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85 LGBTQ+ Owned Businesses and Queer Shops To Support This Holiday Season!

If you’re looking for LGBTQ-owned stores to put your hard-earned money where your gay mouth is, boy do we have the thing for you! This list highlights just some of the many stores produced by lesbian, queer and bisexual women and trans people of all genders, as that is the target audience of our website. I originally wrote this post in 2016 and updated it for 2023…  there are a billion new queer-owned stores out there now, so this is by no means all-encompassing — but it’s a start!

Criteria for inclusion:

  • Store must have a website/storefront independent of etsy/society6/etc. (We have many other guides that are focused on etsy sellers!)
  • Store must be an independent entity, rather than merchandise for a specific musician or celebrity or magazine. (Except for our own obviously)
  • Store must offer products you can order online and have delivered to your home for you to hold in your hands.
  • The store must be active — as in, appears to be mostly or recently stocked, has social media accounts that have been active within the past year, etc.

If your business is on this list and you’d like to inquire about advertising, hit up em [at] forthem [dot] com. If you wanna join our A+ marketplace and offer discounts to our members, hit up nico [at] forthem [dot] com. We offer discounted rates to queer-owned businesses!

The Autostraddle Store

feature image of models in autostraddle merch

The merchandise wing of the best website in the history of the internet features apparel, enamel pins and other cool shit featuring illustrations and designs from independent queer artists. All profits come right back here to fund the words we write and the things we do.

All She Wrote Books

Somerville, MA

books in a cart

All She Wrote is “an intersectional, inclusive feminist and queer bookstore that supports, celebrates, and amplifies underrepresented voices through our thoughtfully curated selection of books spanning across all genres.”

Ash & Chess

Richmond, VA

collage of ash + chess goods

via ash and chess on instagram

Ash & Chess is a joyful, eye-popping stationary shop run by a queer and trans couple in Richmond, VA. They “create greeting cards and art prints that are bold, retro color palettes and they often use their artwork to make a political statement and to uplift the queer community.” You can also buy patches, t-shirts, candles and more!

Automic Jewelry

Automic makes “radically wearable” jewelry for people of all genders and bodies. They hire size-inclusive, non-cis and non-white models and don’t photoshop a thing. All pieces are made from reclaimed gold and put in recyclable packaging.


New York, NY & Seattle, WA

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In  1993, sex-positive lesbian feminists Claire Cavanah and Rachel Venning, disappointed by the lack of female-friendly sex shops in Seattle, decided to launch their own. They succeeded! With locations in Seattle and New York; Babeland’s selection of sex toys and educational resources remains an industry standard. And we get a 20% commission on every Babeland sale made through our affiliate links!


Barb Pomade

This “community of non-conformists, game changers, and everyday heroes changing the face of hair and beauty” sells products for short hair of all textures and apparel to go along with it.

Bella Books

The “premiere publisher of vibrant and irresistible fiction for and about lesbians” offers over 5,000 lesbian books and e-books in their online store, making it the largest website for lesbian readers. Founded in 1999 with the help of Naiad Press owners Barbara Grier and Donna McBride, Linda Hill has been the president of Bella Books since 2005.

Black Market Vintage

Brooklyn, NY

Black market Vintage items

This “curated love story” of a shop (the brick-and-mortar is in Bedford-Stuyvesant) grows out of a commitment from the queer couple who owns it (Kiyanna Stewart & Jannah Handy) to “build a collection that mirrors multifarious Black cultural expression, rooted in our love for Black people, Black culture and our own lived experiences.” As cultural historians, their store is stocked with vintage posters, literature, clothing, art, houseware/decor, furniture and other delightful ephemera.

Black Queer Magic

two hands wearing jewelry

via bqmny

VBM, LMSW is a self-taught jeweler who offers “handmade jewelry and workshop facilitations to aid in the adornment and reclamation of Black LGBTQ bodies” through BQMNY LLC. They work in a variety of materials, including custom-made crystal jewelry.

Bluestockings Cooperative

New York, NY


Bluestockings is New York’s only queer, trans and sex worker run bookstore. The bookstore is organized with categories that make sense to us all: “Intro to Intersectional Feminism” “Gender Studies” “State Repression & Resistance.” Its online store is fully stocked with the latest releases in the topics nearest & dearest to your heart as well as with stationary, notebooks, tarot decks and more.

Bold Strokes Books

Since 2004, Bold Strokes Books has been devoted to producing a diverse collection of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer general and genre fiction. The company is run by Len Barot with Senior Editor Sandy Lowe. Len is perhaps better known by her pen name, Radclyffe, with which she has published some of the most beloved titles in lesbian romance.

Both & Apparel

A+ Members get 10% off

Transmasc wardrobe kit

Finnegan Shepard, the trans founder of Both&, works in conversation with their community to ethically and sustainably produce evidence-based designs that exist outside of the traditional binary fit and sizing system, with small-batch, research-informed capsule drops that are accessible to all humans including transmasculine or gnc-identified people.

