“Wynonna Earp” Episode 207 Recap: Aphrodite Made Me Do It

SEASON THREEEEEEE :air horn noise:

Friends! How excited are you?! I’m very excited! Our weird little show got renewed for the third season, as announced at San Diego Comic Con, and I couldn’t be happier. I genuinely didn’t believe they’d make the announcement either way until after the season aired, and it feels SO GOOD to be able to go into the rest of the season without the possibility of cancellation looming overhead. The amazing thing is, this show is fueled by fandom. Syfy is starting to realize the power of the people who show up on the internet to support shows, and is putting their money where their mouth is re: their new brand slogan: It’s a fan thing.

And even as we talk about this episode, it’s no surprise Syfy wanted to keep this gem around. This was possibly the funniest episode of the series to date. The first 80% had me laughing pretty much non-stop, and it felt like a breath of fresh air. But then, to remind us that we’re still in Purgatory after all, a tidal wave of feelings swept over us.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Wynonna and Dolls kick off “Everybody Knows” by storming the castle that is the Gardiner residence. The Widows are pretending like Mercedes and Beth were locked helplessly in one room and have no idea what their pesky little brother has been up to. They’re stiff and unfeeling about the whole situation and Wynonna doesn’t recognize her friend at all. She goes so far as to prod at Beth’s shoulder to see if she has a Peacemaker wound but Mercedes interjects and gets Wynonna and Dolls to leave before Wynonna checks out her shoulder, too. Wynonna is still suspicious, but leaves with Dolls after assuring them they’d be watched at all times…as a security measure, of course.

Wynonna looks suspicious of the Gardiner girls

Shady bitches are shady.

On the way back to the car, Wynonna gets woozy, which makes Dolls nervous. Wynonna insists that she just needs some yogurt, but he wants her to have her demon-hunting permission slip signed by a doctor and calls Doc (saying “code rainbow”) before taking her back to the homestead.

Once they’re alone, Widow Mercedes and Widow Beth know they’re running out of time to complete their nefarious plans, since Wynonna is onto them. Mercedes considers the rotten severed head of Constance Clootie and Beth wonders aloud if the Stone Witch could help them, but Widow Mercedes says since they can’t hurt her, they can’t trust her, which would be a weird way to talk about someone if they were well and truly gone. They throw her head into the fire for good measure, but I have a feeling we haven’t heard the last from her.

They still need to find the last seal, after which time Widow Beth says their “love” will “burn bright and true.” Which…isn’t as comforting as it sounds like it should be. And probably has something to do with that husband they’ve mentioned.

Meanwhile somewhere in a dusty barn, a boy wakes up a cobweb covered cowboy called Reeves and says he found the man they have been looking for. Reeves tells the boy to mark the man for execution, and that man is Doc Holliday. According to the boy, he has been “decloaked.” (More like de-Clootied amiright.)

At the homestead, Waverly and Jeremy are nerd-riffing about their Widow theories while Wynonna satisfies her yogurt craving.

Wynonna balances the yogurt on her belly while she eats it

Built-in belly table!

They know the Widows are looking for the third seal, but they don’t know why. They know the Gardiners are involved, but they don’t know how. And Waverly has translated some text that says, “let thee rise,” which doesn’t bode well for my husband theory.

Waverly tells Wynonna what she found out


Doc and Dolls come in then, bringing with them a doctor who looks a little bamboozled. When she gets Wynonna alone, she admits she’s feeling a little bamboozled; she’s just been whisked away to the middle of nowhere by a kind of cop and a cowboy. She asks Wynonna if she’s being held here against her will but Wynonna assures her she just has some over-protective right-hand men.

The doctor asks Wynonna a series of questions, forcing her to face the reality of her situation for a longer period of time than she’s comfortable with, and when the doctor senses this unease, she assures Wynonna she’s not here to judge her. Which hits Wynonna square in the chest, since she hasn’t even stopped judging her own self yet.

Wynonna looks so SAD IT HURTS

Wynonna needs an “I know my value” pep talk.

Wynonna asks about genetic testing and the doctor says she’d just need blood samples from her and the father, but she’s not doing it in a farmhouse with a mystical murderboard in the main room.

Outside the bedroom, Dolls is making Jeremy’s whole day by telling him he’s taking the little scientist on a stakeout. Doc hangs back, coughing, which makes me very nervous, and I don’t think it’s just because I’ve spent four and a half seasons nervously monitoring Cosima’s lung activity. A cough isn’t just left in a take accidentally, especially not if the character in question notoriously had tuberculosis before making a deal with the devil for longevity.

Waverly sees Doc hanging around and assures him he doesn’t have to look so worried; Wynonna is strong. She tells him to take a walk, because standing outside the bedroom door isn’t helping anyone.

Doc takes her advice and goes outside, where he finds the boy from earlier. The boy asks him if he’s really THE Doc Holliday, sounding like a fanboy, but when he apparates, Doc realizes he isn’t here for a selfie. Doc faces off with him, though hesitates because he’s not about to pop one off at this teenager. The boy isn’t there to fight though and instead brands the back of Doc’s neck, warns him he’s been marked for execution, and poofs away.

