20 Tweets That Made Me LOL in 2013

You know what’s annoying? When people call things the “best of” when really it’s just things they liked. People have terrible taste, ya know. No one knows what they’re talking about, including me. So here’s a list of some of my favorite tweets from the past year. It is extremely informed by who I follow and what I personally find funny. Feel free to weigh in with your favorites from this year in the comments.

1. @RealTomHankz Noël Wells, SNL Player




2. @momowelch, Mo Welch, Comedian




3. @RheaButcher Rhea Butcher, Comedian



4. @JenStatsky Jen Statsky, Comedy Writer




5. @LaurenLapkus Lauren Lapkus, Improviser/Actress




6. @heavenrants Heben Nigatu, Associate Editor



7. @ChelseaVPeretti Chelsea Peretti, Comedian/Writer/Actress




8. @TheSofiya Sofiya Alexandra, Comedian




9. @GraceHelbig Grace Helbig, YouTuber




10. @MaryLambertSing Mary Lambert, Musician




11. @QuirkyRican Gabrielle Rivera, Writer/Filmmaker




12. @Jenny_Wade Jenny Wade, Actress




13. @cameronesposito Cameron Esposito, Comedian



14. @jennyslate Jenny Slate, Comedian/Writer/Actress



15. @PerlaPell Paula Pell, SNL Writer




16. @campsucks Jenni Konner, TV Writer/Producer




17. @mindykaling Mindy Kaling, Comedy Writer/Actress




18. @bethstelling Beth Stelling, Comedian



19. @evanrachelwood Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual, Actress



20. @DeAnne_Smith DeAnne Smith, Comedian


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    omg the venn diagram

    i would let you curate my twitter feed any day, brittani.

    does that sound dirty? why does that sound dirty. . . anyway. . .

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    I was going to selectively make a list of all my favourites but it ended up being all of the even-numbered ones. But DeAnne’s wins, holy shit, good job, take the rest of the year off, you’re golden.

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    Marika, are those vegan gluten free muffins what you were really offering when you offered everyone cake the other night?

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    Guns don’t kill people, blood loss and organ damage does!

    (The Night Vale chapter of the NRA is selling bumper stickers like these as part of their fundraising campaign. Stand outside your front door and shout “NRA!” to order one.)

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    Not to rain on the funny parade but set a loaded gun down and don’t have anyone touch it and I PROMISE YOU it won’t kill anyone. It like the age old sayig spoons make people gain weight. And we all know how that one ends….

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