Bowtie Behavior

Robbie Williams founded Bowtie Behavior in 2014 when unable to find bowties for her friend’s bridal shower that were both affordable and fit with her personal style. She made her own, got a lot of positive feedback, and thus Bowtie Behavior was born, with an “intent to create pieces that are bold and flavorful.”

Brownie Points

Brownie Points collage

Founder Rinny Perkins is known for their 70s-inspired collages and zines, and their shop celebrates showing up as your true self and staying honest about dating, sexuality and mental health. They aim for sustainability in all of their products and packaging.

Brujita Skincare

This Latina LA-based brand “celebrates the misfits that the natural beauty market left behind.” It sources most of its ingredients from Mexico City, making sustainable, organic and unrefined masks, cleansers, hand care, healing balms, lip balms and more. You can take the Brujitas Skin Quiz to find out what products are best for you.

Carmen Liu Lingerie

Two models in black lace brasIntimates by and for trans folks and non-binary people like bras, bralettes, panties, tucking/flattening underwear. Carmen Liu Kids offers briefs, journals, workbooks and tees for trans girls and non-binary children with the aim of providing “children with the stepping stones to finding themselves, in a supportive, validating experience.”

Charis Books and More

Decatur, GA

Located in Decatur, Georgia, the South’s oldest independent feminist bookstore has been “celebrating radical and independent voices in the heart of the south since 1974!” You can support Charis with personalized Charis merch, too: hoodies, tees, mugs and totes.


Models attend the Chromat x Tourmaline Spring/Summer 2022 Runway Show at New York Fashion Week on September 12, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Sean Zanni/Getty Images for Chromat)

(Photo by Sean Zanni/Getty Images for Chromat)

Chromat is high fashion lingerie with a tomboy femme twist and has attracted fans such as Beyonce! Becca McCharen-Tran, the experimental brand’s designer, is queer, and the online store has sportswear and swimwear, too. This past fall, they collaborated with Tourmaline for a “lifesaving” swimwear show.

 Coco & Breezy

coco & breezy models in sunglasses in front of a horse

Corianna and Brianna are twin sisters who grew up in Minnesota and always had a passion for fashion. Together they founded Coco & Breezy, a “cutting edge eyewear brand based in New York City that aims to reach new fashion heights and introduce fashion connoisseurs all over the world to their unique sense of style and original accessories.” Prince, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and and Rihanna are fans, and their online interface enables you to try on their frames virtually.

Collarbone Jewelry

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fruit posed with jewelry

Cat Luck uses brass, bronze, base metals, raw stones and whimsical charms to handcraft a fashion jewelry collection that speaks to all walks of life. CAT LUCK brings together forged, minimalist, geometric, and personal pieces for humans of all gender expressions.

Common Dear

Oklahoma City, OK

This bright, energetic online and IRL retail space is curated with women-owned, 2SLGBTQIA+-owned and BIPOC-owned brands that care about empowerment and making the world a better, more equal place for everyone. They stock the most delightful sweaters I have ever seen and assorted apparel, home goods, candles, accessories and so much more!

Common Heir

common heir Vitamin C Serum

Common Heir is a QWOC-owned clean beauty company for people looking to cultivate beauty in the world and transform traditions with clean, plastic-free, high-performance skincare. They sell serums, a facial sculptor and candles.

Culture Flock

Springfield, MN

Since 2013, the Culture Flock founders have been “designing and creating colorful and inclusive apparel, goods, and accessories for friends of every shape, size, color, gender, and orientation.” With a brick-and-mortar store in Missouri, their online store has collections focused on homebodies, activists, zodiac lovers, star-gazers and artists.

Dapper Boi

Dapper Bois in a beachy areas looking spiffy

Dapper Boi got its start with a kickstarter to begin manufacturing slim-straight, androgynous jeans. Founded by Vicky and Charisse Pasche, “partners in business / crime / life,” Dapper Boi wants to “create an androgynous clothing line that is fashionable, functional, affordable and accessible to all.” They sell pants, button-ups, hats, socks, jackets and everything you could imagine putting on your body!

Doll Parts Collective

Seattle, WA

Located in Seattle and launched during the pandemic, Doll Parts is “all about color, unique design, original pairings, and working with existing materials.” They offer “vintage clothing and housewares, handmade goods, and other sustainably sourced products.”

Dom + Bomb

Spokane, WA

Dom & Bomb team cheering in the office

This Black-woman and queer-woman owned size-inclusive fashion brand is “fighting fatphobia and the gender binary through fashion” with shirts, hats and accessories. They also offer tailoring and personal styling by appointment.

Domestic Domestic

Little Rock, AK


“We bring to you fine products with attention to quality, function and design,” boasts the website for Heather Smith’s Arkansas-based boutique. “Nothing is added without reason. The objects we curate tell a story and have a history. They’re potential heirlooms, unique in type, simply determined to be the best damn stuff on the market.”

