I Watched “2 Broke Girls,” Didn’t Throw Rocks At The TV

Yesterday everyone’s favorite kitchen talk show host Liz Feldman told you why 2 Broke Girls is relevant to your interests. Well did you watch? Didja? Didja? DID YOU!? I did so I know that 2 Broke Girls is a show about two white girls that work in a diner and are surrounded by lots of ethnic characters that talk funny. This includes the old guy from The Jamie Foxx Show and Martin.

Am I showing my age with that reference? No, just my race? That’s fine.

The show begins with a boob joke followed by hipster shaming. Two things I approve of wholeheartedly. This was quickly followed by a cum joke, a vagina joke, and well…you get the point which I think was This Is a Female-Fronted Comedy. And also A Comedy For Young People because we’re all broke assholes and the only things we find funny are cruel and scurrilous jokes. We are the future.

The thing about CBS is I feel like my IQ drops 10 points every time I watch a show on that channel (except for The Good Wife). Which is fine. I have points to spare. I guess what I’m saying is you know what you’re in for.

2 Broke Girls, like Two and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory, is one of those shows that will be polarizing. For every million middle-America viewers that tune in, there’ll be one hundred liberal elite types scratching their heads wondering what drug they’re putting in Hungry-Man dinners for people to find this funny, nay, hilarious. I guess I fall somewhere in the middle right now.

I’m hoping that the show gets better as it goes on because I think Liz Feldman and Morgan Murphy are hilarious and for the record I would be their friends even if this turns out to be a shitty show. I hope you all caught the gay joke in the first half of the episode because that’s the closest the networks are going to come to a black lesbian on TV all season. BOOM.

A Few Random Notes

+ Hipsters don’t listen to Coldplay.
+ I have accidentally called this show 2 and a Half Girls on multiple occasions.
+ Will the chef ever say anything funny? My bet’s on no.
+ Kat Dennings is funny but this doesn’t seem like her brand of humor.
+ If the blond went to Wharton, why didn’t she already have a job? Who goes to Wharton for funzies?
+ I hope that “female-fronted comedy” doesn’t mean that all of the guys are going to be Six Sigma Douches.

You should all weigh in about how much you hated it or loved it or if you were generally meh about the whole thing. Your gay voice counts and if you comment enough on this article, this show will definitely begin pandering to the queer lady audience. In fact, I think about midseason it will be revealed that the horse is a lesbian and that’s not just one but FOUR steps in the right direction.

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Brittani Nichols is a Los Angeles based comedy person. When she's not tweeting about white people or watching television, she's probably eating pizza. Actually, she's probably doing all three of those things concurrently and when she's not doing THAT, she's sleeping. Brittani also went to Yale and feels weird about mentioning it but wants you to know.

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  1. i plan on using this show as a dumb relief from school. i can’t afford to do weed this year so hopefully this will suffice. maybe.

  2. I thought it was pretty funny! It’s a sitcom, and a CBS sitcom on top of that, so I’m not expecting anything super ground-breaking or anything. But I love Kat Dennings and was impressed with the interaction between the two girls in this episode.

    Also, am I the only one who wanted them to get together after seeing them on that horse together?

  3. Had there been rocks near my tv, I might have been tempted to throw them. It turns out this show is not too relevant to my interests despite the lovely Kat Dennings.

  4. i find the fact that this show is on before 2.5 men highly suspicious

    in any event, 75% of this post made me laugh out loud, so.

  5. My wife went in blind and laughed hysterically. I thought it was moderately funny, but sort of spoiled myself for it by watching the trailer.

    Still, “CALL ME” was pretty awesome, and of course ponies.

  6. Much better than my low expectations. The laugh track and racial and cultural stereotypes made me feel like it was a show from the 90s, but I liked the characters more than I thought I would.

    On another note, when does Lip Service come back??

    • I surely do. I don’t know what kind of mood I was in when I saw House Bunny the first time but I thought it was 8 kinds of hilarious. Then I saw it again and it wasn’t that great but still enjoyable. I like Anna Faris really is the heart of the matter I think.

    • I will never forget what Kat looked like in House Bunny because that is on my list of 10 signs I knew I was a lesbian before I knew I was a lesbian. I did not like much about House Bunny other than that. And Emma Stone. And, hell, Anna Faris even though she’s not my type, she can be pretty hilarious. I did like 2 Broke Girls though (mostly) but I am definitely heavily biased because Kat Dennings.

  7. Wait, you want to know why the recent college grad doesn’t have a job!? XD don’t you know this country is on it’s way to having some of the most educated waiter/waitress and barrista/barristers in the world!

    • I would understand if she had just graduated undergrad but I hope that when you graduate from Wharton you have some set of marketable skills.

      • True, and I only watched the preveiw, but aren’t the writers running with her having a business degree, and a father who just made a stink if himself in the business environment? That’s probably more relevant

      • It’s being overqualified for anything that is outside of one’s field, and is the dilemma of most MBA’s, PhD’s, MA’s and professionals who can’t find work. They won’t be considered for many things they could easily do. I couldn’t imagine a network TV program addressing that issue, so it’s prob what amanda said.

