The Comment Awards Are Crushing On Carmen SanDiego

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This week, KaeLyn wrote about the challenges and triumphs of raising a baby activist.

Abeni’s back with a whole new Queer Your Ears!

This is astonishing and perfect and you will cry, even if you’ve never had a cat: How My Cat’s Anxiety Helped Me Be Gentler With Myself About My Own.

Natalie wrote about Annalise, Eve, and the How to Get Away With Murder episode that sank a thousand ships.

A.E. gave some great advice on parsing out gender in a world that leaves little space for unanswered (or unanswerable) questions.

Speaking of the gray areas, Esther wrote this beautiful piece: You Don’t Always Transition Once.

Carmen wrote something I hope you’ll read about Jussie Smollett.

The L Word reboot is happening! This year! It’s a sequel! Actors from the original series are involved! This is a lot for me to handle! Alice better be as bisexual as the day is long, all I can say.

It’s Autostraddle’s Birthday! Send them a card!

And then there were your comments.

On How My Cat’s Anxiety Helped Me Be Gentler With Myself About My Own:

The Prudent Produce Award to Amanda ling:

I fucking bought an onion today because I just knew someone was going to cut one in my house and I’m such a people pleaser

On You Need Help: How Do I Tell If I’m a Butch Cis Woman or a Trans Non-Binary Person?

The Yes, Please Award to Sidra

Can we please have “gender is BESPOKE

On Gina Rodriguez’s Carmen Sandiego Is a Kickass Feminist Hero Who Makes Every Man Around Her Look Like a Buffoon:

The Where In Time Is My Crush Award to Leora:

<3 <3 <3 Love this review and the new show! The "absolute disdain for blowhard white men who have no business being in positions of power," as you so aptly put it, was just so refreshing and delightful. So I was two minutes into the Netflix show and already swooning at the femme badassery in that long red coat and I was like "wait, this is feeling is familiar. Did I *always* have a crush on Carmen?" We had the "Where in Time is Carmen San Diego" video game as kids and I learned a bunch of history from it, but the best parts were when we caught a glimpse of Carmen and she'd say something like "nice try, agent. Catch you later," in that low, sultry, voice before rappelling up into a helicopter or something. I knew I had a thing for femme fatale types, especially ones with long flowing coats and hair and high-heeled boots, and on reflection, Carmen San Diego was my very first one of those. TLDR: I've had a crush on Carmen San Diego's femme badassery since before I knew what crushes were and long before I knew I could have them on women.

And the Stamp of Approval Award to Carmen SanDiego:

I approve this message

On Cancelled: 21 Lesbian and Bisexual Characters Who Never Got The Chance To Shine in a Season Two:

The So Meta Award to Caitlin:

For a moment I thought this was a post about a cancelled column about cancelled shows and it seemed very meta. Then I read the title a second time.

On No Filter: Tessa Thompson Sure Knows How To Put Out A Fire:

The Mag Love Award to Kalasin, Kristana and Iarran Mé:

Kalasin: That Tessa Thompson photo tho… It should have come with a safety warning, because I literally actually got off the train at the wrong stop being distracted by the photo. / Kristana: So she derailed your train of thought? / Iarran Me: She got @kalasin‘s engines going, due to her one-track mind. Kalasin spent the rest of the morning sipping tea thinking about getting absolutely railed by her, then conducted the rest of her business at high speed, electrified by her steamy thoughts. Yep, that’s the ticket. I…I want to work “maglev

The College Musical Award to Caitlin:

do you know how mad i am that i have the hots for vanessa hudgens in this year of our lord 2019? this is not 2006! why did she glo up that hard!

On “The L Word” Reboot Is Really, Actually Happening This Very Year:

The Same Shane, Different Day Award to Chloe and csomethingbsomething:

Chloe: You know what would be worse than that for Shane? Being exactly the same person as in the pilot thus still being the one character on tv with zero character growth / ssomethingbsomething: Shane, just older, now with back problems.

And the Star-Crossed Bisexuals Award to Jeanna and Blackmar:

Jeanna: okay but which of them is an astrologer now / Blackmar: Alice

And on Introducing Camp Autostraddle XI:

The TAKING THE LEAP! Award to Emerson:

AHHHH I am going to A-Camp! I am doing it, finally, after years of wishing. I will see you all in California for the first time ever!!

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