Early to Bed

Chicago, IL

Founded by Searah Deysach in Chicago over 20 years ago, Early2Bed was intended to be a sex toy shop that felt “friendly, educational and fun.”

Equal Love

Puerto Rico based company Equal Love is “a genderless line of natural products with purpose” for “people who want high quality personal care and home products that allow any person to have a healthy and confident lifestyle.” Their exclusive essential oil blend is used across a line of personal care products.

Equator Coffees & Teas

Bay Area, CA

The first-ever LGBT owned business to be named a “Small Business of the Year” by the U.S Small Business Association, Equator Coffees & Teas was started 21 years ago as a coffee roastery by life partners Brooke McDonnell and Helen Russell. It now has become “one of the few fully integrated coffee companies in the U.S.”

Fempower Beauty

models for fempower beauty in bold lipsticksThis lesbian-owned ethical beauty company specializes in lipstick and aims to “heal the harms of the beauty industry with luxury products that affirm and uplift.” Their products connect beauty with mental health and positive affirmations, and they also sell accessories and bags.

Find Yr/Self Boxes

Find Urself Box

Focusing in mental health-focused self-care boxes, this queer-owned company supports the universal need of good mental health with curated packages for situations including depression, post-partum and being desperately in need of sleep!

Flavt Streetwear

Flvt streetwewar image

FLAVNT Streetwear is an independent clothing brand based in Austin, Texas created with “the goal of creating clothes that promote confidence and pride.” They sell binders, stickers and sweats and run fundraisers for organizations like Black Lives Matter as well as individual trans people who need money for surgery.

For Them

three pictures of models in ForThem binders

Founded by queer non-binary actor / producer / entrepreneur Kylo Freeman, For Them is a business pretty close to our hearts because they literally own us now but we liked them before that obviously! An honoree in the Fast Company 2022 Innovation by Design Awards, For Them binders were created to compress without sacrificing the wearer’s health or comfort. Their binders have a weightless feel with a rotatable neckline, a bounty of color options and a unique customization survey that ensures customers get the right binder for their body. The Binder MAX, debuted this year, offers more compression. You can also get a  For Them gift card that’ll enable your loved one to do the survey to get their ideal binder!

Freck Beauty

Freck Beauty bundle

On her super hip and playful vegan + cruelty-free line of products, inspired by founder Remi’s unique vision and diverse East LA neighborhood: “Freck stands for those who care about ingredients, respect the process and seek self-expression without rules. This community born from a single offbeat idea for a freckle cosmetic has flourished into a movement of trailblazers and rule-breakers who thrive on individualism and always find the courage to experiment.”

Galaxy Brain Designs

fruit juice sticker sheet

Galaxy Brain Design is a queer-, woman-owned small business selling art, gifts, + home goods for folks that love a wikipedia deep dive, boozy brunch, or therapeutic breakthrough! They primarily make about queerness, mental health, and “what it means to be a good person in a broken society.” Major motifs include plants, space, and other natural elements,

Girls Will Be Boys

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model in bra and underwear

GWBB Girls Will Be Boys is active loungewear inspired by today’s modern tomboy. They focus on making high quality apparel that boldly fits all shapes and sizes.

Good Light

Developed by David Yi, Good Light is a “personal care brand that believes in beauty beyond the binary” with “efficacious, yet gentle personal care products” including pimple patches, water cleansers with clean, dreamy style.

Good Vibrations

multiple locations in California & Massachusetts

A+ Members get $25 off orders $125+ 

Since the first store opened in San Francisco in 1977, Good Vibrations has been providing “high-quality products, education, and information that promotes sexual health, pleasure and empowerment.” They were one of a handful of pioneers building a sex toy store that wasn’t hiding — clean, well-lit, sex-positive and easy to browse. Now Good Vibrations has eight stores, a wholesale private label and an innovative online store. Plus, they give Autostraddle 20% back on every purchase you make!

Haute Butch

hate butch vests

Selling “fierce dapper stud style” and “tomboy-style clothes,” Haute Butch features suits, vests, watches, belts, footwear, briefs and so much more at their online store. Karen Roberts, a U.S. Navy veteran, opened her store in April 2012 with a focus on becoming “a clothing, footwear and lifestyle destination for butch women, studs, bois and trans men who prefer ‘menswear’ inspired finishes.”

Hella Thrifty

array of products available at the storeAvid thrift shopper and 80s/90s fashion blogger Dannie Cherie started Hella Thrifty to exchange and share unique thrift finds — but now the company has its own 80s/90s inspired original collections including tees, jackets and hats!

Hey Mavens!

hot women in lingerie that is velvet and bright colors

Hey Mavens sells lingerie in seizes from XXS to 10X that celebrate individual expression and diversity with products in bold colors and unique prints.

