: Jesus CHRIST, Rous.

On Fall 2017 TV Preview: Some Lesbian and Bisexual Characters for You:

The Rous’ Favorite Things Award to Rous Rose:

Me: I should contain my excitement to protect my fragile heart from inevitable disappointment caused by high expectations and a lack of showrunners willing to cater to, or even consider, the (queer) female gaze. Also me: [image of Oprah being over-the-top excited]

On The New “Great British Bake Off”: Nothing’s Changed, Except Everything That Matters:

The Soggy Berry Award to Chloe:

Heather this was a stellar article. Two things 1) Ruby is a fucking national treasure 2) I will never not mourn the loss of the original Bake Off.

On 38 Lesbian and Bisexual Women From History Who Did That Thing First:

The Cat Grant Newsroom Award to Sally:

Riese you are killing it with the history content recently! Maybe also one day soon you will kill it with that long-promised lesbian serial killers series HOW WAS THAT FOR A SEGUE

And on Pop Culture Fix: Get Your Hot Takes Ready for the Queerish “Heathers” Reboot:

The Chicken Fingers Award to aj:

glad to see my initial horror at being sent from Autostraddle to an article titled “Murderer Fingered By Parrot

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  1. I tried my hardest to get on here this week, but I failed. I can’t try harder, so….I must kill the other winners so that I shall get on here by default.

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know where in the world is Carmen SanDiego?

  2. BTW I’m really glad I wasn’t the only one who fully did not recognize Laneia-as-Shane, at ALL, to the point where I thought maybe it was the other person in that photo!

  3. At first I couldn’t decide whether I felt proud or embarrassed by the Carol comment. However, then I became aware of the fact that 11 entire human beings agreed with me enough to click the like-button and/or comment ‘OMG’, so perhaps my purpose in life is to be the spokesperson of every queer’s inner horny teen? How can I be ashamed of walking the path of fate and fulfilling my destiny?

    Receiving the prodigious and highly-coveted Comment Award is what truly convinced me. Thank you, Autostraddle, for helping me see clearly.

  4. Wow, thanks!
    You guys,
    I baked a cake yesterday, for a friend’s birthday party, and I felt that you should know.
    Mississippi Mud Pie.

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