Monday Roundtable: Our Worst Haircuts

“I’m adult and I’ve never cried over a haircut before and I don’t usually call my mom when I’m sad or frustrated or mad. She asked to see a photo of it. I sent her one and she asked me if the man hated queers, because this was clearly a hate crime.”

Do The Monster Mash: Binder Halloween Costumes with GC2B

gc2b grabbed some fabulous models and used their binders to create Halloween costumes on a budget using items you can find at a craft store, your local Halloween pop-up, and your own closet! This is for every queer who’s ever wanted to prance or parade around in their binder in public without putting a shirt over it.

Find Your Fit: The Lesbian Robot Who Needs Class, not Formality

“Until recently I’ve lived in boot-cut blue jeans and snarky t-shirts, and my usual fall/winter wardrobe is that plus a flannel and tennis shoes. I’d like to class it up a little bit without having to take ages to get dressed in the morning, but somehow long-sleeve button-fronts just seem so formal!”