Hinterland Empire

Portland, OR & Occidental, CA

“Seeing a gaping hole in the world of clothing for adventurous, badass human beings, we created Hinterland,” said lesbian couple Jolene and Trinia, who set out initially “to design empowering, irreverent imagery and print that onto American-made clothing.” Now Hinterlands is equally devoted to making and selling really great coffee and related accessories.

House of Intuition

Los Angeles, CA

House of Intuition Healing Box

Lesbian couple Marlene Vargas and Alex Naranjo opened their first HOI in 2010, selling crystals and candles. Now, they’ve got six locations selling magic candles, beauty products and all the crystals a queer could ever dream of — and for the holidays, sign-specific and purpose-specific gift boxes will fit right under your tree.

Humboldt House

Chicago, IL

picture of the inside of the Humboldt House shop

This feminist store with a kickass team in Chicago features “a carefully-curated selection of locally found furniture and goods, as well as the work of local jewelry designers, ceramic artists, and apothecary makers” with an eye on self-care and daily rituals.

Humankind Swimwear

Founded by lesbian entrepreneur Haily Marzullo, this company aims to make quality gender-neutral swimsuits and athletic gear for a variety of bodies and sizes.

Jen Zeano Designs

Screenshot of models wearing shirts from the company as well as a white tote bagWife-and-wife team Jen and Vero started Jen Zeano Designs in 2014, the same year they got married, launching the store with a Pink Latina Power Tee. The brand celebrates Latina community & culture through tees, sweats, accessories, bags, stationary, drinkware and kids stuff with collections including Feel Your Feelings, Artesana Costias Curiosas, Latina to Latina, Growing Through It and Latina Power.

Kards Unlimited

Pittsburgh, PA

Kards Unlimited Taurus pack of gifts

Established in 1968, this Pittsburgh novelty shop has been passed on from the married couple who founded it to their daughter and then to an employee of 15 years. Cards, pins, coloring books, stickers, socks, mugs, games, books, cards, puzzles!!!

Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch, started by Brooklyn-based lesbian couple Kelly and Laura Moffat, sells kickass menswear-inspired shirts, oxfords and bow-ties using sustainable fabrics and practices.

Lockwood Shop

Brooklyn, NY

Starting out with one shop in Astoria in 2013, Lockwood now has five stores in NYC and a bustling online shop, filled with “unique decor, stationery, clothing, kid’s gifts, and affordable lifestyle goods, focusing on local makers and up-and-coming brands.” This includes the cutest slippers ever, Mr. Mets prayer candles, face masks, Legally Blonde coloring books, Latkes & Lights candles, pizza rat felt christmas tree ornament,  touchscreen gloves, a Reductress Play the Patriarchy game, I MEAN the list goes on. You can even make a custom gift box for your beloved. Their store is SO CUTE I could not pick a photo to use.

Loyalty Bookstores

Washington DC

Founded by Black Queer bookseller Hannah Oliver Depp, Loyalty Bookstores in Silver Spring and Washington DC aim to “be the mid-Atlantic’s neighborhood spot for wonderful books and unique stationary, gifts and programming” and center Black, PoC and queer voices.

Las Ofrendas

Puzzle, t-shirt, coloring book and Selena Pin

Las Ofrendas is a social enterprise featuring handmade accessories, apparel, games stationary and home goods designed or curated by their founder, tk tunchez, highlighting Latinx, BIPOC and queer art.

Lucky Skivvies

A+ Members get 10% off

Luky Skivvies is a gender neutral boxer brief and loungewear brand created for all bodies, with sizes ranging from small to 3XL.

Makoma the Brand

Jumpsuits, Dresses and Ponchos at Makoma the Brand

via Makoma the Brand website

Makoma the Brand aims to “create one-of-a-kind, contemporary designs using a combination of African prints and classic silhouettes.” Everything is ethically made and was founded by Judith, who is also the co-owner of Brooklyn-based hair salon / barber shop Chokmah Hair Lab.


Chicago, IL

Picture from inside the Mestiza store

Established in Chicago in 2004 by artists/entrepreneurs Lorena and Sugeiri, Mestiza offers ” unique selection of jewelry, clothing, accessories, housewares, stationery, and handmade local artisan goods” and a “selection of unique Latinx products that celebrate their traditions and culture.” This Millennial Lotería: El Puzzle is a must-have!

Mi Vida

Los Angeles, CA

external storefront of Mi Vida

Noelle Reyes founded her LA-based store in 2008 “with the purpose of providing the surrounding the surrounding community a shopping experience that compliments their lifestyle, incorporating cultural elements into fashion and functional art.” They sell shirts, pins, hats, jewelry, incense, oils and so much more!

Minna Goods

pillow, linens and book from Minna GOods

Minna is a textile brand that sells blankets, textiles, rugs, wall hangings and more while striving to “bridge the gap between ethically made goods and contemporary design.” Sara Berks launched her company in 2013, when she got tired of doing graphic design and wanted to start making things with her own two hands.

