Jean Grey, X-Men’s X-Sexiest Lady: Why Comic Books Are Sexy

If you need an excuse to read comic books, looking at the sexy ladies of the X-Men clad in their skintight asskicking outfits is a great place to start. Meet the hottest member of the X-Men, one of the coolest and sometimes the most batshit-crazy: Jean Grey! Also known as the Phoenix. Also known as Famke Janssen. Also just plain smokin’ hot. There are a lot of sexy X-Ladies, but she’s my numero uno, and here’s why.

New Motorola Droid Poised to Kick iPhone Ass, Take Names

The new Verizon Droid is one of the first solid iPhone challengers that doesn’t suck. It packs some sweet new smartphone features, and gives you a viable alternative to an iPhone or a Blackberry. That is, if the intensely dude-targeted ad campaign doesn’t weird you out too much. Also, can we talk about how the glowing red Droid thing is the eye of Sauron? No? Well, Okay…

A Woman Braves the Worldwide Developer’s Conference

There are women here who’ve founded their own companies and nailed funding from VCs and women who want to find the intersection of fashion and technology via embedded circuits. All of this is incredibly inspiring, but also in one small way problematic: when you’re confronted with super ambitious, brilliant women changing our technical landscape, how the hell do you behave yourself?