Inside, Waverly has gone inside to check on her sister and Wynonna is rolling around on the bed in hopes her feelings won’t be able to land on her and tells Waverly the doctor wanted blood samples from her and the father. Waverly asks why she looks so weird, surely Doc doesn’t mind needles? He seems willing to do whatever Wynonna needs. The issue isn’t getting a blood sample from Doc though…it’s knowing for sure if Doc is the one she should be getting blood from in the first place.

Wynonna grumpily peeps out from behind a pillow

Pillows help suppress feelings, it is known.

At first Waverly is pretty chill, like “okay fine then who?” but as she imagines Doc’s reaction when he finds out she starts to panic. She paces back and forth while Wynonna tires to assure her he was the one who said there were no strings between them and Waverly’s eyes bug out of her head like NO ONE WHO SAYS NO STRINGS THAT MANY TIMES ACTUALLY MEANS NO STRINGS. Wynonna informs her that she is super not helping.

Wynonna gives Waverly a sassy "hush your mouth" face

That’s a big sister face if I’ve ever seen one.

Waverly takes a breath and assures her sister she’ll be there for her anyway, even stand by her side while she tells Doc to help diffuse the situation. But then Doc walks in and Waverly decides THIS is a situation one could nope their way out of so she does just that and disappears before Wynonna can stop her.

Wynonna and Doc decide now’s a good time to remind everybody that it’s not all fun facial expressions and sarcasm up in here. Wynonna thanks him for his note, and Doc takes off his hat and asks if Wynonna is okay, admitting he doesn’t know the protocol these days, but he’ll be exactly as involved in all of this as Wynonna wants. “No more, no less.” He just wants her to be healthy, and he chokes up as he adds, “as close to happy as possible.” Which shows, to me, that he knows Wynonna better than most, to not be casually wishing her something that feels unattainable to her right now.

Scrofano Feels Face strikes again


Seeing his earnestness, she loses her nerve about telling him he might not be the father, so instead says he’ll need to do a blood test, which he’s happy to oblige.

Before he leaves, he places a hand on her belly and meets her eyes, making her feel that much shittier when he leaves.

Waverly is waiting for him in the front yard, hoping to talk to him before he storms off, but he’s not in the mood to chat right now. Torn between her friend who she imagines is pretty damn upset and also the fastest gunslinger in the west, and her pregnant sister who also isn’t exactly chipper, she calls Nicole for backup.

Waverly calls Nicole

Code Rainbow would mean an entirely different thing in this context.

Just a little check-in on Black Badge Buddies: Dolls and Jeremy are watching Beth sweep her porch with one of those brooms that are useless for actual sweeping but handy if you’re TRYING to look like a witch, when Jeremy finds a patch of lace from one of the Widows’ dresses. Dolls decides they should use it to reverse engineer a vaccine for their paralyzing freeze breath situation and they head back to the station.

Wynonna is heading out of the homestead when she runs into Nicole. She tells her Waverly isn’t there, but Nicole isn’t there to see her girlfriend. She’s been put on Wynonna duty.

Nicole smiles up at Wynonna, knowing she'll hate that she's here

An Emotional Support Lesbian, if you will

Wynonna says that’s fine but then she has to come with her on her errands, specifically her errand that involves going to a bar a little ways out of town.

Waverly has followed Doc to Shorty’s and is a little alarmed to find him cleaning every gun in Purgatory. She has no way of knowing Wynonna didn’t end up telling him, and since he had huffed off she didn’t bother asking, so our sweet, well-meaning Waverly, in trying to be supportive and tell him that he’s still family even if he’s not blood-related (something I think she should remind her own self) and the look on his face tells her she fucked up. She fucked up bad.

Waverly looks super guilty

This is the face people make when they accidentally spoil me on TV shows.

Quite different scene from Shorty’s, the bar Wynonna took Nicole to is hopping despite the early hour, and it’s a strip club. But not just any strip club: the long-anticipated Pussy Willows.

And Wynonna wasn’t just a patron of this place…she worked there. And went by Aphrodite. IT’S SO MUCH TO PROCESS.

Wynonna and Nicole are deep in conversation at the bar

Man all anyone ever tells me in bars about that one time they made out with a girl in college and how it was soooo funny.

And we’re not even done with the fact bombs. Luckily, Nicole is drinking from both her own beer and Wynonna’s for-show beer to help her process it all. Because also what’s true is that Wynonna came here a few months ago and slept with one of the bartenders.

Nicole is already tipsy at this point, making cute jokes and adorable faces. Top-shelf stuff. Nicole assumes they’re there to tell this guy he might have a little bartender on the way but Wynonna laughs at the simplicity of that plan when surely there’s a way they could do this without having to have any difficult conversations. Her plan is to take shots with the bartender, steal his DNA, have it tested, and hope it works out that she never has to talk about her child’s parentage again. Nicole approves of this plan. Did I mention she’s drunk?

Their plan has a bit of a kink in it though, because at that moment, the bartender pins a rowdy patron to the wall and his eyes glow red… Wynonna’s potential baby daddy is a Revenant.

Wynonna looks bamboozled

Me when I find out someone I have a crush on “doesn’t own a TV”

Wynonna gags at the realization she had sex with a Revenant and instinctively goes to take a swig of beer, which Nicole swoops in and takes for her.

Nicole holds up the two beers she's drinking for her and Wynonna

Want beer. Like beer. Beer good.

