The Comment Awards Are Drinking Modern Lesbian Milk

Hello, my loves! You’re all brilliant and amazing! I support you AND your milk of choice, whatever it may be.

This week, Heather wrote about Gentleman Jack‘s finale, which was everything I didn’t know I needed in a period dramedy.

KaeLyn brought Remi to camp, and it was a lot! (Also, spotting Remi at camp truly felt like the biggest celebrity sighting I’d ever made at camp!)

Carmen saw Men In Black, and, well: it had Tessa Thompson in a suit, so that’s something!

Riese highlighted some actual queer-owned companies making Pride merch this June.

Roxane Gay and Debbie Millman ARE THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST, okay? Okay.

Wait, no: all of your gorgeous pictures in the Pride Community Gallery are EVEN CUTER.

GLOW is coming back!

And then there were your comments.

On Gentleman Jack’s Finale Was One of the Finest Hours in Lesbian Cinematic History:

The i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart) Award to Steph:

I really love when you write about television, but especially when you get to write about television that is worthy of your writing. This piece will sit inside me, just like this show.

On NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday Knows Clit Numbness Is Temporary:

The Devil’s Bargain Award to Amanda ling:

“Believing that there’s just the one car or pair of pants or haircut or bottle of beer that is perfect for you is a great way of never wearing pants or drinking beer again.” Not gonna lie, this is a devils bargain I’d have to think about for a long time before throwing on pants to go get more beer XD

On Roxane Gay and Debbie Millman Are Girlfriends, Invite Us to Consider Love Might Not Be a Lie???

The Love Is Not A Lie Award to Mathilde:

I shrieked with excitement when I saw Roxane mention Debbie as her girlfriend in a tweet a couple months ago!!! I am so excited to see them on Autostraddle  The second photo above where Roxane is looking at Debbie while she is speaking – hot damn. I hope they are together in 40 years, too (if they both end up wanting that). And this article reminded me I can dream for that kind of delight and pleasure. Thank you!

On 5 Relationship Lessons from Lesbian Movies Past and Present:

The YOU FORGOT ONE Award to Stef:

happy to see lost and delirious finally getting all the recognition it deserves after its cruel snub on the dead lesbians of television list.

On If You Haven’t Watched Suranne Jones in “A Touch of Cloth,” Your British Lesbian Education Is Incomplete:

The Reference Lesbrarian Award to Sally:

I am fully supportive if you two wish to narrate your experiences rifling through Suranne Jones’s entire back catalogue. I really wish her character had been a lesbian in Scott and Bailey, beyond my general desire that everyone on TV is a lesbian. The whole emotionally unavailable detective thing becomes a lot more realistic when it just turns out they didn’t know they were gay. She could pair up with Dinah from No Offence. Also, the next time you want to know what actress has played a random gay part on British TV…just ask?

On Cara Delevingne Confirms her Relationship with Ashley Benson, Sex Benches for Everybody!!!

The Benchery Award to andreac:

Sprinkles! That melted me! I am now a gooey sprinkley bowl of melted rainbow sherbet. What a world.

And on 16 Ways to Grow Closer to Your Boo Without Actually Moving in Together:

The Dr. Prudence Award to Iarran mé:

…but there probably won’t be much in the way of medical facilities on your new planet, so be sure to do the kidney swap thing BEFORE blasting off.

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  1. “Emotionally unavailable detective” was imprinted upon my budding queer consciousness during a vulnerable phase during my early adolescence and now it’s an unfortunate type that I have.
    Congrats on awesomeness all around,btw.!

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