The Comment Awards Are Feeling Just Peachy

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It’s Butt Week here at Autostraddle, and what a glorious week it’s been! 🍑

Vanessa taught us how to take the perfect butt selfie, and Archie made us Butt Week coloring pages!

Valerie Anne brought us the best queer butt moments from TV, and Malic wants you to fart in front of your partner already.

Rachel’s got impact toys, and Heather’s got a deep dive into the male gaze that stubbornly keeps the camera on Wonder Woman’s ass.

And, of course, there was regularly scheduled programming as well, like Shelli’s cozy new Sunday series, Come Vibe With Me!

Kamala! Wrote! A! Novel! And! You! Can! Read! It! Now!

This was…so moving and perfect and funny? Giving Poppers to Cis Women.

Chinelo wrote about #EndSars and the situation in Nigeria.

And then there were your comments!

On Pull Up To The Bumper: A Butt Week Playlist:

The Healing Power of Thong Award to DreamboatSupreme:

I listened to this playlist twice today and it made my day *SO* good!!! Can’t believe I forgot the power of the thong song- tbh, truly healing!

On Giving Poppers to Cis Women:

The Popping In On Better Days Award to Gavin:

I love your writing. This piece transported me back to when we could dance in bars and drink with friends and for a moment I got to sit in that joy and everything else fell away. Thank you for that.

On 11 of the Best Lesbian and Bisexual TV Butt Moments:

The Bi-Assed Award to Sally Goldner:

I’m think this is a good article…I could be bi-assed

On 5 Good Reasons to Just Fart in Front of Your Partner Already:

The Gas Line Award to Emily:

In my relationships we refer to this as being “gas bonded” (as in “fluid bonding”). You’re welcome.

And the What a Gas Award to Brenny:

“Fearing Farting,” Seuss might say, fearing farting every day Would you fear it in a lake? Would you fear it on a date? Would you fear it in your sleep? Would you fear it shearing sheep? Yes and yes and yes times two! even when I tie my shoes! … Fearing farting is a pain For my gut and for my brain Maybe I can stop the fear Just let loose Have pride and cheer! … Hopefully my future’s bright Farting freely day + night but gotta keep my fingers crossed stay vigilant and not get lost: while the flight of farting-fear is great shameful sharting might take its place!

On Halloween Costumes That Double as Hot Role Play Costumes:

The Big Bad Butch Award to EngGrl:

I’m finally in a relationship with someone who is willing to do a couples costume with me (she actually suggested it first!). We are going as little red riding hood and the big bad butch… I mean wolf. Good old Halloween, the second gayest and second horniest of all of the holidays.

On “Bloodsisters”: A Timeless Exploration of Leatherdyke Culture:

The Crack That Whip Award to Michelle Handelman:

Reading this brings me to tears. Thank you thank you thank you. And seeing Tala crack that 25′ ft. bullwhip in front of the white house was one of the greatest moments of my life! “Leatherdyke sexuality carries an inherent politic of anti-respectability and for that it has always been ahead of its time.”- LOVE THIS!

And on Wonder Woman’s Star-Spangled Butt Has Always Been a Canvas for Feminist Hope and Male Misogyny:

The Oh Say Can You See Award to Lena B:

thank you thank you THANK YOU for this, Heather. As someone who fully *cried* seeing Wonder Woman on the big screen, watching her get torn down and objectified in Justice League hurt and, honestly, felt personal. Professor Marston and the Wonder Women helped heal that hurt, for sure, and this brilliant piece did as well. <3

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