The Comment Awards Are Getting Shit Done

Hey there space invaders! I hope your 2015 has been super amazing so far! I’m filling in for Carrie who is in the CANARY FREAKING ISLANDS, that lucky duck. Things have been really busy over here at Autostraddle dot com, Carolyn started the Masters of Sex Cure column with staff contributors AND gave us the skinny on her beauty regimen, Kristen Stewart was caught gal-palling around at the beach and boy does Raquel have a photoshop of that event for you, we all sat transfixed as Rachel taught us how to get shit done and Dujuan Trent remade the 7/11 video (now with more OMG I’M GAY zines).

In less vapid news, we are all still thinking about Leelah Alcorn, Nicole wrote a breathtakingly amazing piece on trans dating and Riese gave advice to someone in love with an engaged woman.

On Be A Person Who Gets Shit Done: A Gentle Guide:

The Congrats On Your Life Award to Mik:


On Rebel Girls: Waiter, There’s Some Theory in My Gender:

The Bright Ideas Award to Jane:


On The A+ Bee Issue Eleven: Bee to the Future:

The National Book Idea Award to Juliet (and Mik):


On Fan Fiction Friday: My 10 All-Time Favorite Femslash Stories:

The MVP Award to likeaduck:


On EXCUSE ME: Kristen Stewart Has Maybe-Romantic Times On The Beach With Her Maybe-Girlfriend:

The Palling Gal Award to Maggie:


On Here is Your 2015 Queer Lady TV Epic Infographic!:

The Longevity Award to Heather:


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Chelsey is a previous Editorial Assistant for Autostraddle and currently resides in Los Angeles with her cat Olive and a large collection of cardigans. She enjoys drinking coffee/tea, writing, editing, and validating the humans in her life.

Chelsey has written 52 articles for us.


  1. I just ate ice cream with hot fudge and drank some nice scotch and I’m watching wreck it ralph and I won comment awards?? Perfect evening!

  2. Let’s do this children’s book thing. Here, I started it for y’all.


    • Is this a picture? I can’t see it but I really want to! I think we could be the next Dr Seuss. Or at least like the Berenstain Bears or something. The Straddlestain Queers? Actually straddle stain sounds a little too suggestive for a children’s book, so maybe not.

      • It is a picture, for the mentioned picture book! I got it up at if you wanna take a gander. I am not good with technology. I think we need to do this now. We owe it to young queers everywhere to create this.

      • You are too sweet! If someone writes this, I will, no joke, illustrate. And it will be fucking awesome. Jump on the queer children’s book bandwagon, its heading to a magical place. Will do Jane, will do

        • I’d be down for writing something. It could be a group effort? A book of little stories? A multi-chapter volume with several contributors? I dunno but Mik’s rhymes are pretty great.

          • I am loving this idea more and more every second.
            It could be a life story, and everyone writes a little piece of it? Like we could open with a coming out type of thing, and then first dates, and then crushing all the haters, and then Uhauling with ERWBisexual, and then adopting a shitload of cats and dogs.

      • Today’s the day, the big special day, the big crazy wonderful moving-out day! Hip hip hooray! The UHaul is coming, we ate vegan cheese, we found all our Tegan and Sara CDs!
        We’ve boxed up our things, we’ve gone to the store, bae’s in her bowtie, ALH’s galore. Our friends all came by, I’m in my suspenders, surrounded by humans of all different genders!
        Time to get off the couch, turn off ‘Orange’ on Netflix, soon we’ll go to Home Depot to pick out electrics!
        It’s so great to have found such a sweet intellectual, can’t believe I’m moving in with Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual!

        (have rhyming children’s books gone out of style? i hope not)

        • Holy shit, did you just open a portal to the most wonderful land ever? Everybody, give me a week. I’ll keep you updated. Hope you all are prepared for this, it might just blow everyone’s minds. Mik, I applaud your talents.

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