  8. I thought it was quite good for a network sitcom.It was certainly better than poor Ashton Kutcher’s stand in attempt.I too thought hipster ? Coldplay ? huh ? who wrote that line ? The people who listen to Coldplay also listen to Matchbox 20,a bit different demographic from hipster loved bands.I’m not sure who listens to Coldplay I suppose there are people who do somewhere.All in all the 2 leads are excellent and yeah Kat Dennings is a cutie.

  9. I thought this was dreadful. I’m sure I’ve enjoyed Kat Dennings in other things but I feel like 50% of her performance in this pilot was reading one-liners off a cue card and not actually acting. It was trying way too hard to be topical (Hipsters! Crappy moms! L train!) and rarely hitting the mark. And maybe it’s because I’m unemployed and have loads of time to think about all that postcolonial literature I just read in college, but the level of racism really made my skin crawl.

  10. I can´t watch CBS here but i love the picture of the girls in the horse! They sooooo look like a couple… Maybe they do one chapter where they’re “confused” xD or maybe that’s just what i want!

  11. Yeah, I wasn’t wild about it. I’ll probably keep watching because of Liz Feldman but the racial “humor” made me feel weird as did the quasi-rape joke. I don’t know if it can really be called a “rape joke” but whenever someone says “rape” and people laugh after….no likey.

    • Yeah I’m with you wholeheartedly. There is plenty of actually good humor that’s not racist or related to rape… Dunno why they felt the need to do those.

  12. “If the blond went to Wharton, why didn’t she already have a job? Who goes to Wharton for funzies?” My thoughts exactly lol!

    I thought the show was so-so. I’ll definitely give it another couple episodes to see what I think… I don’t like pilot episodes in general… I think they are trying to grab to wide an audience and throw out as much as they can to see what sticks.

  13. Brittani, I laughed more at your post than at the show. What drug ARE they putting in the Hungry Man dinners?

    I am trying to get a job, therefore trying desperately to hang on to my IQ points, but I sat through this one episode for the boob jokes, the abdominal muscles jokes (oh, how it reminded me of my former roommates), and the boobs, not gonna lie. And I feel dumber but more secure in my desire to boycott this show.

    Re: Long Duck Dong updated for the new millenium, I was like, “HOW IS THIS SHIT LEGAL?!” Also, “You can’t wear a leather jacket in this neighborhood at night. It’s WILLIAMSBURG aka the heart of darkness!” Now my mom is gonna be calling me up, asking if my friends living in Williamsburg are afraid for their lives, and I’m gonna be like, “MOM I don’t have any friends living in Williamsburg; they all live in Bushwick.”

    In some ways, the show was weirdly close to home.

    Also, Ms. Moennig was shouting out her friend Liz Feldman on twitter yesterday. It was pretty hot.

  14. I am probably not going to understand 95% of this show due to being from the UK. But, I will, nonetheless probably end up searching out a way to watch it because OMG Kat Dennings!

  15. I have no idesa who this Kat Dennings person is, but I enjoyed her!

    The racial stereotyping was O.o to the point that I wondered if it was intentionally meta; like, trying to tap into the hearts of people who will see strange ’90s call-backs to earnest stereotyping, rather than it actually being stereotyping in earnest. I may be giving CBS too much credit on this front. But it’s like the house – does anyone actually believe anymore that someone working two menial jobs in New York is having a residence like that? I feel like it’s gone to the level beyond trying to be believable, but that could be from spending way too much time watching television.

  16. I think this whole article + title pretty much sums up how I feel. Probably if Kat Dennings did not star in this show I would not have given it a second thought, but she is aaand the fact that Liz Feldman is working on it gives me hope. During the episode I was trying to imagine Liz saying the lines to see if they’d be funnier then.

  17. I wasn’t expecting too much from it and found it pretty funny. I can see why it was compared to Rizzoli and Isles but a comedy, that horse scene is going inspire a thousand fanfics.

  18. I’m only going to watch this show in hopes that the girls realize they are mad queerpants for each other. If that doesn’t happen in the first season, I’m out.

  19. It’s a pilot – so a little bit sloppy, needs a little fact checking and timing fixes….but I love a show with a good vagina joke, or 12.

    And they looked pretty cute on the horse..

  20. kat dennings is so hot, i would literally watch anything with her in it. but 2 broke girls wasn’t even that bad. just the laugther track.

  21. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is the only show that redeems CBS in my eyes. Aaaand after the 1hr premier, I may or may not have watched this show as well. Sadly, Kat Dennings hotness is not enough to keep me coming back.

  22. At the end of the episode they bring the horse back to the apartment. So when the Brunette Badass says something to the effect of “at least you have your horse with you now,” the Blond One responds with “no, at least we have OUR horse now,” and they exchange this Meaningful Smile and needless to say, that was enough for me.

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