12 Food and Drink Ideas For When Netflix Releases “Carol” and You Watch It For 24 Hours Straight

Netflix, perhaps because it has been revealed they are millions of dollars in debt, has finally gotten right with the lord. Yes, it’s what you’re thinking. Carol, the 2015 Oscar-snubbed masterpiece, is slated to make its debut on the streaming site come September 20th.

Whereas before you could watch a somewhat grainy version of Carol at any time and for any occasion on a website with pop-ups ranging from medium to very inappropriate on your laptop, in three week’s time you will be able to watch Carol, clear as day, at any time and for any occasion on your laptop or Netflix compatible device!!! (I’m choosing to ignore the fact that Carol has been available on DVD for many months and I appreciate you doing the same!) Think about it: any time, anywhere. Alternatively: every time, everywhere…?

Which is why I’m proposing a Carol Blackout on September 20th, 2017 for a full 24-hour stream. However you want to do it – alone, with friends, with everyone you’ve matched with on Tinder and invited over, virtually with coworkers, riding the bus – this is your time. This is our time. The world is on fire – for one entire day, together, let’s stop fanning the flames with Carol and Therese.

Here’s some food and drink to get you through the day.

Warm up with some hot peppermint mocha

You’re starved, have some poached eggs and greens

Or if you barely even know what you want for lunch just snack on some spinach artichoke dip

Have a dry martini with an olive because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere am I right everybody

Have some tomato soup while not thinking about Richard all day

Cool off or steam things up with some mint juleps

Stay alert with a regular ass coffee because at least it’s hot

Feel safe with a sandwich

Fling into space with some Waterloo braised endives

Then have a Waterloo Sunset Cocktail

And then you should have some breakfast hash 

And then maybe in the evening you’d like some tea? I’d understand if you don’t.

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  1. What do you do on Sundays?
    Nothing in particular. What do you do?
    Nothing lately.Maybe you would like to come visit me sometime? Like, September 20th?
    Would you like to come visit me, then?

  2. “Hey boss, I need to take Sept 20th off.”
    “What, why?”
    “‘Carol’ comes out on Netflix.”
    “What’s ‘Carol?'”
    “A very special movie that ended with me kissing a girl on my couch, but anyway.”
    “Wait, do you have this movie on DVD?”
    “Why do you need the day off to watch a movie on Netflix when you have it on DVD?”

  3. Protip: The GIF gets 200x better when you imagine Carol without pants (or shapeless grey 1950s midi skirt) on.

    (Yes, I am a 14-year-old boy.)

  4. I do have Carol on DVD, but I am also very lazy when it comes to actually putting a DVD in the DVD player. So the number of times I will watch Carol will probably improve significantly.

  5. In preparation for this historic day, I’ll be training my body by only eating crustless watercress sandwiches

  6. Amazing. Also, September 20th is the perfect day for this because my birthday is on the 19th and my girlfriend’s is the 21st. (Plus, she’s never seen Carol- a viewing party might be in order)

  7. Did it bother anyone else that, in the car scene, Therese asks if Carol’s hungry, and Carol responds with an “I’m famished!” or “starved!” or something, and then Therese gives her the half eaten crust of an old sandwich? WHAT?

    Anyway. I see what you did there with the mint juleps, Erin.

  8. Ah ha. September 20 is the day I find out how much gin I can drink in one sitting. I’ve put it on my calendar.

  9. This is all v exciting, BUT Carol has been avail on Amazon for a while. Bought it, downloaded to my phone for offline viewing (key) and have watched it on every flight I’ve been on since.


    I’ve seen bits and pieces from youtube videos but not the actual movie…

    Judging from that the legitimacy of that food and drink list it sounds like maybe I should…

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