2013 Autostraddle Hot 100: Vote Your Pants Off For The Hottest And Coolest Queer Women In The Universe

Howdy, space cowboys, and welcome to the official start of Hot 100 Season! Every spring, in the vein of lady-on-lady mag AfterEllen and lad-mag Maxim, we put together some sort of “Hot 100” deal right here on our very own website. However, our Hot 100 is different from theirs in that rather than ranking tons of famous women of all orientations, we do whatever we want with regard to who/what we want to rank.

In 2009, we listed things that are hot, like the desert, hot beef injection and Hot Laura. In 2010, we asked you to submit your own hot faces, and in 2011, we asked you to submit another lady’s hot face that you knew personally. In 2012, we opened the voting up wide “like thighs” and asked you to vote for any queer woman who exists in this dimension.

In a completely unprecedented move, this year we’re repeating last year’s theme! Yup. Why would we do that, you may wonder? Well, we’ll tell you: because we got a shit-ton of traffic last time.

So: we’d like you to vote for the hottest/coolest lady-loving-ladies in the galaxy! Maybe you have some Megan Rapinoe/Julie Goldman/Amber Heard/Jenny Shimizu feelings, but maybe you’d rather vote for your girlfriend or Miss February or the third basemen on the opposing softball team or that girl with that tumblr or etsy store or indie video game you love. The only requirements are that your candidate is a real person (not a fictional TV character), identifies as a woman (cis or trans*) and is sexually oriented towards other women-identified humans (lesbian, queer, bisexual, pansexual, etc). Last year Rachel Maddow won, but we also got a bunch of non-famous people in there too and hopefully the same will happen this year.

The only difference this year is that we’re emphasizing that this isn’t just about being hot, but also about being cool, because “hot” doesn’t only mean “good-looking”! Think of it as an umbrella term that encompasses things like being smart or funny or good at making quiche. “Hot” means whatever you want it to mean.

this vintage photo of then-intern hot laura from the 2009 autostraddle 100 is hot on a few levels

Additionally, unless Ellen Page or Kristen Stewart comes out in the next week and a half, neither is eligible for this list. I’m sorry. My heart hurts, too.

Here’s how voting works:

Click here to place your votes

You will be asked to vote for only 5 women-identified humans, so maybe mull it over for a while.

Each person is only allowed to vote ONCE.

Each person can only vote for one person one time, if you vote for the same person 2-5 times on one ballot, your ballot will be thrown out.

You have one week — until May 8th — to vote! We’ll announce the winners as soon as we have a final tally!

VOTE NOW, and Happy Hot 100 Games!

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  1. I just wrote a scholarship application essay about disunity within the LGBT community and how women and QPOC are marginalized within this group of marginalized people and used Out’s “Out 100” list as an example because it is really mostly white dudes… my point is, it makes me really happy right now that this list and also AS in general exists.

  2. gosh darn, hot laura is just so damn hot.

    (do you mean to tell me that when i voted “sarah croce” 5x last year you guys only counted it as 1 vote? because that’s disappointing. unless you told croce i voted for her 5x, in which case i guess i got my point across and it’s fine. guys did you know i think sarah croce is really hot? will the fact that i talk about it all the time ever become awkward? is it awkward right now? oops. hi croce. hi girlfriend who is not sarah croce. none of this is awkward…right?)

  3. Jasika Nicole is definitely getting one of my votes this year! Re-watching Fringe from the beginning at the moment, and I can’t get over how stunning she is. And – since I found out that she’s an incredibly talented artist as well, I’ve pretty much fallen in love.

  4. I really want everyone to vote for Joan Jett as there is no one more cool in the universe than her. Because I am a crazy fan girl. But also because she is truly amazing:

    – Joanie taught herself to play electric guitar at the age of 13

    – Started a professional all-girl rock band “The Runaways” at the age of 15

    – Wrote most of the songs

    – Was publicly rumored to be queer pretty much since 1970s as the manger of her band loved to spread her (and her band mates’) sexy-time stories all over the music magazines (and some girls who she was involved with confirmed, also her queerness is all over the place in her songs since forever)

    – She basically did everything the girls were not allowed to do at that time: Being aggressive, loud, gender-blurred in terms of her style, sexually active, queer and very unapologetic about all of it.

    And she is still doing it – touring, working, being awesome!
    So… Joanie for cool & hot top 100!

    You also can watch the move THE RUNAWAYS (and listen to the audio commentary for real band history and weird anecdotes about masturbation) which features Kristen Stewart portraying Joan. If that is not the wet dream fulfillment of everything queer, I don’t know what is.

    [crazy fan-girl talk off]

    … but now I am afraid that no one will ever talk to me on AS again Ö___Ö’


      That scene in the Runaways with Joan and Cherie kissing is 100x hotter than porn for me. ajdskajdaslkdj

      Have you seen the semi-auto-biography about her? It’s awesome. there’s a picture on there with W.W.J.J.D? (What Would Joan Jett Do?) and that’s pretty much my mantra half the time.

