Buy A Mommi Tee For Mother’s Day!

Darlings, we have to talk. You see, Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I have a marvelous suggestion for you. Buy the Mommi in your life a Mommi t-shirt for Mother’s Day! If you have more than one Mommi or Mommi-Adjacent Human, buy them all Mommi shirts for Mother’s Day! That’s it! That’s the suggestion! Honestly I assume you’re clicking on the Autostraddle Shop link right now and leaving this page to make your purchase so I could just stop typing right here, but that wouldn’t be very Mommi-like of me, now would it? No, no it would not.

@binkybybinky is wearing a 2XL.

Allow me to further make my case. Please bring me a glass of white wine and a soft pink cardigan. Great, thank you. Now let’s continue.

Why should you buy the Mommi(s) in your life a classy, soft, magical, statement Mommi t-shirt for Mother’s Day?

  1. It is very classy.
  2. It is very soft.
  3. It is magical.
  4. It makes a bold statement.
  5. Whenever I wear my Mommi tshirt I get minimum 3 compliments, and mommis love compliments.
  6. You know mommi wants one but can’t justify spending the money on herself. Help a mommi out.
  7. A bossy mommi told you to. (That’s me!)

Lucky number seven! How can you say no to such a lucky list?! But seriously. What else were you gonna get your mommi for Mother’s Day this year? Don’t act like you’ve even thought about it yet, I know you haven’t. That’s why I realized I had to give you this delightful and practical solution ASAP. YOU ARE WELCOME.

Also we have it in two colors and styles!

White Unisex Triblend Mommi Tee (XS-3XL)

Autostraddle Merch Mommi Unisex Tee

@annamalgrams is wearing a XL.

Black Women’s Cut Triblend Tee (S-2XL)

Autostraddle Merch Mommi Women's Tee

@annamalgrams is wearing a medium.

PS: Who can actually wear a Mommi shirt, you may be asking yourself. Can anyone pull it off? Great question! ANYONE can wear a Mommi shirt! EVERYONE can pull it off! Buy one for the hot bossy girl you have a crush on. Buy one for your partner. Buy one for your daddy because #irony. Buy one for the queer moms in your friend circle. Buy one for yourself. Buy one for me. Buy one for Helena Peabody. Go wild! MOMMI SHIRTS FOR EVERYONE IN HONOR OF MOTHER’S DAY, BLESS LESBIAN JESUS, AMEN!

Want your Mommi shirt to arrive in time for Mother’s Day? Of course you do! Check out the list below to see the shipping options available and the date you must order by in order to utilize each specific shipping option. Procrastination will cost you, so save yourself the stress and anxiety and just order today! Also, if you’re a newsletter reader, you can use your discount code this weekend (4/20-4/22) to order it!

  • UPS Mail Innovations (cheapest) – May 2nd
  • UPS Ground – May 3rd
  • USPS Priority Mail – May 4th
  • UPS 3 Day Select – May 7th
  • UPS Next Day Air – May 10th

What are you waiting for? Gift your loved ones the gift of #teammommi.

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  1. I love these shirts and I’m going to buy one and wear it while I sit on my balcony with a glass of reisling with frozen grapes and my 9 pound teddybear dog (VM) on my lap.
    Can I use the rest of my comment to ask a mommi-related question for the mommi experts out there?

    Someone gifted me a bunch of Jamberry nail wraps, and they make me feel very mommi- most of the time. But sometimes I think they make me look like a straight suburban mom who is trying too hard. What do you think about nail art or wraps? Mommi or not? I love the mommi aesthetic but I don’t want to pass as straight.

  2. I’m gonna buy one for my mom. Soon you’ll see Mrs SanDiego walking around un-ironically in a Mommi shirt

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