Nicole asks how this happened and Wynonna reveals that the night she went out to try to forget the whole got-kidnapped-and-tortured-by-Jack-the-Ripper thing, Shorty’s cut her off and Doc tried to take her home but she wasn’t done yet so she came to Pussy Willows. She wanted to be touched, wanted to feel in control of her body again, and the bartender was cute and nice and they had fun. It helped her feel better, gave her that swagger she had the next morning and everything.

And then, something interesting happens. Nicole says that if Wynonna is an Earp, and the bartender is a revenant, the baby is…Waverly. Now, she says Waverly because her girlfriend happens to be calling at the moment, but I don’t think that can be ignored.

Nicole answers the phone, “Hey cutie,” and tries to ignore the daggers Wynonna is throwing with her eyes. Waverly wants to know where the heck her girlfriend and sister have disappeared to, and Nicole is torn; she can’t lie to Waverly but she doesn’t want to get axe-murdered by Wynonna.

Nicole is on the phone with Waverly while Wynonna gives her a death glare

Drunk Nicole just wants to make a cake made of rainbows and smiles!

Waverly parses out that they must be at a strip club based in the style and volume of the music at this hour and Nicole gets out an “Aphrodite made me do it” before Wynonna takes matters into her own hands and dunks Nicole’s phone into one of the beers. Nicole isn’t mad though; it was the only solution, clearly.

And I want to take a moment here and praise this whole scene. Melanie Scrofano was amazing as always, but Katherine Barrell was funnier than we’ve ever seen her. The timing and snappiness of their back-and-forth, their facial expressions, everything, was just so well done and fun to watch, and was a shining example of what makes Season 2 so special. I thought everyone was great in Season 1, from the fun to the serious, everyone always blew me away. But then this season it was almost like Melanie Scrofano came in and said, “Hey guys just so you know I was actually holding back a little last season, and I’m ready to show you what I’m REALLY made of” and doubled-down on her awesomeness, then she went to her costars one by one, scene by scene, and raised the bar a little. And every single one of them rose to the occasion.

Everyone somehow seems even stronger this season is what I’m saying, even though I wasn’t aware that was possible. I think part of it also has to do with what Kat said in her interview on the Tales of the Black Badge podcast, which is that the writers are now writing to the actors and their strengths. And everyone across the board, it being the second season, has a better sense of who the characters are.

Nicole makes a goofy worried face

“Remember that one time I had to call Wynonna to tell her you scissored a stripper? Well this time…

Wynonna makes an AHHH face


Aaaanyway, Wynonna is going to quick-waddle out of the bar while Nicole swipes a glass from the bartender but before Wynonna can even get off her stool, the bartender comes over to say hi.

The bartender’s name is Jonas and they have some drinks together and Nicole is full-drunk now talking about flood prep which is the dorkiest cutest thing ever. Wynonna wants to leave but Nicole is determined to get this shot glass so she asks for more peppermint schnapps.

But then things take a turn when Jonas makes his eyes do that Revenant thing and says he knows she’s there to kill him.

While all this is going on, Dolls goes back to the office to find Doc doomsday prepping all of the weapons. Guys I think it really shook him to be paralyzed and helpless while Waverly was also paralyzed and helpless. Dolls tries to tell him there was nothing he could have done, but Doc isn’t in the mood to be comforted.

Jeremy interrupts then to say he has a way to make the venom vaccine but he needs extra hands to do it. While they’re mid-experiment, Dolls realizes Jeremy is actually doing a binding spell, and interrupts him, so they end up inhaling the vapor they were supposed to capture in a bottle. So the binding spell worked…on the three boys. Hilarity shall ensue.

Back at the bar, Nicole is peak drunk, doing that whisper-shout drunk people think is quiet, saying she left her gun at home.

Jonas switches now from the charming bartender to the crude and creepy asshole he truly is, revealing himself as easily as showing us his glowing red eyes. He walks around the bar to get into Wynonna’s personal space and when he sees her stomach he says he hopes she just got fat, earning him an elbow to the throat. Nicole also at the same time found a gun she keeps in her sock (something I don’t actually understand the logistics of but hey she’s the police officer) and shoots out the lights, giving them time to get away.

Drunk Nicole aims her gun and is making an almost smirk

I mean, I don’t feel GREAT about Drunk Nicole having a gun? But. It worked out.

Back at the station, the cobweb bandits show up and Reeves tries to hang Doc right there in the office. No pomp, no circumstance, just some rope and a pipe. But the thing is, Doc is bound to Dolls and Jeremy right now, so when he goes up, so do they. Jeremy then does the bravest thing he’s ever done, which is throw a stapler at Reeves to try to save his main man, but the stapler floats right through him. Reeves gets all bold now, and starts to say that “nothing from this earthly world can” but then Dolls punches him right in the face. Which is a VERY interesting development. Alien dragon???

Outside Pussy Willows, Nicole is telling Wynonna that she should drive, and Wynonna is telling Nicole she’s a cute drunk, when Wynonna remembers something. And this was another one of those perfectly played Scrofano moments, because Wynonna says, “Abort! Abort!” then does this cute little gasp and apologizes to her belly.

Anyway the reason she said that is because she realized they can’t leave yet; Jonas knows she’s pregnant, and she can’t have the whole Revenant population knowing.

Jonas runs out after them talking creepily about how they started a new race and how they’re Adam and Eve and Wynonna’s like, “I prefer the Adam and Steve version actually,” and pulls out Peacemaker.

