The Dyke Kitchen: Defining Taste With Karen Tongson

Tongson’s personal cooking style relies on saving the ingredients or parts that traditionally, institutionally have less value — “something that you think is burdened by indignity, cheapness and trash” — and finding her own perfect application that proves otherwise. “Sometimes it is relevant to bring in the conversation that Nietzsche started, in relation to Britney Spears,” she says with a laugh.

The Dyke Kitchen: The Art Of Salad

I know salad is known to many people as a kind of ascetic diet food, but I grew up eating luxurious salads that my mom made. What I love about salads is that they’re like a live jazz solo, where you can throw together the same ingredients over and over again, and they’ll always be good, but never quite in the same way.

The Dyke Kitchen: Biriyani Our Own Way

The beauty of a biriyani, like dating dykes, is that you put a whole bunch of great ingredients together, let them simmer and mingle in a sealed pot, and watch them emerge as even better versions of themselves. This week, I got my love to teach me some biriyani tricks.

The Dyke Kitchen: Top Your Instant Ramen

I don’t see it as a culinary failure to plan to have instant noodles for dinner. But before I get into my favorite ways to elaborate on, accessorize, perhaps even elevate a pack of instant noodles, it’s important to note that not all instant noodles are created equal.

The Dyke Kitchen: Hot Tips For A Stir Fry

Stir frying is all about the drama: high heat, wildly fast stirring, the explosive sizzle that sets off my smoke alarm. To begin, I slip my apron over my head and put on some Whitney. There are few things I like better than singing “I Have Nothing” to some food I’m about to eat, and begging it to stay in my mouth if it dares.

The Dyke Kitchen: Soleil Ho Is Reading Your Plate

“It’s so tempting to think that everything has just one story, and I’m inviting people to look beyond the one they know.” At this turning point that COVID-19 has presented, I discuss what the future of food, restaurants and our entire society could look like with Soleil Ho, the SF Chronicle’s restaurant critic.

The Dyke Kitchen: What Nice Cookies You Have

My kitchen process is a lot like collaging. I like to ask myself, “If I were at a party in my fridge, who would I want to pull into an unexpected and fascinating conversation together?” In the end, what I decided on was a cookie convo flavored with browned miso butter, bacon fat, cinnamon and cocoa, studded with walnuts and bacon bits.

The Dyke Kitchen: You Can Eat Savory Pancakes Anytime!

If I’m being honest, as a person whose joy is generally exponentially increased by sharing it with other people, so not having live company with which to share my food has been underwhelming of late. That said, I do love to impress myself, and the easiest way to do that is to take something simple, like a pancake, and give it a makeover, so I can fall in love with it anew.

The Dyke Kitchen: You Have To Lemon Linger

I’m the type to savor. To draw things out — past their prime, some might say. So it should be no surprise that I love preserving citrus. There’s something exciting about packing them with salt and then waiting, for at least month, before you can even begin to consider eating them.