Today is Say Something Nice on the Internet Day!

Today I woke up to the most amazing surprise. xoJane has declared today, February 29th (a.k.a Leap Day), Say Something Nice on the Internet Day. If every four years we can elect the president of the United States, hold the summer Olympics and let those 84 year old grandmothers who happen to be born today celebrate their 21st birthday, then maybe the internet can be nice for just one day. From xoJane:

There’s surely a lot deserving of hatred online, but there’s also plenty that deserves a ceasefire. So we’re announcing the creation of a day to appreciate the stuff we actually like. On February 29th, we’ll be celebrating Say Something Nice on the Internet Day. (It’s Leap Day; surely the Internet can handle ONE day of niceness every FOUR years.) We’re not naive enough to think we can turn the tide on the negativity trend, but for just one day, let’s attempt to soothe the Internet beast with the sweet pan-flute of positivity.

So just say something nice on the internet today! Get on Youtube and tell some musician their songs are wonderful. Tweet to Nina Garcia about how amazing she is. Maybe you even want to post on one of our articles about how much you appreciate us. It’s just that simple, and just that hard.

In light of this most wonderful day, we here at Autostraddle would like to say some nice things.







these are just some of the websites that have reached out to us at one time or another and been nice (by riese)


Your turn!

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  1. my most sincere thanks to all of you at autostraddle, for giving me a legitimate excuse to procrastinate on any amount of work i ever have to do, and also to gossip with a really, really, REALLY cute girl every time you post a new playlist. i love you all.

  2. Thank you, team Autostraddle, for being the dedicated, snarky, intelligent, funny as hell people that you are and for making me feel welcome and loved. I really enjoy the queer, feminist, sex-positive vibe you all have. Oh, and your ASS is amazing as well!

  3. Thank you Autostraddle for giving me a place where i can be me and not be judged. I have learned so much from this website about myself, about how people see me as an individual and i love how you give such great advice! :) Oh and all of you are so damn gorgeous!

  4. So, I was in the other room getting ready for a date and smacked myself in the shin with a really heavy belt buckle. I fell down on my bed swearing and then I heard (from my computer, since I’d been watching old Autostraddle videos ’cause that’s a good thing to do when it’s raining and 30 degrees), Riese’s voice say, “Tinkerbell can come in under three minutes.” And THAT was gold. Thanks, guys :)

  5. Thank you, Autostraddle, for being the only place on the Lesbian Internet where I don’t have to apologize for being bisexual.

    • thank you Autostraddle, for giving me somewhere I FEEL is the only place that (99% of the time) I don’t feel I have to apologise for being bisexual.

          • This entire exchange you’re having with yourself is just the cutest friggin’ thing I’ve seen here today! So thank you for this!

          • I am glad those other comments are gone but now it looks like I was def. trying to be mean to autolurker. :( I guess that’s what I get for being snarky on Say Something Nice on the Internet Day in a thread ABOUT Say Something Nice on the Internet Day. Karma, man.

    • I think you all are awesome/sexy/awesomesexy. Thank you Autostraddle for helping me educate myself in my LOL (Late Onset Lesbianism!). Love for all, even the haters! This scientist is off to bed!

    • Obviously a few of our commenters have forgotten these very important rules:

      1.) The first rule of Autostraddle is YOU DO YOU!
      2.) The second rule of Autostraddle is YOU DO YOU!
      3.) The third rule of Autostraddle is that we are a community that celebrates and supports homosexiness and queerness in ALL its fan-fucking-tastic forms
      4.) The fourth rule of Autostraddle is… hell I don’t know, where’s the whiskey?

      • I will bring you an entire bottle to A Camp. I mean I’ve always wanted to drink with a cheerleader. ;-) Any special requests?

  6. thank you, woman with the big scary gun, for always saying the right (and also a lot of times the most funny) thing. you’re awesome

      • Thank you internet and autostraddle for FEMINIST HULK, SMASHING PATRIARCHY. and thank you lia for reminding me of FEMINIST HULK… Digger can be our hulk coming to the rescue and panties of bisexual cheerleaders with humour, grace and a big scary gun.

        • This made me laugh so hard I sprayed my laptop keyboard with red wine..And you had me at “panties”

  7. Thank you all of AS for changing my life! You’ve given me awesome friends, helped me accept myself, influenced my sense of humor, boosted my self esteem, gave me nice free things, and helped me out with everything from fashion to relationships. I’ve grown so much, mostly because I had a safe space to realize my identity as an awesome queer girl, and you were a huge part of that.



