The Comment Awards Are Bringing You May Flowers

Good day, peanuts! I’m about to get on an airplane so the comment awards are coming at you rapid fire this week. Sit back, put your tray table in the upright position and enjoy the complimentary pretzels.

Did you hear that the Autostraddle Hot 100 is now open for voting? Any out queer woman is yours to nominate, just remember that voting for Intern Hot Laura five times will only count as one vote. (But I’m sure she’ll still accept heartfelt sonnets.)

Gabrielle wants to make you look good at work and Laura will help you eat well on your lunch break. Malaika pondered weather-based fashion dilemmas, Lizz was all about floral prints for spring. It was a rough week for Kate, who cry-recapped the final episode of Bomb Girls and explored misogyny in the butch community.

The biggest, queerest news of the week was that Jason Collins became the first active male athlete in American professional sports to come out as gay. So far only one person on my facebook feed posted a homophobic rant about it so things are looking up. Should everyone come out and should well-known closeted queers be outed? Riese talked about it.

Now some things from you beautiful creatures!

On 2013 Autostraddle Hot 100:

The Hot 100 TL;DR Award to Shannon:


The Dropping Truth Bombs Award to Vunderland:


On Ms. Fit Magazine: Finally, Feminist Body-Positive Fitness and Wellness:

The Best Tag Team Poetry Collab Award to Catjay and Kathryn:

Catjay and Kathryn


On Everybody Should Come Out, Or Not:

The PREACH Award to Eifa:


The Walked Right Into It Award to Carmen SanDiego and bookbound:

Carmen SanDiego and Bookbound


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  1. I know Riese hates it when nobody comments on the comment awards, so this is a comment. Today it snowed some more because nobody has bothered to tell the weather that it’s Spring and I didn’t wear a coat because I’m a rebel. (Not a very smart one apparently, I definitely regretted the decision not to wear a coat about three minutes into it.)

  2. Kick ass comment Eifa.

    PS Shannon’s SNL pic on the Hot 100 page made me spit out my Pepsi.

  3. Commentcommentcomment. I am contributing to commenting about the comments award by writing about my dog, Kahlua. (Well, one of my dogs, Kahlua)
    When we got her from the rescue 4 years ago, we thought was a huge mix of a mutt, maybe like 3 things because we couldn’t understand what she was.
    One day, we found out what she was. She’s a xoloitsquintle, also called a mexican hairless, but she isn’t hairless.
    See, the breed is hairless, and pretty funny looking, but it’s a recessive gene. So there’s usually one with hair in each litter that is of no value because you can’t breed it.
    And that’s what she is. She’s a little spaz but I’m glad she has hair.

  4. That Carmen Sandiego tag team made me laff heartily when I read it the first time. Well played.

      • I’d like to thank you for having a back office desk so you can skive and have fun with me while I’m drunk.
        Although I take full credit for the inclusion of vag and alcohol in our poetry.
        i feel a poetic zine in the making.

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