      • WWJJD should be everybody’s mantra all of the times!

        Even Nancy Sinatra agrees, lol >>>

        Yup, that mostly-photos-semi-autobiography book is awesome. But so is Cherie Curries biography, although I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone who doesn’t wants the dreams of rock’n’roll life style being awesome being brutally crushed to dust. It also needs some serious trigger warnings… But there is an unauthorized biography by Dave Thompson out there which is mostly about Joan’s career and the music business in general.

        Also it so weird that you reply to me, CT. I swear, I was looking up your name (as I remember people by avatars, not names) in the list of AS members so I could vote for you because I enjoyed reading your comments (esp. about the shifts within your life/identity and your cultural/ethical background) so much during the past year. Must be fate, I guess… :)

      • The saddest moment in my life was when I watched the DVD commentary with JJ, KStew, and Dakota Fanning to hear what they had to say about the lesbian stuff and then the whole Joan and Cherie scene happened and I thought I missed it so I went back and I realized they were PURPOSEFULLY NOT TALKING ABOUT IT. D:

        • Ahahaa, the most awkward moment on the DVD. Only comparable to the experience of being a teenager and watching a movie with your parents while sex happens on screen and everyone gets super silent and uncomfortable.

  5. Yay! I’m really happy it’s time for this again! I was super excited last year to see some trans women on the list. It was the first time I’d ever seen my fellow trans women be on a list of who’s hot. I hope there are more on this year’s list.

  6. Lets say I vote for my gf/BFF/whoever. How will you know that she is hot if all I was able to do was put her name down? Isn’t there anywhere that I can tell you in great elaborate detail WHY she should be included on this list? Just wondering :)

  7. Vote for super adorable and funny Danish singer Marie Key. She just won one of the biggest music prizes in Denmark for an album that has several songs where she sings about her lady problems… She sings in Danish, but you can still squee at her cute pictures!

    Just turn the sound off and look at her :p
    Do I have a crush? Nooooo, not at all…

    • I’m pretty sure she is not publicly out yet so I’m thinking it would have been a wasted vote. I’m just praying to Lesbian Jesus that no NWSL players come out this week because I already submitted my vote…

  8. Can I just take a moment to gently make people aware of the generally awesome Seanan McGuire (also writes as Mira Grant)? For those unfamiliar: author of speculative fiction, singer-songwriter & filker, cartoonist, essayist, geeky fangirl & proud, body positive, openly dating Amy McNally, another filk musician. She has LGBTQI+ folks in her fiction, and last I read, she’s planning a series based around an Oz short story about a lesbian Dorothy! :) (NB: the short story is sold/published, afaik the series has not yet been shopped to publishers)

  9. Jasbir Puar! Amazing queer theorist of color who first came up with the concept of homonationalism, “Terrorist Assemblages” seriously change the way I think about basically everything. Oh, and she’s beautiful and has the sexiest voice ever.

  10. – Clea Duvall
    – Elena Anaya
    – Megan Rapinoe
    – Kate Mckinnon (BECAUSE DUH)
    – French comic Shirley Souagnon (A POC french stud (used literally) who can make me laugh AND swoon? In my mother tongue? I have lost the ability to can!)

  11. Olivia Thirlby isn’t very well known but incredibly attractive, she was in Nobody Walks. I didnt even know she was queer but my ‘dar caught it and I looked it up just so I could vote for her haha

  12. This feature is such a joy for me, because it reveals how hypocritical the members of this website are.

    Last year was only 95% thin & cis. SO fucking inclusive. Keep it up AS!!!!!!

    • Hey, I understand your frustration, but something to keep in mind is that the Hot 100 list comes together from the votes submitted by readers and not the personal preferences of any particular person on the Autostraddle team. We all actually want everything to be as inclusive and diverse as possible, so if you have someone in mind you want to see on the list, maybe vote? Or tell us, right here? I know I really appreciate having half of this comment thread be about really really hot people I’ve never heard of before this post (like Alaska b, Ange Loft, Javiera Mena and Shirley Souagnon, to name a few).

  13. I was trying to figure out my fifth, and then I yelled, “BETH DITTO,” to my empty bedroom and almost dropped my laptop. Also went with the totally mainstream answer of Megan Fox because Megan Fox.

  14. OMG OMG OMG … I kinda want to run in circles because I just learned that a total aweseome person is BI. But I am also sad because I already voted. So I dunno, if some are still looking… maybe???


    Nicola Adams
    who is a boxer and also won gold in the olympics 2012 for GB
    who is BBC sports personality of 2012
    and who is now topping the pink list

    (okay… my brain stops at … topping …)

    Vote for her!


    She is also very pretty.

    And did you see her fight?


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