  9. Thank you Team Autostraddle for keeping me sane. Thank you for helping me realize that I am going to be okay, even though I don’t know what I am (is a gold star bisexual a thing? what about a gold star panromantic demisexual? no? not yet? well, they exist now), and don’t know where I fit.

  10. I think it’s so funny that everyone is mostly saying nice things about autostraddle. It’s actually quite cute.

  11. Thanks autostraddle for every time there’s a respectful, smart, amazing discussion about topics that normally degenerate in to some of the most hateful stuff you’ll ever encounter. For the most part, I can count on people being wonderful on this website.

  12. Thank you AS for constantly making this little babydyke feel less alone in the world. I’ve made great friends and grown as a person through this site, and without you guys I would still be a lonely queer thinking that she’ll never ever meet another gay person ever.
    Basically, thank you for running a badass website and thank you for caring so much about your readers, and thank you for having such smart, talented and witty writers.

  13. thank you Autostraddle for introducing me to My Drunk Kitchen, Eileen Myles, Sebastian, Lianne La Havas, the concept of whiskey stones, Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual, and that chickpea-lemon-kale recipe.

  14. Thank you for your existence Autostraddle, for I really appreciate a place full of great people and wonderfully-written articles to take my mind off the passing of my grandfather today.

    • I’m sorry to here you’re going through that. Losing a Grandparent is rough.

      My condolences and happy thoughts are sent your way.

  15. I think it’s wonderful how pretty much everyone here is wonderful. The writers here are 100% wonderful and that’s rare. I think it’s wonderful how everyone’s pretty much wonderful to each other and all of the wonderfulness bounces back and forth and gets amplified.
    And also, somehow everyone is really attractive. I don’t know how that’s possible.

    • haha yes. I’ve thought all that too. and thought “why can’t autostraddle be as stalker friendly as fb? she’s pretty…and gay!”

    • the judging system for hiring new writers is 40% swimsuit, 30% evening-wear, 10% interview, 20% talent

      • Wait I thought that was only for Autostraddle America? I thought Autostraddle USA was 40% swimsuit, 30% evening-wear and 30% interview (no talent needed).

  16. Thank you Autostraddle, for making me smile when the whole school avoids me because I’m the “faggot” or when all of those people send me notes like “watch your back faggot” and when just this morning some cowardly asshole just had to write “Iman is a dumb fag”. I am so greatful that my gratitude and nice things to say will extend past February 29, I am thankful forever.

  17. I’m a day late, I guess, but I like saying nice things every day:

    1. You’re all lovely.
    2. Mass Effect 3 comes out in 5 days, YAY!
    3. Brock was ahead of his time:
    4. I forgot what I was going to put for this one.
    5. Also, hugz:

    the magical appearance of the actual image in this comment is brought to you by the autostraddle community managerettes

  18. i see a lot of comments have been deleted, mainly those with opposing opinions. i understand some could misconstrue the tone as being in opposition to the topic of this thread, but c’mon, this overzealous support of bisexuality in a way that trumps the acceptance & validity of any conflicting opinion, to the point of DELETION is… dangerous and irresponsible. we should all have a voice here, and I don’t think anyone was coming off as malicious.

  19. Yo, I really liked that James Baldwin documentary that someone (Rachel?) posted about a few weeks ago. Have watched it, like, 8 times. (Not an exaggeration!) So: thanks for that!

    Also, relating to this thread, James Baldwin was a little bi. I am quite overzealous in my support of his bisexuality. YOU GO JAMES BALDWIN.

  20. Thank you autostraddle pixies in the night, who come and fix spelling, grammar and pronoun mistakes…when kinda indirectly begged for.

  21. Thank you, Autostraddle, for reminding me that while I am currently stuck in a small town in the deep south, I am not alone.

    Also, thanks for the laughs. They are much needed and greatly appreciated.

  22. I’d like to thank the community monitors who make the images appear in comments. It makes me so happy


    • I’m so tech-illiterate myself..So when I see the images appear in the comments I turn into a giddy 3 year old, complete with giggling and clapping

    • One time those community monitors made a giant picture of me dressed as Wolverine show up in my comment and I was like “OH I DIDN’T MEAN FOR THAT PICTURE TO BE SO BIG BUT NO REGRETS, MAN.”

      anyway. I love that too. I like how all I have to say is “can someone magic make this picture show up” and WHABAM.

  23. Thank you Autostraddle for being the best brilliant reason to pick up girls.

    JK I WISH LOL. But yeah, thank you everyone on Autostraddle for your existence. Thank you writers, contributors and of course, the whole community! Thank you for the giving and sharing, for providing me a place where I can just be and mingle with awesome people and get educated at the same time.

    Thank you everyone and I love you all.

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