AfterEllen Is Shutting Down

When I was hiding out under my covers watching lesbian movies in pieces on YouTube, I was reading two things: Riese’s personal blog and In June of 2008, not very long after I came out, AfterEllen founder and Editor in Chief Sarah Warn plucked me from the comments of a Hot 100 post and offered to let me write a few blog posts a week for AfterEllen, a gig that eventually came with a senior editor title. I met my future wife because of the Skins recaps I wrote on AfterEllen. I met so many of my dearest and best friends because of the Pretty Little Liars recaps I started on AfterEllen. My hero, Scribegrrrl, became my mentor and then a deeply beloved friend because of AfterEllen. As did my hero Dorothy Snarker, the very first real writer to tell me I had what it took to become a real writer. Trish Bendix and Karman Kregloe and Sarah Warn and Malinda Lo allowed me to find my voice. The dust of AfterEllen is in my very bones, and today Trish Bendix announced that Friday will be the site’s last day.

There’s no point in pretending that AfterEllen and Autostraddle have not existed in a competitive tension for the last several years, especially as our visions for the queer community and editorial ethos began to diverge, but I will tell you truly that I am shocked and heartbroken to hear that the site is shutting its doors. Countless lesbian and bisexual women have discovered their sexuality because of AfterEllen, have come out because of AfterEllen, have found community through AfterEllen — and for a very, very long time, it was the only website that held pop culture accountable. Sarah Warn founded the website with the tagline “Visibility Matters,” and AfterEllen’s contribution to the visibility of queer women is frankly incalculable.

AfterEllen’s announcement comes during a year when the media landscape is changing more rapidly than it has in over a decade. Every week, it seems, news breaks of another site laying off dozens of beloved writers, as sites with big time capital — the Buzzfeeds and Vices of the world — suck up more of the market and more of the advertising money. And as Facebook continues to change the way websites find readers. And as fresh-from-college writers are forced to devalue their work for “exposure” and veteran writers are deemed disposable. The most vulnerable websites, of course, are those who cater to niche markets, particularly ones who cater to women, and super particularly ones who cater to queer women. AfterEllen, it would seem, has been swept up in this tidal wave of change.

AfterEllen meant so much to so many people. It has meant so much to me. It will always have a hold on my heart. I would not be who I am today without it.

When the news broke, our inboxes, comments and social media lit up with one question: What does this mean for Autostraddle? I’ll let Riese answer that question.

From Riese: 

The current online media landscape is not friendly to the type of media we create. Since 2011, the percentage of our revenue generated from advertising income has been in decline, and since 2013, the actual amount of advertising-generated income has been in decline. In order to stay afloat, we bust our asses to run events, put on massively complicated camps, print merch, provide bonus insider-y content for A+ members — and the shuttering of AfterEllen is part of that same story. I never thought we would outlive AfterEllen. Never. They’re AFTERELLEN. They were the first lesbian website I ever read, they have an archive of writing about lesbian pop culture that was unrivaled for so long. Plus, they had Viacom! They got bought by Totally Her! They had that corporate money! But corporate money isn’t the answer, is it? Even with that money, they couldn’t turn a profit. I suspect the same would be true for us — actually, I know it would be, because Totally Her tried selling ads for our site too, and that didn’t work either.

There is only one way for sites like ours to survive and it is with your support. If you can’t join A+ or buy merch or donate, share our content on Facebook or other social media, or do your online shopping at Amazon or Wildfang or Babeland or wherever through our links. Tell your friends about us. Leave comments that bring joy to the hearts of our under-paid writers. I’m proud that we still exist, but we’re often on the brink of not existing anymore, and this job has never been easy. It’s always a struggle. But we love this work, we love you, and we are more determined than ever to do everything we can not to leave you. Also because I have abandonment issues.

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Heather Hogan

Heather Hogan is an Autostraddle senior editor who lives in New York City with her wife, Stacy, and their cackle of rescued pets. She's a member of the Television Critics Association, the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association, and a Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer critic. You can also find her on Twitter, and Instagram.

Heather has written 1445 articles for us.


  1. This news shocked me, but it didn’t really surprise me in light of all the other stuff that’s being going down in the media world.

    Riese, I’m so glad that you and the staff are so attuned to this business and have implemented the A+ membership so long ago. I read all your “Business of Art Fix” pieces and the landscape of digital media is really scary. I’m so grateful y’all persevere and continue to create such substantial content in spite of constraints.

    For anyone that’s interested in more of the future of digital media please read:

    Thank you to all the commenters who have recently signed up. We really are all we have in terms of financial support.

