We Appreciate You: Hey Did You See That Comment (Black) Friday!

Autostraddle loves you, and we hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving (unless you’re not American or are American but didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, in which case we just hope you had a lovely Thursday, whatever, no big deal). This holiday week, we shared our mad love for Adam Lambert, Erin Foley, and Lady Gaga. Then you shared your terrible/AWESOME Thanksgiving feelings. As for our number one Thanksgiving feeling, we’re thankful for all of you Autostraddlers and we have such fun reading your comments!

From you to you, here’s a tasty sampling of some of our favorite morsels:

Did You See That Comment?

Damned If You Do Award to Brit on Thanksgiving Open Thread: “I am going to call my grandmother later, and when she asks me for the millionth time if I have a boyfriend yet, I am going to tell her that I am gay. That will give me some satisfaction until she starts asking if I have a girlfriend yet.”

Arguing with a Dining Room Table (aka Barney Frank) Award to Sarahhh on Thanksgiving Open Thread: “Why, hello there, children’s table. Good to see the fact that I’m now 20 hasn’t changed anything. Maybe if I were hetero, I’d be promoted to the dining room? Sigh. At least they still gave us neon crazy straws.”

Twisted Logic Award to Sapphicsass on Thanksgiving Open Thread: “Got into a 30 minute argument with the WOMEN in my family who do not think ANY woman should EVER be president!!!!!???$% WTF!!!!! RIGHT? I mean why don’t I just fetch all the men in the room a beer with my teeth and then crawl back on my hands and knees in my apron with my baby strapped on my back?? oh yea.. because no one in my family drinks.”

A Shot in the Head with Tila Tequila Award to wasteunit on Kristen Stewart Will Lesbian Kiss Dakota Fanning in The Runaways, is Still Not Gay in Real Life: “I would kill myself if I understood what the hell Tila Tequila was trying to say. I’m not kidding. Suicide.”

Mind In The Gutter Award to Hardyz on Lesbian Soldier Wins Appeal: “Did anyone else read Amy Cunnnighis as Amy Cunnilingus? Was just thinking to myself ‘damn that woman must have some awesome homosexy heritage.’”

New Level of Sarcasm Award to Kaye on Lesbian Soldier Wins Appeal: “Of COURSE marriage equality leads to incest. Marriage equality results in easier adoption by same-sex couples, which leads to Billy and Jenny Smith getting separated at birth, which leads to Billy getting adopted by Eve and Evelyn, which leads to Billy and Jenny hooking up their senior year of college at a pro-choice rally. It’s that simple.”

Don’t Cry Over Spilt Body Parts Award to qwendipher on VIDEO: Autostraddle.com’s Bad Romance by Lady Gaga: “i think my face just melted. and so did my hoohah. pass me a towel.”

Autostraddle is for Lovers Award to Dulcinea on VIDEO: Autostraddle.com’s Bad Romance by Lady Gaga: “Thanks to Autostraddle I may now have developed a hoodie & ukulele fetish”

Forgive Me Father, For I Have Hugged Award to sansstatic on You’re Welcome for the Lesbian Thanksgiving RomComs & Evangelical Rappers: “Christian side hug? Sounds kind of kinky to me. Like “missionary,” but not.”

Happiest Philosophy Award to MsNJS on Lady Gaga & Adam Lambert on American Music Awards: “Don’t know what the hell Shakira was saying, but I love her and she looked hot. So whatevs.”

Pianos are People Too Award to marlene. on Lady Gaga & Adam Lambert on American Music Awards : “that was amazing, but the piano on fire broke my heart just a little. but that’s just my automatic reaction to pianos in distress.”

Some of Her Parts Award to Christine on Reviewing Lady Gaga’s Fame Monster: Track-By-Track: “obviously I want to marry all of lady Gaga, but I’d totally marry her legs if I had the chance. Nicest legs EVER.”

New Greeting Card Idea Award to Elise on JK! There’s No Proof That Lesbians Are Better Parents!: “Everything’s a freaking disease with these people. How’s about I wish them a speedy recovery from their chronic “Homophobic Head Up Your Ass Influenza”?”

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    • me too <3….
      i <3 autostraddle….it makes me happy and it makes me smile… like A LOT…Like right now…Smiling…A Lot =]

      And yes… i may or may not be high right now ^_^

    • SRSLY there are THIRTEEN awards this week, and those are just the ones I picked out.
      Either Autostraddle makes commenters wittier and more charming, or the wittiest, most charming commenters make Autostraddle.

      • wow now that you’ve mentioned it,it makes one wonder…
        but i think its autostraddle that make us wittier and charming cause Autostraddle can do no wrong.
        Its like The Lynch of online magazines…which i vote for…everyday…twice a day…everyday…yeah… ^_^

  1. Even though I’ve never commented on any of these articles or anything…I’d just like to say I love reading Autostraddle! It’s my favorite. Ever.

    And I’d like to thank you lovely ladies for being so amazingly awesome. I’d just like to say, reading this everyday actually has made me want to be more of a part in the LGBT community. So you ladies gave me the courage to actually come out to my very conservative, very much Mormon mother. Surprisingly, I did not get kicked out or advised to go to therapy. I’m still loved, when I was expected to get yelled at and shunned. So I very much appreciate what you guys do and am very much thankful for the courage you guys inadvertently gave me. Keep being awesome!

  2. Fucking brilliant, Cara. Thanks for hollering back and letting us know of this momentous occasion! On a related note: I love these comment awards. You people are fucking out of your minds I tell you!

  3. CARA! CARA! CARA! (you can’t see it right now, but I’m raising the roof and fist pumping the air in your honor)

  4. Aww thanks AS.. I would like to thank Shakira for being hot, having black girls in the show, stepping like a black sorority sister, being cute and being foreign..

  5. Gotta say, I’m 90% more likely to read comments on this site than any other I visit. Oh, the cleverness.

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