Minus Moonshine

Brooklyn, NY

Minus Moonshine shelves of non-alcoholic potions

This “magical land of beverages and potions” are made for adults who want to participate in alcoholic-esque revelry, but without the alcohol itself! With a brick & mortar shop in Brooklyn, this trans-owned store sells non-alcoholic beers, spirits, wines, seltzers and mixers.

Mud Witch

Queer Japanese/Mexican Artist Viviana Matsuda’s pottery studio makes unique, hand-thrown, brightly-colored ceramics: candle holders, mugs, vases, planters and bowls. You should follow her on instagram because every one of her products sparks immediate joy!


pins and pencils on a blanket

This small Hamilton, Ontario-based company consists of four artists and life-long friends with big dreams who founded MUKA in 2018 to “build a more inclusive and creative future in fashion for people of intersectional identities,” selling pins, stickers, t-shirts and other accessories.

Nicole Zizi

model in a Nicole Zizi studio sweatshirt

The NICOLE ZÏZI STUDIO™ is a brand with a new perspective on streetwear with a focus on eco-conscious, sustainable, innovative and gender-free premium streetwear. All the garments are hand-made garments with ethically produced fabrics.

Nik Kacy Footwear

Los Angeles, CA

Nik Kacy couldn’t find “masculine-of-center” shoes in their size and that’s what inspired them to launch their own line of luxury footwear for people of all gender identities. They also sell harnesses and holsters.

Noto Botanics

Los Angeles, CA

Noto Botanicals store screenshotGloria Noto’s eponymous line of serums, oils, cleansers, mists, moisturizers, creams and lip + cheek sticks are designed for all genders and skin types. Everything is vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly. “Learning what ingredients were clean and beneficial for multiuse, multi-gendered folx is what makes Noto stand out,” Noto told The Cut.

Octopied Mind Inc.

screenshot of Octopied mind website: shirts, totes, accessories, sweatshirts, intimates and more

Established in 2018 and queer, woman and indigenous-owned; founders Jill and Sarah want every piece they produce to be a conversation starter, meticulously crafted with purpose and passion. Their fun totes, blankets, hats, mugs and stickers are perfect for weirdos who experience emotions like being Dead Inside and having Sunday Scaries.

One DNA Apparel

Ypsilanti, MI

screenshot from One DNA apparel store

Headquartered in my beloved Ypsilanti, Michigan, this Black and queer-owned business sells gender-neutral apparel. Their super-wearable and very cozy premium tees and sweats are made from organic and recycled fabrics.

Pa’lante Para

This “clothing brand created by a queer Latina who gets it” aims to “make space for affordable, trendy and forward thinking para options for Latinx and multicultural-based sororities.” Their Para Everyone designs are “made for everyone to rock, regardless of affiliation.”

Pals Socks


The Pals Socks story begins in 2007, when then-girlfriends Hannah Lavon and Ashley Connors started “Hooray Hoopla,” a gift shop that specialized in “kitschy-cool paper products” and got popular selling mismatched animal mittens. The “Vs. Stuff” line put Predators and Prey on a set of hands and let them duke it out. Thus, Pals Socks were born, and the mismatched animal buddies have been a hit. Now they collaborate with artists and are always releasing new fun things for the feet!


Portrai Me is “a visual art project that creates ‘portraits’ of people’s personalities through the various motifs in their lives.” They aim to produce one-of-a-kind artworks at accessible price-points, starting at just $59 each.

Peau De Loup

two queers playing with a dog in Peau De Loop apparel

Lifelong tomboys Adelle Renaud and Erin McLeod founded Peau De Loup in Vancouver and set out to “redefine feminine etiquette in womenswear by creating functional, well-made, timeless apparel.” You can get their super-cool ethically-sourced-and-produced signature button-ups (so much plaid, y’all!) and accessories online.

The Phluid Project

group of queer models in Christmassy Phluid Project apparel
Launched in March 2018, the Phluid Project aims to “amplify the rising voice of today’s youth, which rejects binary gender norms, and favors an inclusive world that allows individuals to wear what makes them feel good — that is, what best reflects who they really are inside.


three models in PlayOut apparel

Abby Sugar and Sylvie Lardex launched PlayOut in 2011, offering two styles of underwear — boxer-briefs (the ‘boyshort’) and the trunk cut — for all genders. Now they sell tunics, pants, skirts, crop tops and all sorts of “gender-free apparel.”

A Rainbow In Your Cloud

Three brightly colored t-shirts from the collectionBlack autistic visual artist Amina Mucciolo’s shop exudes rainbow bubblegum poppy excitement with affirming tees, masks, hoodies and iPhone cases.


christen's picks from the RE store

Founded by legendary women’s soccer players Megan Rapinoe, Tobin Heath, Meghan Klingenberg, and Christen Press “with the mission of inspiring us all to boldly reimagine the status quo,” re-inc’s shop sells t-shirts, scarves, hats, mugs, hats, tumblrs and more, emblazoned with their logos and inspiring messages.

