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Hi BBs! By the time this is published, I’ll be on my way up to the Oregon coast to spend a few days in the woods, listening to waves crash and forgetting that things like Twitter and politics exist. I wish I could bring every one of you with me! (In my absence, please don’t forget to lovingly fight about food in the comments below.)

This week, Erin watched Elena Undone, and she has some questions. Well, one question, really.

What kind of world is it where Orphan Black only has three episodes left? Anyway, here’s Valerie Anne’s brilliant recap of episode 507, also known as THE EPISODE WHERE THINGS HAPPENED WITH AN EYEBALL.

This was very sweet and made me think about you and me and the world we live in: Are You Ten Years Ago: We Remember Tegan & Sara’s The Con, Which Changed Our Lives.

A kid! An egg! A park! They do stuff! Mey chatted with the cast and crew of Danger and Eggs.

Reneice is an actual angel from Heaven and this week, she made a vegan chocolate icebox pie.

My main takeaway from the latest installment of AM/PM is that Fashion Editor Nora has fantastic bangs.

Want to dress like Meg Ryan in the 90’s? Alaina has you covered.

And then there were your comments!

On Kristen Stewart And Stella Maxwell Crashed a Lesbian Wedding and Aunt Linda Was Very Excited:

The Listen, Linda Award to SurelySurly:

i’d like to use Aunt Linda as the excitement barometer moving forward: “market had some fresh blueberries- Aunt Linda was moderately excited.”

On No Filter: Jasika Nicole Just Blue Herself:

The Feelings Parade Award to :) and Sarah:

If Celine Dion is Sarah’s type, I am so out of luck. Sarah: I don't have a type, just a lot of feelings.

On “Wynonna Earpwp_postsEpisode 207 Recap: Aphrodite Made Me Do It:

The @ Me Next Time Award to Denise:

“You don’t get to be Wynonna Earp by facing your problems head on.wp_postsI can relate to this on many levels.

On Ranking Carol’s Best Pickup Lines:

The Face that Launched a Thousand ‘Ships Award to Rous Rose:

Cate Blanchett’s face is the best pickup line.

The Big Enough for Two Award to Lynn:

I just rewatched this the other day (with my mum, which was a little more awkward than I’d imagined) and when she got to #2 I nearly busted up laughing. The absolute confidence of saying “we can never see each other againwp_postsand then following that, months later, with “move into my apartment”. This article is delightful and good.

The Ethics in Lesbian Journalism Award to Sally:

Well, this is a wholly irresponsible article, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a member of the unpopular and controversial Ambivalent About Carol Club. It’s already hard enough to work out when a woman is hitting on you, and encouraging Carol’s weirdly accusatory and mildly defeatist bamboozlers will do nothing to improve this situation. We are creating a generation of protoqueers that will be too scared to leave the house on Sundays, and whose standard pick-up line will be “Hi. I guess not. Bye.wp_postsThis may work for the Blanchett-faced among us, but I fear that for mortal gays a life of creamed spinach-for-one awaits.

On Concert Recap: Tegan & Sara “The Conwp_postsTour, Webster Hall, November 2007:

The Our Chart Award to aj:

I just last week realized that Tegan and Sara have the haircut I’m looking for, and now I see it’s a move from a to c on the chart. I guess I’m fine with that.

On Style Thief: Meg Ryan from the 1990s:

The Gay Nineties Award to Caitlin:

I miss 90’s fashion, where everyone dressed like a lesbian.

On “Orphan Blackwp_postsEpisode 507 Recap: Eye of the Storm:

The Who Killed Jenny? Award to Rous Rose:

If PT killed Jenny, it makes up for at least 70% of his past sins in my opinion. To this week’s murdered clone: I’m glad you enabled us to behold Tatiana Maslany with a blue mohawk. May you rest in peace.

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    I am also gonna use this “hi i guess not bye” from now ON. it’s a phrase that definitely skirts around the issue of getting rejected by attractive humans! let’s just all start rejecting ourselves and we’ll be fine.

  2. If everyone dressed like a lesbian in the 90’s, and today we can’t tell who’s queer and who’s just a hipster, does that make the 00’s the magical heteronormative era when lesbians were lesbians damnit?

  3. Aren’t tater tots just a type of French fry? I have posed this question to friends but nobody agrees with me. They’re fried potatoes cut up in a different way just like any other French-fry variation (crinkly, curly steak, shoestring, etc.). Why do tater tots get their own category?

  4. Whenever I see a post with a unusually high comment count, and it’s not a biphobic flame war, lost MRA trolls, or Christo-fascist dancing hotdogs, I assume I’ve accidentally clicked on a post from 2011, from the glory days before Facebook destroyed comment culture across the internet.

    I’m beyond delighted that in this case it’s because of, amongst other things, detailed analysis of the constitution of processed potato products and apparatus for eating.

    I do think there’s more scope for discourse about correct
    condimentation for chips/fries.

    Ketchup or mayo? And/or cheese? Probably butter if you’re Chandra? For me the dilemma is always: gravy or curry sauce.

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