The Comment Awards Are Fighting for the Good Things

Hi, pals. What do you say to a week like this? I love you! I see you all out there fighting for the good stuff, taking up space, being vocal about your fear and anger, celebrating each other, and I’m just so fucking happy you exist. This Autostraddle family heals me every single day, so thank you, truly, for that. Good? Good.

Also: you’re all hilarious.

This week, from her desk in the Vapid Fluff department, Stef brought us this masterpiece of equivocative journalism.

Grease Bats contemplated an inheritance.

Vanessa looked into our past to find hope for our future.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: 10 Halloween Couples Costume Ideas For You and My Dog. Riese is a genius and Carol is the perfect muse.

Chingy’s here to help us cruise for casual sex.

This was beautiful and perfect and it must be awfully dusty in here: Supergirl’s Nia Nal Is the Trans Superhero I Need. Thank you, Drew.

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This just in: we see ghosts more than straight people do, and I’m not just talking about that ex who keeps showing up at your favorite coffee shop.

And there were your comments.

On Queen Latifah Is [Maybe] Marrying a Woman and [Allegedly] Having a Baby, Our Work Here Is [Almost] Done:

The Ethics In Journalism Award to Bronzey:

Lies I’m her gf

On 10 Halloween Couples Costume Ideas For You and My Dog:

The Cirrrrrrcle of Lifffffffe Award to Em, and M. Whitney for the assist:

I Lion King my dog regularly. He does not love it. In fact… [puts down phone, finds dog, FINDS DOG CHEWING ON A BRA, Lion Kings him as punishment] Honestly, this took a turn I wasn’t expecting, but I’m glad I am so susceptible to suggestion. I don’t have that many bras.

On Also.Also.Also: Terrifying Anti-Trans Trump Memo Terrifies and Mobilizes LGBTQ Americans and Allies:

The Best Life Award to Pipkin, with help from Katie S, Freakazoid, Chandra and Carmen SanDiego:

Pipkin got into the treat bag so he’s had like 3 meals in 2 minutes / Okay so that was meant to be a message to my wife about our dog when I really wanted to write some comment about how I had been wondering if Riese would ever do a Queery episode and am so happy she did. I don’t know how to delete it and my brain is clearly not at a super functioning level

On How to Cruise for the Casual Lesbian Sex You Deserve:

The Reading is Fun-Damental Award to Brianna:

Hi this article is great but I am extremely offended at the implication that you can’t pick someone up directly from the library, please remedy immediately thank you.

On I Went Looking for Bisexual History, and Found Online Connection and Community:

The Queer Bedfellows Award to Phoebe(But you can call me Pheebs), Faustine, and Lauren:

I can’t believe that someone whose bed I have slept in is published on Autostraddle ?

On No Filter: Hannah Gadsby and Jill Soloway Unite For Cuffing Season:

The Ten Years to Life Award to Snaelle:

Rosie O’Donnell taking cuffing season literally.

On Gay People More Haunted by Ghosts Than Straight People Are:

The Afterlyft Award to Caitlyn:

once i was driving to the airport at two am to pick up a near-stranger in exchange for cash (an already auspicious start to my ghost story) and as i looked in the rearview to see how close a semi was, since semis are the only thing on the road at two am, there was just. a fuckin victorian lady sitting in my backseat. we made eye contact in the mirror and i said, out loud, ‘please don’t murder me i’m just going to the airport’ and she gave me a look that said ‘yes clearly you idiot that is the transaction’ she hung out til i got to the eerily bright inroad leading to arrivals when she disappeared, presumably from a combination of light and needing to catch a flight so shoutout to my ghostly passenger, who i named myra. hope u got where u were going and final side note this was in ohio which makes total sense because if there was a place to catch a flight to the afterlife it’d be in corn hell

And on Supergirl’s Nia Nal Is the Trans Superhero I Need:

The Always Meet Your Heroes Award to Carmen Phillips and Drew Gregory:

This piece was PHENOMENAL. I’m speechless. I read the entire thing in one go, while standing barefoot in the middle of my kitchen! Yes, the way you intertwined your story with the plots of this season’s Supergirl worked beautifully, but also your prose just caught my heart in my throat! I’m so excited to have read your writing, and I really really hope we’ll be lucky enough that you might stop by again and write some more for Autostraddle in the future!!

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  1. By the way, Katie S., if you were to want to post a photo of Pipkin, my new favorite dog, please feel free! :-D

      • Every time I picture a dog being “bad” but in a cute way, I picture Eddie, the Jack Russell from Frasier.

        Have we been culturally conditioned?

  2. These comment awards somehow have all the feels, family, spookiness, appreciation,flirtiness and of course, hilarity.
    Love y‘all!

  3. Several things.

    1. Many thanks, QueerGirl, and amazingly done on “Afterlyft!”

    2. Get it, Pipkin. Get it.

    3. Snaelle re: Rosie. *snort*

    3a. Also, maybe today I’ll finally remember to google “cuffing season.”

    4. I love LOVE love that Caitlin referred to Ohio as “corn hell.” Accurate.

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