Unicorn Plan-It Episode #4: #OMmyGod

It’s the very first day of the month and you know what that means? RENT IS DUE! Unless you own a house or apartment or live in a teepee, in which case today is nothing but joy for you because it is the day Unicorn Plan-It comes out! In case you missed it, you should know that these weirdos were named one of GO! Magazine’s Red Hot Entrepreneurs of the Year and that actress Haviland Stillwell is winning a POWER UP Award this year which is a big big big big GIGANTIC deal. Basically what we’re witnessing here is the birth of an empire.

UNICORN PLAN-IT is a tight little comedy best described as Modern Family meets Kell on Earth meets “a bunch of hot lesbians in West Hollywood.” Has anyone made a show about that last one?

Three co-workers, one crazy boss and one enlightened fairy-tale-haired spiritual healer face the slings and arrows of everyday life as event planners and ladykillers and homosexuals.

“We refer to everyone as Unicorns, because gay people love them, because they are magical and lovely, and also, they are really just lesbian horses. Obvs. Holler. UNICORN PLAN-IT…Get horny.”

This show is written, directed, produced and edited by Real Lesbian Females who want to make you laugh, make you proud of who you are and generally make your life better in every way. Who are these real lesbian females? Haviland Stillwell (TV/Broadway actressrecording artistvlogstar, voice of Yasmin in THE BRATZ!), Sarah Croce (Actress, Miss AprilGirl TalkFake-Whitney) and Ashley Reed (writer, upcoming film HART’S LOCATION, once recorded a song for you). This episode also features comedian Sherri D. Sutton and actors Catherine Wadkins and Amir Levi.

If you live under the sea or were sitting outside trying to die of heat stroke last month, go catch up with the first three episodes, then whip up a nice salad or a bowl of Doritos, take your socks off and cozy up to your laptop for 10 minutes and 41 seconds of joy.

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  1. I’ve been coming back and forth to this page trying to think of something to say, and all I can think of is that I really like Sarah Croce’s shirt.

  2. i like unicorns… but i hate horses. maybe its because unicorns dont actually exist therefore i imagine they smell like cupcakes or something. and cause they were Lisa Frank’d the shit out of.

    • What’s wrong with Lisa Frank? If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have survived kindergarten-whenever they stopped selling Lisa Frank shit.

  3. my cousin and his wife have lived in a teepee for about a year and a half. ?.
    this episode made me laugh a lot.

  4. this was the funniest episode yet, you guys. ashley reed + l-shaped wall + tree = hilarioussss, actual laughter was repeatedly produced!

  5. Does anyone else besides me remember when Catherine Wadkins was on General Hospital? Seems like forever ago. Gorgeous woman BTW.

  6. Definitely the best episode. The wall bit with Sarah and Ashley had me LOLing for reals. And I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I am watching yoga porn since I had my laptop playing through my stereo while watching this.

  7. Yes, this was so good. It somehow gets funnier with every episode. And more Ashley Reed and Sarah Croce is a very good thing.

  8. Unicorn Plan-It = definitely the best forty quarters I ever spent. Also I have been saying MobileOmmmmm to all day to calm myself.

  9. To be exceptionally honest, I didn’t really buy on to the trailer or first episode…couldn’t get where it was going.

    BUT, the more I watch, the funnier it gets!! The comedic style did take some getting used to…its feels very much like musical theatre to me, minus the music. Lots of quick plot movement, very exaggerated characters, slapstick, and one-liners. I dig it!

    Thank you for doing you and I’m excited for what’s next with Unicorn Plan-It and with this group of talented ladies and gentleladies!

  10. Literally lol’d on that one. Well done.

    In more pressing news, I HAVE A UNICORN PLAN-IT STICKER AND NOWHERE TO PUT IT. Suggestions?

  11. Thank you for the unicorn love, autostraddlers and autowinners! Please follow us on twitter (@unicornplanit) and on the book of face as well facebook.com/unicornplanit – we appreciate the support for REALS.

  12. ummm this isn’t funny to me. I really tried to like it. Maybe this is hipster white girl lez humor that I just don’t get? idk.

  13. Wow. Someone needs an aura cleanse stat! I guess you’re entitled to your opinion, but the slew of semi-lezbo-hipster bashing seems a little excessive to me. It’s kinda just a couple girls trying to make something for other girl lovers on their own time and dime- not like they charged you to watch. If that doesn’t deserve a little love and support- it at least deserves respect. But yanno, whatever.

  14. Hey, it’s all good. We put it out there for you to have any opinion you like- be it positive or negative. Thank you to ALL who have watched. We appreciate it and you are ALL unicorns in our eyes.

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