27 Summer 2019 TV Shows For Queers To Watch Out For

Tales of the City reboot, The Handmaid’s Tale blesses the fight, Pose vaults to the 1990s, HBO debuts a Skins-esque show starring Zendaya canoodling with a trans character played by an actual trans actress, OINTB says goodbye, G.L.O.W moves to Vegas, LGBT documentaries debut for Pride and so many more summertime TV gems to look forward to!

VOTE NOW in Autostraddle’s Inaugural Gay Emmys!

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences — like Hollywood itself, and mainstream TV criticism — continues to be dominated by a voting block of mostly straight white men. So, for the first time ever, we’ve decided to host our own Autostraddle TV awards to coincide with the Emmys.

2017’s 18 Best Episodes of Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans TV

These were entire TV episodes that paid off queer storylines that had been building, or approached lesbian and bisexual and trans stuff in ways we’ve never really seen on-screen, or expanded queer storytelling into genres where it’d been lacking, or utilized new TV platforms in queer ways.