Wyonnna aims Peacemaker while Nicole watches, a little worried

I wonder if Peacemaker missed the Revenants

And then he…runs. Between her belly bump and Nicole’s drunkenness they’re sure they’re going to catch him, but Waverly swoops in just in time to hit him with a car door.

Drunk Nicole tells Waverly she’s pretty but Waverly isn’t here for compliments she’s here for answers!

Nicole slurs out the situation for her, complete with hand motions, and they decide to put Jonas in the trunk.

Meanwhile the boys are still being haunted by the cobweb bandits, and it’s revealed that the warrant on Doc is because he slept with someone he wasn’t supposed to (twice), which Dolls grumbles a lot about. Jeremy finally can’t take it anymore and runs out of the building, inadvertently bringing Doc and Dolls with him.

But Reeves had backup.

The girls drive out to the middle of nowhere with Jonas in their trunk and try to figure out what to do with him.

There are a few things at play here: Jonas might be Wynonna’s baby’s father. Jonas is a Revenant. Jonas will tell the other Revenants (and maybe other things that go bump in the night) that Wynonna is pregnant and that’s dangerous. Wynonna is supposed to kill Revenants. But Stupid Earl implied there might be a way to break the curse without her having to send all the Revenants to hell.

(Side note, Nicole seemed alarmed at the idea that one of the options on the table was to pull this man they just did shots with out of the trunk and shoot him in the head. She hasn’t really been part of this side of things yet, and she doesn’t quite get it.)

Wynonna decides to start by talking to him, give him a chance to get out of a one-way ticket to hell.

Wynonna and Waverly look thoughtful, Nicole looks hungover

“Can you also send this hangover to hell while you’re at it?”

Reeves and his cobweb bandits lead Doc, Dolls, and Jeremy out to the woods and Doc tries to get his friends out of the execution but they’ve been deemed accomplices. Dolls steps forward and tries to diffuse the situation by standing up for Doc, calling him loyal, fearless, his brother. And listen, on most shows, if there’s no women in a scene, I tune right out. My brain clocks it as time to refill my cup or check Twitter. But this show! Not this show. This show decides to give me Feelings by letting men express their feelings about their friends.

Dolls claps Doc on the back and discovers his brand, which Jeremy points out looks like a marshal star, and all of a sudden Dolls’ eyes light up with recognition. This handsome mustachioed fella trying to murder them isn’t just any cowboy, he’s THE Bass Reeves. For those who don’t know, he was the first Black deputy US marshal from the late 1800s. And Dolls. Is. PUMPED. Reeves was a hero of his, and Dolls uses this plus his status as a deputy and technically pulls rank, saving Doc and allowing Reeves and his crew to finally rest in peace.

And as soon as the cowboys are gone? JOY.

Dolls Doc and Jeremy are ECSTATIC

On most shows I have to blur out all the men in the shot but LOOK AT THIS JOY. I CAN’T BLUR THIS JOY.

It’s the actual cutest. They’re all so happy! And they worked together! FRIENDSHIP!

Okay so out in the field, Wynonna and Waverly have Jonas in a monkey-in-the-middle type position, and Jonas, knowing he doesn’t have the upper hand, starts rambling. He says that there are rumors of a Revenant and a human making a baby once before, and then the camera cuts to Waverly, because obviously she’s wondering what we’re wondering…is that Waverly’s deal?

Waverly looks worried


Jonas starts talking about the night Wynonna came to Pussy Willows, being grosser and grosser as time goes on. Waverly HATES hearing him talk to and about her sister like this, and says as much, like the Brave Little Toaster she is. But Wynonna is just standing there, taking it, as if she thinks she deserves it, as if she believes it. When he calls her a whore and it’s clear he’s not going to tire himself out, Wynonna calmly says that it must be frustrating, how the world has moved on without him and his sexist opinions. Wynonna looks at Jonas with a new resolve and says she’s going to raise this kid to be good and strong and she says everything he’s not, but what she might not realize is that it’s also everything she is.

And so, without further ado, she shoots him dead.

Wynonna's eyes reflect the hellfires of the Revenant going down

The Wynonna equivalent of blocking your ex on your phone and unfollowing them on all social media.

Waverly goes to her and Wynonna says she’s going to be a single mother, and Waverly calls her a superhero, and Wynonna says, quite literally, “Same damn thing.”

While she’s holding her sister, thinking both of the baby and herself probably, she asks tentatively what this baby is. And Wynonna gives her the only answer she knows for sure: Ours.

Wynonna and Waverly stand close to each other, holding each other a little

brb crying forever

Back at the station, Dolls asks Doc why he thinks Reeves was suddenly able to find him, and Doc says maybe he should check in on the Stone Witch. (Maybe. I assumed he meant the Stone Witch but who the heck knows.)

Doc tucks Jeremy in (!) and shares a drink with Dolls (!!) and it’s the cutest and I love it.

Back at the Homestead, Wynonna says she booked an ultrasound so they’re just going to have to do process of elimination by testing Doc instead. Waverly tells her then that she accidentally told Doc but Wynonna figures it was going to come out anyway, and it’s not like she warned her sister she didn’t go through with it. But no matter, this baby is an Earp no matter what. Just like the two of them. She then calls her sister Auntie Waverly, prompting her to burst into tears.

