PHOTOESSAY: LA Pride and Vigil

As one speaker said, ‘a federal official suggested that maybe it was best to cancel the festivities – we said back, maybe you don’t know who we are.’ We stand up, fight hate, and spread love.

PHOTOESSAY: Dinah Dinah Dinah

This year I decided to DO Dinah (as opposed to last year when I ran away and went camping). It’s basically “how long can I survive in the heat before I die” and then “how long can I stay at this party before I pass out” and repeat.

Laying Down My Bullshit and Dancing at Dawn

“In Berlin people talk about it, expats especially, in hushed, reverent tones. The sound system, which is supposed to be one of the best in the world. The DJ acts you’ve never heard of with names like Fuck Buttons. And that magical moment in the morning when the blinds at Panorama Bar are yanked open and the suddenly-illuminated, all-night revelers start to cheer.”