Some Answers to Some Things You’ve Been Asking Us #4

Questions from the A+ Inbox were taking up such an enormous portion of the A+ Insider that we've decided to dedicate an entire post to answering them every month instead! We think this will be a lot of fun for everybody in the whole family. We have included as many as we can. We love you, your hair looks fantastic today!

Wherein the country is A Camp typically held? And how much is the cost usually? Can I bring my cats?
Riese: It is held in the San Bernardino mountains, and these days is in the neighborhood of $600. You cannot bring your cats because they will make me sneeze and make my eyes itch! But you can buy YES CATS! from the Autostraddle store and read it at camp, or bring a stuffed cat? Idk, I'm just spitballing here.

UGH I CAN NEVER FIND WHERE TO SUBMIT EVENTS I dunno where that sits on your priority scale for fixing but anyway just adding it to Cee's big whiteboard of doom
Yvonne: Tbh, I've been there! I've struggled to find th...

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