Top 9 Celeb Couples of 2015: The Gal Pals That Made Our Year

All things considered, 2015 was a pretty great year for the Vapid Fluff community, where celebrities dated or broke up with each other and we breathlessly reported it as though these people were our actual friends and their relationships affected our actual lives in some way. If you’re like me, you are probably still somewhere in the middle of the Kubler-Ross stages of grief regarding the apparent demise of the relationship between reluctant wolf-person Kristen Stewart and her cute Tumblr friend Alicia Cargile. Even though love is a lie and we all inevitably die alone, here are some adorable couples who continued to fascinate us all year long.

Jasika Nicole and Claire Savage

Out actress Jasika Nicole and her photographer wife Claire Savage are living some kind of queer Martha Stewart fantasy life, filled with gluten-free home-baked goods, handmade clothes and an adorable pit bull named Rosie. The pair married in 2013 but spent most of 2015 being perfect and adorable.

Jasika probably made that fascinator using real feathers from doves she raised in her backyard.

Jasika probably made that fascinator using real feathers from doves she raised in her backyard.

Hannah Hart and Ingrid Nilsen

Dedicated fans of YouTubers Hannah Hart and Ingrid Nilsen figured this out long before the couple were ready to announce that they were in fact a thing, but Hart finally spilled the proverbial beans in an interview with DIVA Magazine. Describing Nilsen as “one of the most brilliant, soulful people I’ve ever met,” Hart explained how their relationship developed from an initial friendship into something more. The pair went on to enjoy many food-related Instagram puns.

Hart and Nilsen as a couple of "whisk takers," because of course they did.

Hart and Nilsen as a couple of “whisk takers,” because of course they did.

Julia Nunes and Dannielle Owens-Reid

If you have seen two human beings more disgustingly besotted with one another than Julia and Dannielle, please let me know. Julia managed to capture the early moments of giddy infatuation she shared with Dannielle on her new song “Make Out.”

Yeah guys WE GET IT.

Yeah guys WE GET IT.

Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli

Since their relationship became public knowledge in 2014, the Orange is the New Black actress and writer (respectively) have continued being lowkey totally charming on Instagram.

Award ceremony followed by the Wendy's drive-thru. The ushe.

Award ceremony followed by the Wendy’s drive-thru. The ushe.

Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher

If you aren’t here for Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher, I don’t know what to tell you. These hilarious humans aren’t just engaged, they’re BFFs and business partners. They tour together and even collaborated on this amazing Butch-Ups pinup calendar, which is currently sold out and now I don’t know how to go on.

Do you want this calendar? Ugh, too bad.

Do you want this calendar? Ugh, too bad.

Annie Clark and Cara Delevingne

These two haven’t been as demonstrative on social media as they once were, but we do know that Cara’s been spending time at the Mexican restaurant Annie’s family recently opened in Texas. They hold a special place in our hearts because of that time Cara got Annie a guitar signed by friggin’ David Bowie.

Image via David Fisher/Rex Shutterstock

Image via David Fisher/Rex Shutterstock

Beth Ditto and Kristin Ogata

We didn’t start covering these guys in No Filter until a couple of weeks ago, which is a grievous error on our part. Beth and Kristin look like they’re always having the best day ever in just about every single picture.

Cute cute cute

Cute cute cute

Ellen Page and Samantha Thomas

Despite at least two commenters on Instagram who are pretty sure Samantha Thomas can’t possibly really be Ellen’s girlfriend, these two flawless babes have been adorably smitten with each other for several months now. Lately, they can be seen taking long walks on the beach with their rescue dog. They are living my dream life.

Image via Michael Tran / Getty

Image via Michael Tran / Getty

Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson

Peggy Peabody and Hypodermic Sally wisely chose to sneak in just under the wire, becoming the sleeper hit gal pals of 2015. Their relationship seems to consist primarily of attending plays and museums, sending each other flowers and complimenting each other on Twitter. We should all be so lucky.

Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson arrive at the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

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  1. That (signed!) Butch-Ups calendar may or may not have been hanging in my house since October. I DON’T CARE THAT IT’S NOT 2016 YET

    • Fun story did I tell you about the show where Cameron Esposito used my AS scissoring tee to launch into her scissoring joke?!

      • Yeah I was sitting in the front row and she was like, “are those…on your shirt, there…are those scissors???” And I let out this little squeaky “yes!” and she goes “that’s awesome. As a symbol, I mean. But, ya know the thing about scissoring, right?” And I kind of squeal “I know, it’s not a thing” and she goes “IT’S NOT A THING!” And launches into the rest of that joke.

  2. Still sad it’s not Samira and I on this list but I’m happy for Lauren Morelli and Imma let her finish.

  3. I love Beth Ditto! I’ve had her autobiography on my Amazon wishlist for years. That picture of her and her wife makes me so happy!

    • Her autobiography is so good!! I read it on my phone with the kindle app and finished it in about a day because I was SO EXCITE.

  4. I’m still confused by how I’m supposed to be using ‘gal pal’ conversationally? First I though it was sarcastic code for ‘Romantic partner’ mocking the press for underestimating women in relationships with each other as friends… but then gal pal week here was about actual platonic friendships… now this article is back to what I first thought…

    Or are we using it for both?

  5. Love this and all gal pals everywhere (especially my own!). We’re off to play Happy Couple (…

  6. Oh ok then, my happy tears and I will just be in the corner over there, remembering Beth and Kristen’s wedding pics on Instagram.

  7. Wow Sarah Paulson likes them older right? Wasn’t she with Cherry Jones before? No judgement of course just an observation that gal has a type.

  8. um thank you for being the safe space where I can be like INGRID AND HANNAH HAVEN’T POSTED ANYTHING IN AWHILE IS IT BECAUSE HANNAH’S MAKING A MOVIE AND STUFF PLEASE STILL BE DATING AND JUST BUSY BUT IF AS SAYS THEY’RE STILL DATING IT MUST BE TRUE because people in my real life don’t care but I have legit worried about this this week.

    • follow them both on snapchat! (hartoooo and ingrid.nilsen) they are with each other all the time being cute on there!

      • OH SNAPCHAT. jesus. apparently I can’t get my information from instagram anymore ALL THESE PLATFORMS.

        • “Have they broken up, or are they just on a newer, hipper social media platform?”

          Questions for Our Time

        • Petition to have Stef stalk everyone on Snapchat for No Filter along with Instagram. Or maybe it needs its own separate feature! I don’t know what it would be called though, what do you call things on snapchat? Do you still use hashtags? (I swear I’m not as old as I sound right now, I just want to see the pictures without getting more platforms!)

  9. jasika and claire were on the podcast coupla questions and i had to listen to it in increments because it was so goddamned cute

  10. I loved this because the couples are adorable and Stef’s writing is so funny. And mostly because I appreciate how many of these gal pals are dog owners. :D

  11. I love Sarah and Holland but does anyone think it’s crazy that Sarah is taking Marcia Clark to the Emmys and not Holland?

    Not a good thing for our community when one of the most talked about celebrity lesbian couples will not be seen embracing when Sarah wins

    • No, because I get why she is taking Marcia Clark this year. That role wouldn’t have existed without Marcia Clark’s very existence and it is her most-talked about role to date. Its not like Sarah and Holland don’t like to be seen together or anything. They talk about each other in interviews, they are very open on twitter, they are regularly seen out in public together and they have been at events together in the past. Everyone in and outside of Hollywood knows they are a couple. I don’t know how much more “out” about their relationship they can possibly be.

      • Thanks for your opinion, it was a good read. I think they go out of their way not to be seen together. It’s looking odd

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