Tegan & Sara Answer Ten Questions About Love

“Inspired by emotional longing and the quiet actions we hope may be noticed by the objects of our affection, Sainthood is about obsession with romantic ideals. We practice our sainthood in the hope that we will be rewarded with adoration.”

One day Autostraddle reader Kat Von Dyke from Montreal decided to ask Tegan & Sara ten questions about this little thing called Love, and Tegan & Sara decided to answer. That’s our first tip for catching ladies, btw: if you want to know, just ask! Now that you’re on the edge of your seat, re-applying your lipstick and tapping your Chuck Taylors to the beat of Frozen, let’s push on into this brilliant gem of internet magic.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Tegan & Sara! (And thank you Kat Von Dyke, Audiostraddle’s Number One Answer About Love is YES WE LOVE YOU)


1. What are the top 3 things you look for in a partner?
i) Humor.
ii) Job.
iii) No religious associations that interfere with spending Christmas at my house.

2. What is your favorite love song, and why?

“Tunnel of Love” by Bruce Springsteen. I just remember it at strange times. It’s fun to play Bruce Springsteen for new people you’re dating. He has an incredible effect on me, I instantly become more romantic when Bruce is on.

3. Do you believe in love at first sight?


4. What is the most gracious act of kindness you’ve ever witnessed?

I spend a lot of time in airports. This has lowered my expectations of man in a lot of way. But I have to say that it’s in airports you often see incredible acts of kindness. I saw a man give up his seat to a women who was flying home to get to her child who was in the hospital once. That brought tears to my eyes.

5. What is the most meaningful “I love you” that has been spoken by you, or to you?

I like to wait to say “I love you” in a relationship. I think the longer the better. Truly I feel sad for people who say it too quickly. My preference would be to hear ” I love you ” during month 8 or 9. Draw it out. Make me wait.

6. Describe your ideal date with a girl.

Desert Springs.

7. What does a girl have to do to seduce you?

If a girl can make me laugh and has a job then I’m pretty much sold.

8. Steamy or romantic night?

Romance. Lasts longer.

9. What is the best cure for a break-up?

Get back on that horse.

10. A love story in a movie or a novel that describes yours the best?

I just read Potential and Likewise, two amazing graphic novels (I don’t really even LIKE graphic novels usually) by Ariel Schrag. Incredible. Can’t stop thinking about the books. It’s like my life was stolen from me and Ariel decided to write it out and pretend it was her life. I was so moved. Great books for anyone but if you’re between the ages of 13-30 and a girl and gay… you HAVE to get those books.


1. What are the top 3 things you look for in a partner?

i) A sense of humor
ii) Financially independent (has a job)
iii) has a book shelf with books on it (the joy of cooking and the Calvin & Hobbes collection does not count)

2. What is your favorite love song, and why?

TIE. Anything off of Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation record [The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill] or “I’m On Fire” by Bruce Springsteen.

3. Do you believe in love at first sight?

No, but i DO believe in lust at first sight.

4. What is the most gracious act of kindness you have witnessed?

The parents and volunteers and organizers here. All gracious and kind.

5. What is the most meaningful “I love you” that has been spoken by you, or to you?

I love you, when spoken by me.

6. Describe your ideal date with a girl.

Classic date. Dinner, drinks, exercise with romantic/steamy finish.

7. What does a girl have to do to seduce you?

It’s chemical, I need to be impressed on a cellular level.

8. Steamy or romantic night?


9. What is the best cure for a break-up?

The best cure is TIME. But… the first month: whiskey and a small dose of anti-anxiety medication. Second month: parental controls turned up high on your computer to avoid masochistic online stalking or moments of weakness with drunk dialing/texting/emailing. Third month: a break over. Take the look to the salon and pull yourself together.

10. A love story in a movie or a novel that describes yours best?

1. Chungking Express!

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  1. The Joy of Cooking and Calvin and Hobbes are two books that MUST be on the bookshelf of a girl for me. Along with others, of course. But they are must haves. But this isn’t the first indication I’ve had that Sarah Quinn and I might be different people…

  2. Laughter, (lasting) romance, Ariel Schrag… further proof that Tegan and I are meant to be ;D

    • I just read your comment and thought you were talking to me. and then I realized you were using the common vernacular form of the word “ever” and I felt like an idiot. yes, this happens to me ALL THE TIME.