Reparations Club

Los Angeles, CA

Reparations Club is a bookshop and creative space “curated by Blackness” in Los Angeles. The Black-owned and women-owned business curates an incredible list of books as well as selling vinyl and gifts like puzzles, games, honey, sage sticks and tarot decks.

A Room of One’s Own

Madison, WI

This Madison-based bookstore, named after the Virginia Woolf essay, has been a thriving space for the local feminist community since 1975. It offers a variety of books and gifts, with plenty of women’s studies and LGBT fiction.

Sabor a Libertad

Three pics of hot humans in Sabor a Libertad gear

Sabor a Libertad is the project of a graphic artist in San Juan, Puerto Rico, aiming to make clothes that represent them and other QTPOC Puerto Ricans. They sell a ton of cute original graphic tees in bright, fun colors in both Spanish and English like Aro Pride, Straight Was the Phase, La Futura Es Inclusiva and They Kiss Them.

Sapphire Books Publishing

Founded by Christine Svedsen in 2010, Sapphire Books is dedicated to promoting and publishing “stories that accurately and respectfully reflect the diverse lives of the lesbian community.”

Show & Tell Oakland

Oakland, CA

Show + Tell oakland t-shirt, tapestry, candle and aura cards

This concept shop, gallery and gathering space in downtown Oakland specializes in sustainable and socially responsible apparel, accessories and gift items. Alyah Baker started her store to share products she couldn’t find in big box retailers, things that “reflected [her] love for BIPOC and LGBTQIA community.” In their store and online they sell t-shirts, body salves & cremes, jewelry, candles, prints and yoga mats from a diverse group of makers.

Smitten Kitten

Minneapolis, MN

Smitten Kitten opened in 2003 in Minneapolis, MN, hoping to bring “quality, body-friendly sex toys” to a store they’d enjoy shopping in themselves. Smitten Kitten is always on the city’s “Best Of” lists and promotes a sex-positive environment and a curated inventory of non-toxic, ethically produced and marketed products. Not just sex toys, though — they’ve got cute buttons, greeting cards, bandanas and so much more.

Souk Bohemian

Atlanta, GA

Souk Bohemian store website

Artists Morgan Ashley Bryant and Vanessa Coore Vernon partner with local and global artisans to bring aspirational ready-to-wear pieces, home goods, small-batch jewelry, and handmade accessories with minimal palettes and global aesthetics.

South Street Art Market

Philadelphia, PA

South Street Art Mart Storefront

via southstreetartmart on instagram

The queer-women-owned South Street Art Market sports goods from 130+ indie artists in their store and online. From kitschy nostalgia to nerdy indulgences to the dark arts, their store includes Sick Sad 90s Pin Packs, Mystery Zine Bundles, Dolly Parton earrings, Unicorn Sculptures, Back to the Future Light Switch Plates and so so much more!

Stealth Bros & Company

Stealth Bros Dopp Kits

This luxury medical storage company creates Dopp kit supplies for travel and at-home personal storage for medical/personal necessities for the transgender, diabetic, TTC and other persona/medical communities in an attempt to revolutionize the way we see and feel about sharps disposal.

Stuzo Clothing

This queer-owned, women-owned, Black-owned and Latin-owned gender-free brand is “designed to invoke thought and emotion.” DapperQ described them as “a line of androgynous, athleisure, and Cali-casual-cool style.” They sell t-shirts, candles, hats and other gender-free apparel “designed to invoke thought and emotion.” Celebrities like Lena Waithe and Jada Pinkett Smith have been spotted in Stuzo attire.

Style is Freedom

Images of models in Style is Freedom outfitsThis “Tomboi Lifestlye Brand” from designer Toni Branson sells snapbacks, beanies, sweatshirts, tees, wallets, slides and more. they collaborate with artists and have so much fun stuff this season, like a Wakanda Tomboi tee and the “Elephant in the room” collection.


Studio Tanais lipsticks

Tanaïs, author and prefumer and the host of perfume podcast MALA, promises “infinite beauty” with her recently-launched brand that ” imagines fragrance, beauty and jewelry as expressions of ritual, adornment and ancestors.”


Models in TomboyX underwear

Founded by lesbian couple Fran and Naomi, Tomboy X sells underwear, bras, joggers, t-shirts, muscle tees, swimwear and so much more with a focus on “empowering our LGBTQ+ community year-round.”

Under the Umbrella Bookstore

Salt Lake City, UT

Under the Umbrella Bookstores inside

Under the Umbrella Bookstore is a bookstore and a safe space for queer people of all ages in the Salt Lake City community, selling books across all genres as well as candles, teas, stickers, pins, tote bags, bookmarks, mugs, and jewelry by small queer-owned businesses and artists.