Wynonan looks on worriedly as Waverly cries suddenly

Wynonna looked as alarmed as I felt

And then Waverly says two things. “I don’t think I’m your sister. Or even an Earp at all.” Which broke my WHOLE HEART because BABY GIRL. Even if you’re not biologically related, Wynonna is still your sister!

Waverly and Wynonna are separated by a banister

I’m hoping now that she’s opening up to her this wall between them (sometimes depicted quite literally in shots like this) will come down.

And I know she’ll realize this and I know she’s just struggling to figure out who she is, but the thing is, her and Wynonna have already been changing what it means to be an Earp and making it their own. Their father, from what we can tell, was not the greatest dude, and he died when they were young. So they Earp differently than anyone’s Earped before, their Earpiness has flavors of Gus and Curtis in it, with a dash of Shorty and a touch of Nedley. And now the Earp family includes Doc and Dolls and Nicole and heck even Jeremy, and maybe it will include Rosita someday. Family is what you make it – sometimes that includes blood relatives, sometimes it doesn’t. Family is about loving and supporting one another; and maybe sometimes fighting but always making up and learning and growing and laughing. And no one knows that better than this fandom. And that’s why I’m beyond excited to be doing this for another year with you.

See you next week, when Wynonna finds herself in a situation that causes her to ask the age-old question, “WHEN am I?!”

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  1. I am so glad this show got renewed! This season has really found it’s groove and this season is so good! The storylines, characters, and overall pace of the show is much better than season 1.

    Also, drunk Nicole is super cute.

  2. First, it’s a real joy to come here and find your WE recap – complete with S3 renewal excitement! – after the debacle at SDCC around Jeremy Jordan/Supergirl. I belong to both fandoms, and although I understand it may be annoying to some Supergirl fans to keep seeing “Watch Wynonna Earp! Support Wynonna Earp!!!” posts everywhere, the fact is – WE *is* getting it right, both onscreen and off.

    I was touched by the bonding between Doc, Dolls, and Jeremy too. I’m still a bit concerned that Jeremy’s crushes on Doc and possibly Dolls too are grist for only humor – though gentle – at the gay character’s expense, but to see that Doc and Dolls treat him with genuine affection despite their surface irritation with his overchatty enthusiasm for them is sweet. And yes, also color me intrigued as to why Dolls could physically connect his punch with ghost Marshal Reeves. I wonder if that ability will come into play in the next few eps?

    The Wynonna and Nicole scenes were definitely fun, as was Waverly’s confrontation of them when she finally found them outside the bar. But my favorite scene by far was the final one – ugh, watching Waverly try to hold herself together and then just fall apart punched me in the gut. I was like you too though, yelling, “Oh sweet angel Waves, Wynonna and you are STILL sisters!!” Blood is not the most important thing. Also, if Wynonna’s baby *does* turn out to be the child of that disgustingly sexist revenant, presumably the message will be that being raised by the two best Earps ever (whatever Waverly feels now, she *is* part of the Earp family) is more important than having part demon parentage. I mean, if Waverly is also part-revenant, we already have proof that revenant blood does not automatically make you evil.

    • I understand what you mean about Jeremy and maybe he’s just there to be the butt of some jokes, however gentle.

      I think it’s nice to see that he obviously has crushes on two, so far as we know, straight guys and they just accept him as part of the team and work with him without any problems. It’s something we don’t seen shown often and matters as much as everything else.

      And fundamentally I trust Emily Andras. Yes, she’ll give the characters crap times, it’s a TV show, but she seems to get the issues around consent with Gooverly and Nicole and go out of her way to make sure there’s a scene to say “It was all me, I was in control when we were together” to address that. We haven’t seen the whole of the pregnancy story line but like a lot of people I’m not usually a fan and I’m happily along for the ride on this one so far because she’s handling it so differently to any other show I can think of. I seem to remember there will be a fourth LGBTQ+ this season character according to one interview or another, so I’m going to reserve judgement but assume we’ll see Jeremy get a boyfriend and get some good time with that because fundamentally I trust her to do right by her characters.

      On the Dolls issue, he’s not wholly of this Earth. Whatever his “dragon” thing is, Peacemaker reacts to him like he’s a demon, and they’re beings not of this earth – hence the punch connecting is my read on it.

    • What happened with Supergirl/Jeremy Jordan? I’m a Broadway girl and I like Jeremy, and I don’t keep up with fandom stuff because it’s noy my thing.

      I don’t think Jeremy’s crushes are played for laughs, I think his awkward/nerdy ways are, and his crushes are both awkward/nerdy. But, yeah, I enjoyed the bonding the same way I enjoy Wynonna and Nicole bonding (first when they got drunk at work and now… when Nicole got drunk because Wynonna can’t).
      I’m also feeling the Waverly being half-revenant thing. I thought Hypnos’ daughter we saw last week was half-revenant too? Maybe I misunderstood that.

