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Hello Heartthrobs!

AfterEllen is shutting down. It’s pretty sad. I wonder what Ellen thinks about all this.

But on a happier note there are at least 22 lesbian or bisexual heiresses to learn and know about.

Part two of women’s magazine covers reimagined for queer women is hot off the presses.

If you own a television set, you’ll probs be interested in the Gay Girl’s Guide to Fall TV.

Some super gay ladies won Emmy awards.

Also Native American fashion! And Comments!

On Pop Culture Fix: I Definitely Spotted a Lesbian In The JonBenet Ramsey Documentary, So:

The You Are Not Alone Award to Blackmar:


On AfterEllen Is Shutting Down:

The Welcome Wagon Award to Carmen SanDiego:


The Our Hero Award to Carmen SanDiego:


The R.I.P. Award to Carmen SanDiego, Allison and amidola:


The Power Ball Award to Chandra:


The.Best.Lesbian.Idea.Ever Award to Carmen SanDiego & queer girl:


The Truth Award to Carmen SanDiego:


The The Root of All Gay Award to Carmen SanDiego:


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