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Audiostraddle Weekly: Lindsay Lohan’s Lesbian Single “Stuck” Line-by-Line

Lindsay Lohan releases a new single, we’re sure it’s about Samantha Ronson and therefore must dissect it line-by-line. Also, an insider reaction to Gaga’s NYMag cover story. It’s March 30 and so much is happening today! Christina Aguilera and Macy Gray unveil the first singles from their respective albums, while Tegan & Sara unveil all 17 versions of “Alligator”. And there’s still more…


Queer Music Party: Tegan & Sara’s ALLIGATOR VIDEO, Kaki King, Sarah Slaton, Ke$ha, Bitch, Gaga, Nicki Minaj & More

Audiostraddle gets a make over! Also Tegan & Sara’s Alligator video premieres for real, Kaki King releases a new track from Junior, the Gossip announce US tour dates, the Vampire Weekend play doubles with a Jo-Bro and also; Ke$ha on bisexuality, Elton John says Jesus is gay, Nicki Minaj has a threesome and Lady Gaga is in a lot of magazines.


Listen Up World: Music is Our Hot Hot Fix #1

Your new monthly music round-up from girls who don’t live in America and therefore are not jaded by our incredible freedom. Muse, Beck, The Grates, The Cliks, Daniel Merriweather, Iron & Wine, Passion Pit, Regina Spektor, Paramore , Stars, Pink, The Butterly Effect, The Montreal Jazz Festival, David Bowie, Children Collide, The Vault and Sigur Ros.