Introducing Camp Autostraddle X

We’re going back to California to chill at the pool with Mary Lambert, Jen Richards, Liza Dye, Mara Wilson, Gaby Dunn, Be Steadwell, Brittani Nichols and a bunch of weirdos (that’s you!)


The 15 Gayest Pop Songs of 2017

We’ve got Tegan and Sara, of course, but also Hayley Kiyoko, Demi Lovato, Lauren Jauregui, Kehlani, Kesha Halsey, Mary Lambert, Babeo Baggins and more! This is great! We’re taking over the industry, the future is queer!


Almost Famous: Mary Lambert

You’ve already fallen in love with Mary Lambert’s voice, you just may not know it — she’s the female part on “Same Love,” the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis anthem for same sex marriage that we all fell in love with last year.