How We Wear: Boots

Even the most “accessible” queer fashion can feel intimidating when you only see it on celebs – that’s why we’ve assembled real-life queers to show you how real people are wearing wardrobe staples and celeb-inspired fashion. Today: gay boots!

Find Your Fit: The Tomboy Femme Breaking Past Polos for Work

I’m a tomboy femme who’s been stuck in boring clothes in the last several years looking to break out of the funk of wearing nothing but work polos and old Navy pixie pants every day. I need a work style that feels more professional and grown up, but still shows off a little flair and queerness.

Find Your Fit: The Office Worker Bored With Basic Slacks

Previously I’ve felt pretty comfortable presenting very femininely but recently started a new corporate job and I am SICK of having to wear the traditional slacks + top combo. That sparked the whole thought process behind reevaluating my wardrobe and since then, I’ve found that I really don’t feel like myself in very many of my clothes.