Carlytron’s Team Pick

James May’s Lego house was demolished!!! It was supposed to be moved to Legoland but it was too expensive, so they destroyed it, along with my childhood dream to live in a house made entirely of Legos.


Laneia’s Team Pick

Are you addicted to the internet? Find out! NPR had an interesting story about Ben and his addiction to WoW. Do you know what WoW is? Then you’re probs addicted to the internet, which is FINE.

By |September 20, 2009

A Woman Braves the Worldwide Developer’s Conference

There are women here who’ve founded their own companies and nailed funding from VCs and women who want to find the intersection of fashion and technology via embedded circuits. All of this is incredibly inspiring, but also in one small way problematic: when you’re confronted with super ambitious, brilliant women changing our technical landscape, how the hell do you behave yourself?