      • Listen about this whole SG thing….It wasn’t just Jeremy Jordan. I see a lot of people blaming just him and absolving their faves. Basically the ENTIRE cast that was at Comic Con(save Chyler and Flo cause they weren’t there) took it upon themselves to sing a “THEY”RE JUST FRIENDS” song mocking the shippers of Kara/Lena complete with uproarious laughter. Afterwards, when Katie McGrath tried to be an adult and explain why shippers can ship what they want only to be interrupted by Wood and Jordan once again mocking fans interpretation of Kara/Lena’s sexuality. Then when Jordan saw the negative feedback online he released a passive aggressive apology on Instagram that basically amounted to “I’m sorry you guys are ‘spreading so much hate’ because I openly mocked you in a borderline homophobic way on camera. Don’t you know much I’ve done for the LGBT community? I’ve been on Broadway with THE GHEYS!!!”. When that didn’t blow over well either he released yet another apology that looked like it had actually been proof-read by a publicist this time. I bet that is more than we are probably going to get from the rest of the cast.

        My take is that I found the whole thing unsurprising because I have been through this time and again with the cast and crew of various shows mocking queer girls in public. Particularly the ones of CW shows. My barometer is very low when it comes to actors being decent human beings. When they are I’m pleasantly surprised.

        • Oh boy… I mean, Jeremy (and the rest of the cast) were disrespectful to the fans, which is never a good thing, but it’s not just that he was “on Broadway with THE GHEYS”. Last year his cousin Sarah was sent to a boarding school that served as a conversion therapy facility and he started a funding campaign to afford legal help to release her (she was 16 or 17). She was sent home and I don’t know where she is now, but I assume she’s ok and not with her parents, who were the ones to send her there.
          I think what happened at SDCC had more to do with them not taking fandom stuff seriously, and coming across as homophobic because of that, then to them actually being homophobic. At least Jeremy Jordan.

          • I’m aware of what happened with his cousin. That’s not what he put in his response though. I’m not calling him an outright homophobe. Ignorant of what he did wrong, maybe. The whole thing just read very badly in terms of an apology. It was just tone deaf and should have been run by a publicist before posting. He just didn’t get why people were genuinely hurt by it until his second post on the matter. But as I said, I think he is unjustly getting the brunt of the hate while the rest of the cast has left him out to dry even though their own behavior was equally mocking. Melissa Benoist was particularly bemused and entertained by the whole thing, even calling him “brave” for his mocking of the pairing. I can think of at least a hundred actions that are far more brave than mocking the young fans of a same-sex ship in the press but tact is in limited supply in this day and age apparently.

        • I’m glad he didn’t mention his cousin in his apology because doing so would be extremely inappropriate. I do hope he learns from this experience. I hope they all do, and I agree with you. Mocking your fanbase, and worse, making them feel like what they feel is invalid or inferior, especially when we’re talking about (mostly) young LGBT fans, is an ugly thing to do. I’m glad Katie McGrath was more respectful, I like her a lot.

  3. Why weren’t the strippers hitting on Nicole? We all know that they would be all over her.

  4. After the Supergirl cast circus interviews at ComicCon Wynonna Earp deserves all our respect and support!

      • Of course they are bringing the straight character back…I am just so disappointed and angry at their behaviour. Even more on the fact that none of the journalists/producers there pulled them on it. Not just about the song but about their whole choice of ignoring the lesbian couple in the show during all interviews… It was mentioned only a couple times! Melissa saying that Jeremy was brave! really…
        The apology blamed fans for not taking a joke and over reacting… just maddening.

        They should learn from Wynonna Earp, Orphan Black and Saving Hope (had a nice ending for the couple)

  5. Are we just gonna gloss over the fact that Doc and Dolls have had a serious off screen conversation about code names for all potential Wynonna/Baby scenarios. I for one would love to see the list they’ve come up with.

  6. Bass Reeves is a total kickass, and very real, historical character. He also plays a major role in my favorite lesbian-protagonist steampunk Western YA novel, Elizabeth Bear’s Karen Memory.

  7. This show is so good and this episode was so good, I don’t understand how it’s possible, I’m so happy it is a thing, and it’ll be a thing for another season. This episode warmed and broke my heart.

    Also, Nicole was specially dashing.

  8. Thankfully this pregnancy story has given us 1 clear answer into the timeline. In episode 9 when Wynonna whooped it up after killing the 7 and walked into BBD like a boss (the morning after this Rev one night stand) she said it was 28 weeks ago. Also in episode 9 WayHaught got together so we now know they have been together for 7 months. And rumors from SDCC was that the ring Nicole has been wearing this season was a gift from Waverly (a 6 monthiversary present perhaps) and in this episode Nicole was wearing a moose necklace that Waverly wore in episode 1.

    “Nicole also at the same time found a gun she keeps in her sock (something I don’t actually understand the logistics of” Nicole probably has an ankle holster which I know most off duty cops use to carry a gun but in her drunken state she just said sock because it can be tucked into your sock.

    Something has been bugging me though, why does Nicole drive the police cruiser even off duty? I doubt they have the resources to allow every deputy to have a car 24/7. Is it because they are a small department and can be called in at any time or is it because she’s “new” in town and never bought a personal car and needs a way to get around town?

    The Doc, Dolls, and Jeremy thing was a little out of place but it brought back a lot of Docs history which I am sure we will need to know now that the Stone Witch is dead and she was bound to Docs immortality.
    And of course I loved Wynonna and Haught at the bar and then Waverly showing up.

