$80K Celebration: Raffling Off Two September A-Camperships & Taking Straddle-Gif Requests

Yesterday  we surpassed the $80,000 threshold in our mad dash towards Ultimate Success Via Fundraising, which’s super exciting! We’re all on the edges of our proverbial seats anticipating a bright new tomorrow, in which Alex will be full-time (starting mid-September), our website will be brand-new and amazing (date TBA), Rachel will be paid more (starting now) and we’ll be selling ‘You Do You’ boyshorts (they’re being printed), a NSFW Coloring Book (we’re putting it together) and so many other beautiful things!

Let’s refresh your $80,000 bonus:

So clearly we’ve got some business to take care of.

1. We’re giving away TWO September A-Camp Camperships!

If you’ve donated to the campaign and would like to enter to win a campership — forward the email you got confirming your donation to bren [at] autostraddle [dot] com, and write CAMPERSHIP RAFFLE in the subject line. If you’re already registered for camp and win a campership, you can give it to a friend but you cannot use it for yourself.  This offer is only for September A-Camp, which happens from September 12th-16th in Angelus Oaks, California.

Because we’re on a time crunch for anybody looking to plan a vacation suddenly with three weeks warning, we’re going to be drawing and announcing the winners on Saturday. So get on that shit, now!

(If you have donated more than once, yes, you can enter the raffle more than once.)

2. Straddle-Gifs Is Taking Your Requests

Our Dear Loyal Brianna has constructed Straddle Gifs Dot Tumblr Dot Com for your viewing enjoyment and, as promised, will be taking requests for gifs now that we’ve surpassed 80k. You can request gifs from any videos on the You Tube Channels of riese, Words With Girlsautostraddle and Unicorn Plan-It YouTube pages. You have like 40 Haviland & Riese vlogs, 17 Julie & Brandy In Your Box Office Episodes, Autostraddle’s Life Work, etc. Most of our videos are on Riese’s channel. You can get lost in a k-hole all day long if you’re up for it!

3. ‘Zine perks

If you’ve already purchased a ‘zine, you’ll get to pick a You Do You t-shirt, home-made cookies or a handmade card — we’ll ask you which one you want when we get to the “perks fulfillment” stage in September. If you’ve not yet purchased a ‘zine you really should consider it, because you’re gonna get an extra thing!

4. What’s Next?

If you haven’t already donated, you really should! Lots of people have donated multiple times!

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  1. Argh! Damn you “higher education” keeping me from entering the raffle for A-Camp!!!! What could be more educating than a queer lady camp weekend filled with fellow ‘Straddlers?

    • Are you majoring in women’s studies or queer studies? Or sociology or anything having to do with something like that? Because you could totally get your professors to excuse it if you pass it off as a research trip, amiright?

      (Of course maybe that was just my women’s college…)

      • I’m taking a Queer Autobiographies/Memoirs class this semester, so if I go to A-camp and write a diary while I’m there that will totally count as research, right?

      • Alas I am majoring in chemistry, though I’m sure there’s plenty of that going on at A-Camp ;) Too bad my hardass thesis supervisor has banished me to my dungeon of a lab for the foreseeable future :(

  2. this hath made my grinchilicious heart grow 3sizes too big. GROUP HUG!(actually I’m not into hugs..GROUP STRADDLE :p)

  3. You’re going to keep going until $100k right? Even if by some hazard of fortune to don’t reach it by September 8th or whatever? Because we can get there you know!

  4. I am allready going to camp! Yay!!! But I entered the raffle anyway. When I win that campership I am going to be so popular. Who ever will I bring? . . . probably the best kisser.

  5. I live waaay too far away to feasibly get to camp, but can I enter and donate it to someone who couldn’t afford to donate if I win?

    • I think we probably can, but I added to take my donation confirmations out of the mix if it isn’t possible.

  6. This is awesome. Just think ur already at double the money u were originally expecting and ur still going strong

  7. This is where I curse myself for not keeping the emails confirming my donation. Damn my OCD need to clean up my mailbox! (shakes fist at sky)

  8. Okay, I really do NOT need to be re-watching all of Unicorn Plan-It and In Your Box Office. I need to be packing and sorting shit and doing homework. Guess which one I’m doing though?

    Anyway, congrats Rachel and Autostraddle!

  9. If I win the raffle I will even help pay for my broke gay sister to fly to A-Camp with me! She’s my best friend after all! :}

  10. So excited that the fundraiser has been going so well. I’m low on funds right now, but I’ll be using the AS affiliate link when I rent my textbooks from Amazon.

      • It’s the least I can do, really. Once my financial aid money comes in, I plan on throwing some your guys’ way. I love Autostraddle and the community here; I tend to lurk, but I still feel connected to the amazing people on this site.

        Not to sound too cheesy, but thank you for what you do, to you and all the staff. And to everybody, thanks for making such an awesome community. We’re all in this together. :)

  11. This crazy news had me posting a comment here. Been lurking for awhile but I I just wanted to say so happy for you guys. Since I can’t really go, I’ll try to use any affiliate links you guys have. Looking forward to more great things!

  12. OK sooooooo I have been broke all summer long, but I got paid today, and I turned around and paid off some of my credit card, and am looking forward to (finally!) making a contribution to this fab new site and all the awesome goodies you guys keep unveiling. :) $90k, here we come!

  13. ay Brianna, if we were to be interested in helping you out and making some of our own lesbigifs, would that be a thing we could submit to the tumblr?

    • Sure! As long as they’re AS related. I would give you credit. You can either link me to the gifs by pming me here or send it to straddlegifs.tumblr.com/ask. I’m having connection issues and am mobile so can’t make a submission page.

  14. i just donated one third of my entire life savings! admittedly, that was only a one hundred dollar donation. but hey, i only earn twenty bucks a week (yay being fifteen) so autostraddle just got five weeks worth of my wages. you guys are the best!

  15. I want a Straddle-gif of Crystal doing the white boy dance at A-Camp, but I don’t think anyone got that on camera…

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