      • I tots was talking to you! I really wanted you to know that chungking express is one of my favorite movies :) now i just hope someone named tots doesn’t get confused. Cus i’m tots not talking to them. I’m talking to eva.

  3. Those two are so different, it’s ridiculous. sometimes I wonder if it’s a conscious effort to be different. Especially on Sara’s behalf.. It’s sort of fascinating.

    But then I just go see what’s on tv.

  4. -Sara was takling about not liking first dates b/c she is shy and awkward and you have to talk about yourself.

    -Then on a Q TV interview she was talking about relationships and how she is not meant to be with one person forever(which is the most insightful relationship advice i have ever heard).

    -Then she said this “And it is scary because you start to realize that getting into a relationship is kind of like taking that jump off a rock into a river. You’re like, ‘I don’t know if I want to do it. I don’t want to jump. I don’t remember how to do that.'”

    -Sara was playing music videos on a German show and asked to play doo woop by Lauryn Hill but said she really wanted to play Ex-Factor (which is one of the most real thoughtful sad beautiful love songs of all time) but they didn;t have it.

    This all confirms without a shadow of a doubt that Sara is my mental soulmate.

      • True story. I was pathetic enough as a high schooler that my Dad used to anonymously send me those on Valentine’s Day so I would think someone liked me.

          • He sends me flowers at work now, although instead of being anonymous, he now sends them from ridiculous people like Julio the poolboy, or, last year, Tegan Quin.

          • Awww…thats so cute. Its so sweet when your parents know you and pay attention to your obsessions.

            Like my mom bought me Taking Lives, with Angelina Jolie, a week ago. Even though I already had it, because i have an AJ collection, it was one of the best gifts she has ever bought me. I couldn;t stop smiling. It was so thoughtful

  5. Well they have both(Tegan currently still is)dated girls who have worked for or with them at one time or another.I’ve always been curious as to which came first the working relationship or the romantic one.One needs to know these things ummm you know just in case one wants to apply for certain employment.

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  7. Tegan believes in love at first sight. Remind me to stare at her extra hard if we ever come face-to-face.

    I’m funny! I have a job! Tell her, guys!

    I’m so TEAM TEGAN. *sigh*

    Sara likes Lauryn Hill, which is why we will totally be best friends once I marry her sister.

    I like the fact that she relies on chemistry.

    Sara likes it steamy! I knew a lot of those lyrics were secretly sensual.

    I barely ever see something from them this candid. This made my daaaay.

    Oh, Autostraddle. I’m going to stare at you dreamily now.

  8. Oh lordy. “It’s chemical, I need to be impressed on a cellular level.” is a very sneaky/awesome way of answering that question. Pretty geeky, love it. Can’t wait to see their Richmond show next month. Thanks Kat Von Dyke!

  9. OMG this made me laugh so hard and melt at the same time:) Always like to get to know better my favourite girls ever!

    • wait, it cannot “remind” me at all cause i wasn’t even alive in the 80’s. or have actually seen a tiger beat magazine.
      this is how i know i’ve lived most of my life in cyberworld.

      • Out of all the feelings going through my heart and pants after reading this interview, “old” was the one I least expected to have.

  10. Thanks for the info — Tegan and Sara are coming to Montreal on Monday and I have to woo Sara after the show.

  11. really awesome questions/answers.
    I ALWAYS look at a person’s bookshelf when I first get to know them-
    good book taste is a huge turn-on.

    and “exercise”?! hahahahaha.

    • Yes! I’m glad you linked that! It’s awesome! They played an acoustic version at the Concert in Winnipeg. Super-duper great!

  12. This is my ambition: One day, I will get to a point in my career/life path/journey to ‘adult’-hood when Tegan and Sara want to meet me. Instead of the other way around. This would be the only way I could ever woo them.

  13. I thought I was team Tegan but now I think I’m team Sara and oh I’m so confused. Shit, life is hard.

  14. I just stared at that last picture of them for about 4 minutes… I cannot decided which of them is more beautiful and they both look so different.

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