    What I didn’t like was this whole potential of a Rev baby. I worry that this show will cram too much and then not be able to explain it without getting lazy (like PLL). You had the Goo then you have the Widows (who were basically forgotten about in this episode after 5 mintues) and Tucker, just let the baby story play out with no demon influence.
    It also annoyed me that they went through ALL that with the Rev and in the end they didn’t care to get his DNA to do a test to see if he was the father. I hate it when shows do that. This build up and no payoff. And the guy was a jerk and I wanted to punch him for the vile things he was saying to Wynonna.
    The only good thing about it was the revelation that a Rev and Earp had a baby before leading to possibly being Waverly. Now that could open up a whole new set of questions; was it Ward with a Lady Rev, Did Ward have a sister who had sex with a Rev and the sister gave the baby to Ward to be protected by the heir but then again we know from Waverly that Ward was shitty to her? But if it is Waverly who is half Earp half Rev then that means she is an Earp somehow someway.

    As for the baby, what would it mean if they half Rev? A Revenent is an outlaw from Wyatt Earp’s days that he killed that have come back as demons but they were humans at one point. If Doc’s immortality/curse wouldn’t transfer to the baby then why would a Revenents Revenentness transfer?
    My whole thinking is if Emily and Co. want this pregnancy and baby to not be what defines Wynonna then they should just make it be Docs and call it a day, she’s got bigger badder demons to fight.

  9. I just want to give a personal shout out to Emily + crew for making a good amount of the show’s villains (Bobo, Tucker, Jonas) terrible examples of men/human beings in general. Demons suck, but misogyny is the real enemy.

  10. Anus, I mean Jonas: “How long has it been?”
    Wynonna: “28 weeks?” LOLOLOL

    Love Mel Scrofano’s beautiful face + her Wynonna-isms!!

    Also, Jeremy is saaah cute around Doc & Dolls.

    This was a really fun + nice episode, and the recap is too, as always :)

  11. I was just describing my feelings about this episode to a friend and it involved so many emojis I don’t even think I’m able to duplicate it here. What a rollercoaster! Except I loved it, though I hate actual rollercoasters! Is this what people who love rollercoasters feel like? I might get the appeal.

    Back to the point: I loved all the silly fun times with the boys (and how even that had a real emotional heft to it), loooooooooved drunk!Nicole and Wynonna, and cried a lot both at the Wynonna/Doc conversation and the Wynonna and Waverly conversation at the end. This show should be sponsored by mineral water to even out all the dehydration from TEARS.

  12. My feelings got the best of me and I forgot to say part of what I wanted to say:

    I’m just not 100% on board with how the pregnancy storyline is coming together with the mystical/mystery/demon storyline. I am SO HERE for all the emotional beats of that story, they have been wonderful and complex and I couldn’t be prouder of the show in that regard, but the revenant baby thing (especially with the whole “we’re starting a new race! revenants can’t usually have babies, this is a MAGICAL BABY” spiel) makes me a little wary. Can’t the baby just be Doc’s and then we can get on with it? Or it could be someone else’s, that’s cool too, just, like, a random human someone else? I really hope they get the blood test and it really is Doc’s and this possible revenant baby plot was just to hint at Waverly’s non-biological-Earpiness.

    • Did you read my comment above, I totally agree but I tend to get wordy and you summed it up perfectly. There is so much other demon stuff going on why can’t the baby that usually turns people lives upside down be the calm in the demon shitstorm.

      • I read it after I had already posted my comment (that should probably teach me to read what other people have to say instead of just sharing all my feelings at once! hahahaha), but yeah, I agree with you wholeheartedly! So much demon stuff already, let the baby be a human-feelings-thing, not a demon-thing!

  13. “You don’t get to be Wynonna Earp by facing your problems head on.”

    I can relate to this on many levels.

  14. I glanced at a post on tumblr with a theory that Nicole is actually the half revenant and they’re setting up Waverly being part rev as a red herring. Which I thought was a cool theory but a real stretch. But now it’s been haunting my thoughts. I’m not 100% on board with the thought that Waverly is part revenant. I think Waverly is just a normal case of infidelity or adoption, maybe Willa’s, idk.

    So, when I went back to watch the scene to check out exactly what Jonas said about the rev baby, the camera looked at Waverly, panned over to Nicole, focus, then pan back out. Now, I thought that was a weird shot to include, since you could see her (kinda) in the wide shot in the establishing shot, and she’s not at all significant to the scene between the sisters and Jonas.

    So with my tin foil hat on, I’m trying to remember every scene we’ve seen with Haught in it and every piece of dialogue with her included. Like, the remark Wynonna made when Nicole got shot about how she couldn’t deal in Nicole was a rev. How Gooverly said not good enough when she probably tried to transfer to Nicole. Trying to remember if Wynonna has ever pointed Peacemaker at Nicole or if Nicole’s ever touched it. (I think if this is on the right track, it’d be set up with Nicole having gotten a second set of all the forms she got for Waverly so they could fill them out together and send them together as a sign of solidarity with Wavs) Like I said I’m full tin hat now, and I love this show for being so ripe with crazy possibilities. Nicole’s probably not half rev, but wouldn’t that be interesting.

    • That would also explain why she seemed so alarmed by the fact that Wynonna would just “execute” Jonas…DAMMIT NOW YOU HAVE ME DOING IT. GET OUTTA HERE. (Just kidding never leave.)

    • Yeah but Nicole’s been on the homestead, so if supposedly it means anything to be half Revenent (by which I mean the Revenent traits will be “alive” in her) then she wouldn’t be able visit the homestead.