Unicorn Feed Supply

Ypsilanti, MI

The queer woman who opened Unicorn Feed Supply in 2018 wanted an entire store that brought her as much joy as her childhood sticker collection (relate-able), Unicorn Feed Supply is queer as fuck: terrariums, fairy gardens, magical stuff, sparkly things, stuffed animals, novelty socks, knick-knacks, enamel pins, work from local artisans and fun stuff for Pride.

Violet Valley Bookstore

Water Valley, MS

Mississippi’s “Only Queer Feminist Trans inclusive Bookstore” was founded by Jaime Harker, who found while working on her book The Lesbian South that there was a huge community of Southern queers who were “surprised and delighted to find that they were part of a long tradition of activists and writers.” She was inspired to start Violet Valley in 2017, aiming to “make feminist, queer, and multicultural books available to the Water Valley community, the state of Mississippi, and the South.”


The We’Moon: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn astrological and lunar calendar datebook was founded in 1981 and is published in Oregon by Mother Tongue Ink. You can get the datebook and wall calendar in their online shop as well as other related products.

West Side Kids

New York, NY

Since 1981, lesbian couple Alice and Jenny Bergman have been running this neighborhood favorite toy shop with a selection that emphasizes diversity, education, and ethically-made products for curious kiddos.

Wet For Her

Proudly selling sex toys designed by women for women, Wet For Her not only sells dildos, massage oils and harnesses, but also “finger extenders” for purposes which are probably obvious to you.


Portland, OR + Los Angeles, CA

Wildfang store in Portland

These self-described “modern-day, female Robin Hoods raiding men’s closets and maniacally dispensing blazers, cardigans, wingtips and bowlers” launched their dapper-tomboy brand in early 2013. Their Wild Feminist tees became viral sensations, their smart suiting is beloved in the queer community and their jumpsuits have taken our televisions by storm.


Collage of Wiselands products

With Midwestern roots refined in Northern California, this queer & employee-owned company creates sustainable skincare using green chemistry and concentrated, renewable ingredients.

Wolfe Video

Videos sold by Wolfe Video

This legend in lesbian movie culture was launched in 1985 by Kathy Wolfe and it is the largest exclusive distributor of LGBT films. They began as a mail order outlet distributing a Lily Tomlin film and are now an active distributor and releaser of pretty much every film with a lesbian in it, ever! Plus they’re just good people.


Five models in Woxers bras and pants sagging to show rim of boxer-briefs

This QWOC-owned apparel company designed a boxer-brief tailored to women and focused on comfort, health and sustainability. They sell bralettes as well as boxer-briefs in different lengths in a variety of colors and patterns.

Volition Beauty

volition beauty productsFounders Brandy Hoffman (the queer one!) and Patricia Santos met working at a different skincare company and joined forces to create the now enormously successful Volition Beauty, featuring clean skincare products inspired by crowdsourced ideas, voted on by fans. And they have a lot of fans! You can also find Volition products at Sephora.

And Finally: More Queer and LGBTQ+-Owned Bookstores To Support

There are so many bookstores owned by LGBTQ women and other trans people that I couldn’t possibly give them all blurbs. Here are some of the many I missed (I chose here only stores that have independent storefronts you can shop online)

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    Are any of these links hooked up to affiliates*? Or should we (still) go through the Autostraddle affiliates page to do our shopping?

    *The whole affiliate thing still seems like magic to me, and I don’t really understand it, but I just do what y’all tell me and follow the links from the affiliate page to do my shopping and cross my fingers because y’all are the best and deserve every penny I can throw your way.

  2. Sweet lord, this list. Thank you for doing the work of compiling it!

    A queer-owned business that isn’t on this list that I’m a fan of is Dottie’s Delights. They do really beautiful, ethically-made retro-inspired lingerie. Bluestockings Boutique actually stocks a couple Dottie’s pieces, and its owner did an interview with Dottie’s owner. https://www.bluestockingsboutique.com/blogs/the-bluestockings-blog/34983172-lessons-in-underthings-interview-with-stephanie-kuhr-of-dotties-delights

  3. It’s not lesbian owned, but there is also House of Alexzander, which is owned by a genderqueer person. The stuff there is more femme inspired, than some of the others here.

  4. Such a great list but I’d love to add J.Caress Studios. USA based, wife and wife team create beautuful and fun art and greeting cards representing the lesbian, gay and queer community.

    I run a sex-pos shop here in Australia, I stumbled across them and now proudly sell them. They’re loveley people to work with. Go seek them out!

  5. Amazing list! I also highly highly recommend Ladyfingers Letterpress which is based in Colorado Springs – owned and run by wives Morgan and Arley. Their cards etc are brilliant and their shop also provided a much needed queer safe haven for me on the 9th for which I’ll be eternally grateful. They’re doing important stuff there I think!

