Too Uncool for High School Roundtable Megapost


I had an awkward first year or so of high school, but after I started filling my time with people and activities I enjoyed, I loved every minute of it!

-Autostraddle Business Manager Brooke (who loved high school more than anyone else, ever.)


“I mean, all the kids think I’m funny, and I don’t wanna be. I wanna be normal, I wanna start to try me, a whole person, before it’s too late –” (Carrie, 1976)

“Everybody wants to belong. Anyone who tells you they don’t is lying. I think Carrie wanted it more than any of us.” (Carrie, 2002)



"Bend it Like Beckham" 2002

“Writer/director Gurinder Chadha (What’s Cooking?) has revealed that in the original Bend it Like Beckham script, Jules and Jess were really in love. Not only was this removed, but to make sure we know that they are heterosexual, the two get in conflict with one another over a mutual attraction for their coach.”



High school was like an endless tease as I kept falling for straight girls.

-Autostraddle Head Designer Alex



Queer Eye for the Straight Guy 2003


Radio City Music Hall

Madonna & Britney Spears - MTV Music Video Awards 2003

The older one grows, the more one likes indecency.– Virginia Woolf

I know I had to give up some stuff to do this, but I don’t miss high school.– Britney Spears



From Coming Out is a Bitch: An Elder Statesdyke and a Newly-Out Lesbian Talk Shop:

Pamela: I came out when I was 16, and I’m around 45 now. You just came out, right? How’d that go?

Amanda: I’m 13. At first I felt like everybody was abandoning me and everything. My best friend’s family had kind of taken me in. But when I came out they kind of just left me, and now they completely hate me. I have nobody to talk to. Three of my best friends left me and I only have one of my girlfriends left.


The only true currency in this bankrupt what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.

-Lester Bangs, Almost Famous


We demand that it tell us our truth, or rather, the deeply buried truth of that truth about ourselves which we think we possess in our immediate consciousness.

-Michael Foucault The History of Sexuality

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  1. Oh yay class of 1999. I’m contemplating going to my 10 year reunion. But the geniuses in charge scheduled ours in October for the same weekend as the Chicago marathon… I was one of those cheesy kids who tried to like high school- soccer, service club, theatre tech, yearbook editor… It wasn’t too bad. But I don’t want to do it again!

    • See if we had a 10 year reunion (we have weird ones with like five classes lumped into one) I WOULD TOTALLY GO … well. I would if I could afford to fly to the woods I guess. I hated my public school/myself butttt my senior year kinda rocked! I loved it! I miss all those kids, I wanna see their faces! Luckily we have facebook.

      • Ah, I’m one of the people responsible for making sure my class has a Reunion. And no Stef, I did not sign up for this! It was a post-requisite (is this a word?) of being a class officer.
        Loved high school, but I have mixed feelings about a reunion. I don’t care much about the people I’m not still in touch with? As noted by Riese, thanks to facebook, it’s easy to keep in touch with those you do!

        • Too true. Actually, there are some people from my high school class that I talk to more on Facebook now than I ever did in high school. It’s sort of strange.

          • That’s exactly why I don’t have a Facebook page. I didn’t want to speak to anyone 10 years ago, I definitely don’t want to now!

        • I was a class officer too! But luckily only the Class President & Student Council President are in charge of the reunion – ironically which I got a facebook invite to a couple days ago

          A 5 year reunion for my class is going to be weird because we were the freshman class of college when facebook started up.. I have many thoughts on this

          ps- loved high school , hated class

  2. Ugh. Thanks for reminding me that I have two more years of high school to deal with. Cute photo/quote collection, though.

    • omg! when I was your age I was still sitting on the floor in the dark staring at the ceiling fan listening to the empire records soundtrack song “free” on repeat! Things TOTALLY got better from there for real!

  3. i’m enjoying all your proms pictures, especially laneia’s because her date is looking pretty homosexy himself.
    i went to a catholic high school that literally didn’t have walls. our 80-year-old priest once gave a homily talking about how we should all accept gay people and probs let them get married. i didn’t love love love high school, but mine was too awesome to hate.

    • that sounds like a great high school! all i got was a healthy dose of catholic guilt AND i went to public school.

  4. ain’t gonna lie, i’m pretty bummed that no one has any of those weird forest pictures where they had to hug a fake tree.

    a bunch of girls at my high school are out and dating and whatnot now. goddamn, i think i missed the boat.

    or i set a trend…

    • I went to a large Catholic school in Montreal in the early 90’s. The idea of having a girlfriend in high school is beyond foreign to me. I’m not sure if I’m jealous of these kids or not, I can’t imagine what being out so young is like.

      • At my public high school in a super-liberal college town in the mid-90’s, all the kids in my science class would make jokes about how our teacher, the only out gay teacher in the school, had AIDS. Someone started a GSA and the sky fell open, parents pulled their kids out of class when they let a gay speak at an assembly, and the few out gay kids were mercilessly mocked and harassed in the halls. I felt like if that’s how it was in Ann Arbor, certainly the rest of the world couldn’t be any kinder. But I think things are changing really fast, or that’s the feeling I get … or hope …

        • I think things are changing pretty quickly as well. I graduated from a pretty liberal high school in fairfield county with plenty of gays and I never heard one account of anyone being discriminated against (save for the “That’s gay” remark slipping once in a while). Shortly after I graduated, there was a GSA started with a decent amount of both G&S members. I’m happy to say that this is an area where being a gaycist is really looked down upon so I imagine people either just aren’t, or keep it to themselves. Which is great in a high school setting and makes things easier…If only that were true everywhere, right?

  5. Very nice.

    Whenever I meet someone who tells me how awesome highschool was for them I am always a little suspicious…

  6. “High school was like an endless tease as I kept falling for straight girls.”
    Word, Alex. That was high school for me. Also everyone is so cute in their pictures! I look at my high school pictures and flinch. Luckily by my last year I had also pulled a Carly and chopped off all my hair.

  7. Neato post, awesome quotes and pictures. High school is a blast for me at least. Just senior year left, I’m as happy as a clam. (Why does that saying exist?)

    This post makes me even more grateful for what I have. Everyone at my Quaker school is pretty open minded, they all support me. I guess with so few kids it’s hard to discriminate because it’s like a little dysfunctional family, even if you don’t agree with it you gotta love ’em.

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  9. Alex in your pic’s you look so much like a girl i went to school with its scary. you are all so cute and thanks for sharing yourselves with every one your all awsome

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