    • I love this theory. But it would have to mean that Nedley knows, right? And it’s part of why he recruited her for Purgatory specifically?

  15. I’ve been reading the commentary here for a bit, because, well…pretty much no one else online is talking about this show :(. I’m not this site’s target audience, really, in gender or sexuality, but hopefully y’all won’t mind a fellow geek popping by.

    I registered, though, to post that it’s y’all…Valerie and the non Valerie’s reading this…that deserve applause for the show getting renewed!
    The HUGE audience it’s found in queer geek communities is what gets the show it’s buzz and keeps it from the cancellation pile, so on behalf of the non queer fandom, Thank you all!

    (I started watching the show because I was a fan of the original comic and Beau Smith, the creator. I stayed because the show quickly found it’s footing with great characters, wonderful actors, and a great blend of ridiculously awesome and awesomely ridiculous!)

    • All geeks welcome, as long as you’re respectful and love the show, which so far you’re 2 for 2. Glad you found a place to discuss, and discuss we do! :D

      One great thing I’ve found about the general Earper community is that the queer subfandom never feels like a subfandom. We feel integrated into the general fandom, which is a rare feeling. So our efforts are all aligned and I think we’re all stronger together. :)

      Thank YOU for YOUR support and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store.

      • One of the things I find fascinating with the show is that Beau Smith is the self described Manliest Man in Comics. His male characters are type A “man’s man” heroes.(at least at the time when I read him..don’t know current) in the best way of that, brave, take no bs, but actually true heroic. His women were the same. As I recall the original Wynonna Earp comics, she was just flat out the most bad ass, kick ass marshall in all of Black Badge. And also super beautiful and buxom and blonde, because it’s 1990’s comics, and that’s how it was….I don’t recall anything about her gender being issue, except for maybe the badguys (werewolves iirc) being “oh what’s a girl going to do?” before she kicked their asses up and down.

        I’m vaguely familiar with Emily Andras, in that I’ve read over her wiki page and I’ve seen a few episodes of her previous shows (Lost Girl is on my eventually to binge list). I don’t know if you’d classify her as a “feminist writer” or if that’s too limited or misused a term….

        In some ways, she’s…regressed (not really the right word) the Wynonna character…she’s not the be all/end all, can do everything herself, has her life together, character of the original comic. Her Wynonna is unsure of just about everything, very much needs the other people around her, is rather broken….and in that..weakening, has made her so much more compelling. (which would mean nothing if they hadn’t gotten a great actress to pull it off).

        Smith’s original character wouldn’t make a good TV show…a Syfy original movie? Sure..Sexy bad ass cowgirl shooting up werewolves? That’s an easy 90 minute popcorn muncher on a Saturday night. But an ongoing series? nope.

        It’s this blending of creative energies from two (I assume*) very different writers which resulted in this show. There’s something that’s just ..neat..about that.

        (*I’ve never sought out to learn about Beau Smith’s politics. As opposed to some in the comics world, he’s kept his views quiet and personal, and I’m fine leaving it at that.)

        • Not familiar with the comics background, but that’s interesting!

          Definitely, though, Wynonna’s vulnerability, under her asskicking, badass sarcarsm, and big magic gun, is what makes her compelling.

  16. Ok, but why is Waverly so convinced she’s not even biologically Wynonna’s half-sister? She may not be an Earp by blood, but neither was Wynonna’s mom! And you’d think Wynonna would have noticed if her parents came home with a baby without her mom ever being pregnant.

    Also, speaking of Gus, where the heck is she?

    • Willa’s diary made it sound like Waverly was taken in and not her mothers, which I think is why Waverly thinks that. And she doesn’t think she’s her father’s because Bobo said he’s not an Earp. I think she’s working on a lot of assumptions right now and is just overwhelmed and probably just blurted out her own personal worst case scenario.

      That said, I was 4 when my brother was born, and I remember going to the hospital to get him, but I don’t remember my mother being pregnant (and I have plenty of memories of preschool etc at the same time) and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of my mother pregnant with either me OR my brother. So I think it’s plausible that it wouldn’t be a thing Wynonna remembered specifically, especially if she wasn’t bothering to try remembering, you know?

      WHERE. IS. GUS. I miss her.

      • Yeah, I suppose, my birth mother wore big sweaters when she was pregnant with me and her two sons (5 and 6 years old then) had no idea she had a baby. But when I heard Willa’s diary excerpt, when it said she wasn’t an Earp, I just took that to mean her mother had an affair. Some people are guessing Bobo’s the dad. I guess we’ll see. The sneak peek for the next episode kind of answered my question about Wynonna, at least.

    • I was wondering about Gus…and Wynonna’s necklace…it was pretty important in season 1, and has kind of vanished.

  17. Did anyone else notice Doc’s cough?
    With Clootie out of the picture, I’m wondering if his TB (Is it TB?) will be coming back. I sure hope there’s some blood work in the near future so they can get that guy some antibiotics, stat.

    • Yes! Glad someone else brought it up.

      I look forward to the hilarity/tears that would be Doc Holliday in a modern medical setting. Like, tears for sure, because YOU BETTER BE OKAY DOC and DON’T GO WORRYING THE EARP SISTERS LIKE THAT. But, also, how funny, would it be to have a doctor ask Doc some basic questions? When where you born? Uhhh….

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