The Basics




Bouncing between Seattle and San Diego

About Me

About Me

I like drawing, painting, learning new things, Tegan and Sara, and Feigenbaum constants.

Check All That Apply

Queer, Transgender, Genderqueer, Other




Looking For

Queer Friends in my Area, Queer Friends on the Internet

Relationship Status

In a Relationship


Caring, cleverness


Substances, cynicism, thinking I'm smarter than I am

Are You Out To Your....


What I Like

Favorite Books

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, Fledgling by Octavia E. Butler, Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, books about girl detectives, books about girls who kiss girls.

Favorite Queer Books

Geography Club, Far From Xanadu, Hero, the Miseducation of Cameron Post, Queer (In)justice, Captive Genders, Normal Life, Santa Olivia, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, That’s Revolting!

Favorite Movies

Serenity, Never Let Me Go, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Labyrinth, American Beauty, Bend it Like Beckham, Juno, About a Boy.

Favorite Documentaries

This Film Is Not Yet Rated, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Wish Me Away, all the documentaries.

Favorite TV Shows

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Arrested Development, Veronica Mars, My So-Called Life, Skins,
Star Trek, Misfits, Portlandia, Twin Peaks, Adventure Time, Freaks and Geeks, Lost, Glee, Six Feet Under, Supernatural, Dexter, Mad Men, The X-Files, Jericho, Mythbusters, Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls

Favorite Music

Tegan and Sara, Joan Jett, Blue Scholars, Red Hot Chili Peppers, La Roux, the Foo Fighters, Matt Morris, the XX.

Favorite Sandwich

Sliced granny smith apples and pickled yellow onion with sharp cheddar and stoneground mustard on wheat bread.

Favorite Thing on

Bomb Girls recaps

Favorite Writers

Neal Stephenson, Octavia E. Butler, Ursula Le Guin, Kurt Vonnegut, Phillip Pullman, Phillip K. Dick, J.R.R. Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, Sherman Alexie, Madeleine L’Engle