Sunday Funday Daily Fix: I Don’t Think Vampires Are Really Gay or Straight


OMG, it’s only a week ’til the party! I hope you’re coming! Look some of us are going who don’t even like other human beings, so certainly you can make it.

We look back at the proms, senior pictures, gay movies & teevee that made us the weirdos we are today in the Too Uncool For High School Tumblr Roundtable Megapost. Kate McKinnon is hilarious per ushe when Robin Shoots & Riese Interviews Kate McKinnon of The Big Gay Sketch Show!

SO! Every day this week we’ll be telling you about some of the cool stuff we’re giving away for our raffle at the end of the daily fix. Firstly, though, lemme say this: from the get-go with Autostraddle we’ve all been super-serious about wanting to be a voice you can trust at all times.

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double_linesYOUTH IN REVOLT: Speaking of the class of ’99, Hortense at Jezebel is one of us and she has a few words for The Class of 2009, which I implore you to check out even if you graduated in 1975 or 2005 or are still in junior high: “The world is fast and relentless and hard and cruel and often enough it doesn’t give a shit about you. That does not mean, however, that you should stop giving a shit about the world.”

VIDEO: The Arrested Development Documentary: Final Trailer.

GLAMBERT: Adam Lambert’s producer RedOne wants to “go rock” — “David Bowie and Queen, but make it more easy for people to get. It has to be rock but with an interesting dance angle to it, you know? My goal is to get his signature out from him to the world.” (and Kris Allen’s Wife: ‘Tell Adam I have a crush on HIM.”)

GAY: Now some people can stand up and be counted fo’rizzle. Also will be easier for us to harvest marketing data. Holler: U.S. Census Bureau officials said Friday that married same-sex couples will be counted as such in the 2010 national tally, reversing an earlier decision made under the Bush administration.

VIDEO Talking Heads:

Hilarious compilation of gay marriage soundbites from”expert” talking heads on the TV:

RACHEL: Rachel Maddow on Charlie Rose: “Find your own way, but it is better to be out than to be closeted, and I can say that in terms of quality of life, and in terms of what’s ethically right for your community. It is better for other gay people if you’re out.”

TEEVEE: Evan Rachel Wood, who’s honed her lesbian character expertise onscreen many-a-time, on her new role in True Blood “I don’t think vampires are really gay or straight. I think she just prefers women.”

VIDEO! Clash of the Titans! High on our top ten fave interview subjects list, Richard Simmons tries to make Anderson Cooper and children all around America to just dance.

WILL & GRACE: Will & Grace creator Max Mutchnick reaches out to Obama to be a gay leader in wake of Pride: He laments over the current face of gay America and reaches out to Obama to be a real hero for us.

TEEVEE: Thank G-d the Real World is getting back to its roots these days: The next season’s house is located in a block that can trace its history to the very early gay and lesbian epicenter of Washington, beginning in the early 1970s. At least one cast member is confirmed to be gay as two homo-bars have signed with Bunim/Murray Productions for filming at their locations.

LOHAN: Ryan Seacrest and Lindsay Lohan were spotted out together in Hollywood Thursday night planning a new reality show which LiLo says will be “really meaningful” “like Extreme Home Makeover.”

LEZ-FAMILY: “Perhaps you are wondering what Father’s Day is like in a family with lesbian moms. Me too.”

GAY: The New York State Bar Association has endorsed gay marriage as the “only viable way to establish marriage equality.”

GAY: Gay couples traveling overseas can now show passports that feature their married names, letting them take advantage of a little-noticed revision to State Department regulations that critics had feared would undermine the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

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  1. “Look some of us are going who don’t even like other human beings, so certainly you can make it.”

    Truer words were never spoken. I’m equal parts excitant and mortified.

  2. I’m stoked about the Census counting married gay couples as it makes everything more official on a federal level.
    Unfortunately, in my mind I thought: “Well, what if they pass a gay marriage ruling in a state like CA, but then it somehow gets reversed AND the marriages are ruled invalid. How would that work with the Census?”

  3. I always love watching the videos on the Daily Fix. Richard Simmons dancing to Lady Gaga = hot-ness.
    P.S. InfoMania is aweomse. The “That’s Gay” guy and Sarah Haskins are sooo funny.

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