  6. If you’re looking for a lesbian and queer woman owned, body positive, diverse business you should check out Fortuna Femme! We sell lingerie, our models are “real people” from all walks of life (queer, trans*, plus, and diverse!) and we believe that EVERY women deserve beautiful underthings. We take classic pinup style from the 50’s and inject the beautiful diversity of our world today? http://www.fortunafemme.com

  7. Speaking of queer-owned businesses, does anyone know what happened to Marimacho? I remember lusting hard after their bomber jacket when I was a penniless teen but I can’t find any mention of them after 2014.


    ALSO HEY, this prompted me to put together a list of local queer-woman owned businesses in Australia too (for those not easily able to afford shipping across the expanse of ocean). From my brain:

    Noun Movement Books – stellar bookbinding

    Form & Flux / Nook & Burrow – candles, bookmarks and other cute shit

    Alcome & Co – skin and body care

    Grace & Marcel – cute as hell queer cards (biased: this is my twin sister, but comment stands)

    Oh Deer Sugar – vegan bath and body care!

    Ashlee Hopkins Ceramic Artist

    Shanghai Lil & The Scarlet Fez for perfumes and colognes

  9. Thank you for the list- knew about some of these businesses but many of them are new to me!
    No Labels Clothing Cooperative- a worker owned clothing thrift shop and gift store in downtown Buffalo which has a mission of generating safe spaces for queer folk and trans and gender non-conforming folk. We don’t have anything online yet, but we plan to in 2017 as we expand our selection. If you’re in the area, come visit us at 224 Allen Street in Buffalo, we’d love to see your face.

  10. I’ll also plug Women and Children First – a feminist book store in Chicago. It’s possibly my favorite place in the entire city :)

    “Women & Children First began in a modest storefront in 1979. Over the years we’ve moved twice and are now in a northside Chicago neighborhood known for its diversity, queer-friendliness, women-owned businesses and community spirit.

    We are one of the largest feminist bookstores in the country, stocking more than 30,000 books by and about women, children’s books for all ages, and the best of lesbian and gay fiction and non-fiction. Anything we don’t have in stock we can usually get in a few days’ time, even if it’s a title outside our specialty. We also carry cards, magazines, blank books and journals, calendars, gift items like candles, and pride products.”

  11. Thanks so much for including Sapphire Books Publishing on your list. You rock!

    Christine Svendsen
    aka – Isabella author of American Yakuza I/II
    Forever Faithful
    Scarlet Assassin

  12. You’ve forgotten Charm City Tattoo in Baltimore, owned & operated by longtime activist/illustrator/artist/songwriter Jacki Randall! Not only does she create top notch original work, she has history and some wicked stories to tell! Check out her website for beautiful art and a lot of other surprises you’d never expect on a tattoo parlor site! http://charmcitytattoo.com

  13. I would looove an Europe-focused edition of this guide someday! Sorting through US shops to figure out which ones ship globally at a low price and which ones will triple the order cost sending to France / the UK is not a fun activity. Did find a few good ones though in this roundup so thank you so much!

  14. You can add Loyalty Bookstores in DC to this list! They’re owned by a Black and Queer woman and they do a lot to promote the work of Black and/or Queer authors. One of my favorite bookshops in DC!

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  16. Shameless self promotion, I recently launched an indie puzzle company Elephant Bite Puzzles. You should get one just in time for the holigays, great for your mental health and cheaper than therapy.
    Liz Rangers “Returning” all kinds of queer fun.

  17. Thank you for including us again! Queers: we have a discount code in the A+ marketplace if you’re shopping, but even an IG follows is super helpful these days! <3<3

    – Bridget @ Galaxy Brain Design

  18. I have to shout out one of my favorite queer creators – https://www.briightlyart.com/

    They create and sell crochet items, including witch hats, arm warmers and so many adorable stuffed animals. I got my neighbors a little dinosaur rattle for their baby and an octopus for one of my young niblings (and it was so cute I almost didn’t send it to her).

  19. What a fantastic list, thank you!

    I’d love to add shewearslovestudio.com

    It’s a deeply personal project by a queer woman in Chicago, born out of creative expression of the sapphic experience. The resulting designs mix story-telling, style and function to offer the queer female community more diversity in self-affirming fashion. The designs lean into a poetic and playful wink, a form of subtle street signaling that our queer community knows so well. We wear our love on our sleeve, and celebrate the uniqueness of queer women through these thoughtfully created pieces.

  20. A Seat At The Table Books (Elk Grove, CA), owned by a queer couple and dedicated to inclusivity, activism, events, all the books and accessories. In store cafe, a recent nonprofit side, drag queen story times, and monthly book drives for different orgs.

    Strapping (Sacramento, CA) is a queer owned novelty and gift shop, with so many queer and trans themed items. Love that they also source some of their items (like my new side table) from other community creators. (But no, they don’t sell strap-ons).

  21. Totally agree with the comments about how extensive and great this list is! You can see a good range of products to choose from. I would love to see this same list more on food brands and houseware, too!

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