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10 Black Friday Deals You Can Get Without Getting Out Of Your Sweatpants


Hey, who here LOVES CAPITALISM AND COMMERCE? Not me, but alas, until we move to our socialist lesbian commune utopia, I must do as the Romans do, which’s why every holiday season we beg you desperately to do your online holiday shopping through our affiliate accounts! When you visit an affiliate store via an Autostraddle link — either via a generic link to the store or a specific product link from one of our shopping guides — we get a kickback (between 3% and 20%, depending on the merchant). Why give money to corporations when you can give money to corporations who give money to us?

We’ve created an entire page dedicated to the cause, which you should immediately bookmark. At Support Autostraddle While Shopping Online: Affiliate Marketplace, you’ll find links to all our affiliate merchants, such as Fab.com, Amazon, ModCloth, Alternative Apparel, Target, Need Supply, Torrid and Topman. We actually rely more on income from affiliate accounts than we do on traditional advertising and the holidays are a crucial time for us, so every little purchase helps!

Today we present you with some kickass deals happening this weekend at various hubs of commerce.

Ten Black Friday Deals You Can Enjoy Without Getting Off Your Ass

1. Dolls Kill – Entire Site Marked Down Up to 90% Off


I’m super into this place right now. Pictured: Chill Out Knit Sweater ($60 $45), 70’s Malibu Skinny Sweats ($129 $96.25), Unicorn Prep CC Polo ($85 $42.50)

2. Fab.com – 30% Off Sitewide


Pictured: Heart Gloves ($30), Kitten Mit Set of 2 ($20 $12), Drinking Games Coaster Set ($15 $10.50)

3. Kigurumi Costumes at Fab.com – $39 (but really they’re $27.30 because 30% off sitewide)


Finally I can live my dream of wearing a blanket and looking like a koala at the same time. Seriously I just ordered one.

4. Amazon.com – Audio-Technica ATH-M30 Professional Studio Monitor Closed-back Dynamic Stereo Headphones$119 $46.50


Amazon.com is having  a crazy Black Friday Headphones Sale. Although our headphones guide and headphones gift guides are a bit old, it should give you some guidance of what brands to invest in.

5. Modcloth – 50% off hundreds of new items


Truly Gritty and Gorgeous Bag ($99.99 $49.99), Hepcat Dress ($99.99 $49.99), Striking Style Necklace ($14.99 $9.99)

6. Dolls Kill – Tomboy Tank Top ($45 $14)


7. Autostraddle – 2014 Calendar for $12 (plus free stickers!)


This weekend only, the 2014 Autostraddle calendar of real hot queer women is only $12! PLUS every order comes with a free You Do You Sticker (also this weekend only) and all Autostraddle pins & notebooks are a sweet $5 (surprise! also just for this weekend.) Your purchases ensure our ongoing existence and the health and happiness of our editors and writers!

8. Topman – Underwear 2 for $18


9. Alternative Apparel – 25% off any order with code BLACKFRI


10. Torrid.com – 40% Off Regular Price and 50% Off Clearance 11/28 to 11/29 with code BF2013


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  1. I am so happy you reminded me to use your affiliate links! I feel comforted to know that at least some the ridiculous amount of money I spend on Amazon can be rerouted to you wonderful folks.

  2. For the kigurumi costumes- anyone know about sizing? It says “one size fits most”, but I have a feeling plus size is not most. :/

  3. Ah! I just ordered some stuff from modcloth yesterday, and came here looking for an affiliate link and couldn’t find one (I did find a sidebar ad to click on at least). So hooray for the affiliate marketplace page!

    Also pretty excited to see Herroom on the list. Now AS can benefit from my terrible lingerie-buying problem. :/

    • yes, the modcloth and amazon ads in bottom of the sidebar link you to those places through our affiliate network, so thank you! we look forward to benefiting from your terrible lingerie-buying problem. :-)

  4. Two minutes ago, it had never occurred to me that I could keep warm and also be an owl. Now I kind of wish I had the spare cash on hand to turn myself into a warm owl.

  5. My parents have been threatening to buy me a onesie all year. Now I might have to make a wish list from that site… I feel like I’m giving in to capitalism.

  6. Pants of any kind are for the weak! Except possibly those rainbow sweatpants, which might be the best things I’ve ever seen.

  7. While we’re on the topic of clothes i need help. I have the HARDEST time finding good dress shirts. See im kinda short 5’1″ but i got boobage. Yeah its a word. So basically in guys its kinda tight and long but in women its the right length but they never have good dress shirts. -.-

    The headset is pretty good. Id go for that kitty sweater.

  8. My mom gave me money for my birthday specifically to buy headphones. Further proof that AS reads minds.

  9. I’m just going to assume that these Kigurumi sales mean it will be appropriate for me to show up to law school finals in a unicorn onesie.

  10. Those underwear reminded me that I’ve been looking for a good pair of boyshorts since Calvin Klein stopped selling the 365 boyfriends (ugh, heteronormativity) for women. I got some tomboi briefs sans strap on at LA pride. They’re supercute but I was dumb and got white… so my favorite jeans’ dye rubs off on the crotch every time I wear the two together :( Does anyone have any suggestions/want to mourn the CKs together? Haha.

  11. If the Kigurumi onesies didn’t say “fits people up to 5’6″” only I’d be all over that fox costume! How do they fit on tall people?

  12. This post is beautiful. Anything else coming this weekend for Small Business Saturday or good companies to support for Cyber Monday?

  13. I was going to say that we should have a Kigurumi party at the next A-camp, but I’m over 5’6 and they supposedly won’t fit me. Anyone have any experience with this? Cuz I wanna be a unicorn

  14. The AS affiliate links are basically how I justify buying myself unnecessary things on amazon while trying to avoid doing work. So thank YOU Autostraddle.

  15. Ah! I literally just bought a dress on Modcloth and THEN saw this post! I wish I’d seen this earlier, I would have used the link!

    I’ll definitely be using the Amazon link for anymore Christmas shopping though.

    (Oh man, can I justify spending that much on giant footie pajamas? Because I seriously want that black cat kigurumi.)

  16. Those sweats are adorable, but seriously, on sale is almost $100? I can’t wait for the socialist lesbian commune utopia.

  17. I love the list of Affiliate links! Haven’t been able to find the complete one before this holiday season..I’ll keep it bookmarked from now on :)

  18. The affiliate links are the perfect reason for all of my holiday shopping to be done online saving me from the chaos/horror that is being in an actual store this time of year. Hooray for win-win situations!

  19. ugh, desperately searching for the perfect headphones and failing miserably. Can anyone suggest a pair for someone with piercings? All the on ear ones I’ve tried sound great but press against my piercings. Or, they’re so huge I look like I’m wearing a helmet!

    • I have skullcandy lowriders (http://ca.skullcandy.com/shop/2011-lowrider-gold)

      Don’t have heaps of ear piercings, just 1-2 regular ones and one small bar higher up (I have just discovered it is REALLY hard to paint a word picture of where an ear piercing is!) Anyway I find these quite comfy as they’re very cushioned, also they are nowhere near as bulky as a lot of other sets.

      I got mine for about £30 sterling. Have had them for about a year and a half, still working perfectly and I am a very careless owner. They have been dropped, shoved in backpacks, constantly get smudges of make up or hair products on them and still they survive!

      I find the sound fantastic, as I had been wearing shitty iphone earphones before that. I’m sure there are more expensive ones that might be better but to be honest, I don’t think I would notice the difference. I get the point of getting awesome Sennheiser ones or whatever if you’re a DJ, but for me, listening to music in line at the bank, or watching movies on the train, these are perfect.

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