  2. Oh wow, this comes both as a shock and at the same time not at all, what with the media landscape being what it is. (Damn you, facebook and Google!)
    I can’t remember exactly when I started reading AE (probably because of Glee-recaps in high school), but I do remember that it was because of Heather Hogan’s relocation to Autostraddle that I discovered this site. And after several years as a lurker these news finally made me sign up for a silver A+ membership (my student loan can handle that, I’ll just have to buy less sushi). I also bought another T-shirt (lazy femme, already have the scissoring sweatshirt & tank top and the gal pal crop top). I’m just, Autostraddle, take all my money, just never close down aaaaaaaaah

  3. You are qualified to clean offices at night Trish Bendix. You are no journalist you are a press release writer at best. And a liar. Let’s not forgot that either. I couldn’t be happier that your dream was crushed. You could not keep it afloat. Sarah warn made a mistake with you. Anyway good luck on your path. I am sure you probably can still get a free tix to the Dinah.

      • I think that’s coming directly from L Chat. Last night that place was a big nauseating pile of crap with a bunch of biphobic and transphobic shit.

        There was also a bit of comments about AS being on the brink of shutting down. I started to panic thinking that L Chat could be our only option and I had to run screaming out of that place. That was horrific.

          • It’s anonymous and poorly moderated forum so of course many really awful people write there (including, as I’m sure of it, quite a lot of angry alt-right dudes from 4chan and similar places). But if you manage to ignore the assholes there’s quite a lot of info you couldn’t get from anywhere else.
            For example AFAIK no lesbian website mentioned anything about how the new movie La Danseuse turned historical lesbian figure Loie Fuller into heterosexual and her female lover into completely made-up man, and how Soko who plays the main role defended it by saying that “the idea was not to make yet another lesbian movie”.

          • But there’s a lot of assholes, Amelia (I’m totally whining).

            I’m gonna take your word for it because, honestly, I don’t have the patience, or the stomach, to deal with that.

  4. I missed out on the AE website, community, forums, vlogs, etc., but reading this post & all of the comments shows that I missed out on something incredibly big. I’m sorry to see it go, especially seeing what it meant to so many of you. Much love.

    Off to buy more AS merch! <3

    • This is the publically listed number for Evolve Media’s LA offices if any of our dear readers would like to offer Emrah some feedback.
      (310) 449-1890
      They have offices worldwide in New York, Chicago, etc and I’m sure those offices are interested in reader feeback as well.
      New York:
      44 (0) 203 058 1745

  5. I didn’t read After Ellen but my main internet “home” just went through some major (and kinda shitty) changes recently so I feel a little lost. I lurk here but want to make AS more of an online home for me and this has been a good reminder to finally get an A+ membership! Thanks for all that you do.

  6. Hmm, some interesting thoughts in this post. Afterellen transplant right here, and i’m signing up for a username to Autostraddle as we speak (Because where else would i go?) but i’ve never really spent any time on this website (Although i’ve been on afterellen for about 13 years…). I’m interested in this:

    “There’s no point in pretending that AfterEllen and Autostraddle have not existed in a competitive tension for the last several years, especially as our visions for the queer community and editorial ethos began to diverge”

    Like i said i’ve never really had much awareness of Autostraddle, can someone give me the cliffsnotes version of this tension? Honestly, other than the odd mention of an article over here, i’ve never even heard anything about AS from AE.

    • Autostraddle staff have generally avoided any direct mentioning of said tensions, they’ve pretty much tried to keep things positive when talking about other gaylady websites. Just saying that up front so you don’t feel like you’ve had to leave AE to come over to a big AE-bashing party or something.

      One major point of divergence in terms of editorial decisions, which you’ll notice, is Autostraddle decided a while back to focus on quality over quantity in covering LGBT representation. For a show to get a full recap on here, the queer characters have to be more than subtext or sidekicks who get an occasional/terrible story arc. The staff decided not to bust their asses trying to cover everything and just focus on the best stuff.

      I think it was a bit of an annoyance that Autostraddle would occasionally link to an AE article, but nearly never the other way around. Autostraddle stole National Treasure Heather Hogan from AfterEllen…

      I’ve read this site religiously for the past few years and can’t really think of much more to add. Maybe in 30 years we’ll get a dramatic behind the scenes history of LGBT internet that will give us juicier details, but until then I hope you enjoy it here!

    • AS has a dedication to intersectionality and prioritizing marginalized voices that (from what I understand) did not seem to be a focus at AE. For example, a post was recently published here that was later taken down after feedback from the AS community, and then a day or so later AE published the very same post. Also I believe there is a difference in the way the comments section is moderated here, but I don’t know AE well enough to be sure.

    • As someone who has written for both AS and AE, I can tell you that the writers of both sites have always had admiration and respect for one another…the editorial voice and content direction/priorities were different, as they always are when you compare an independently run site to a corporate owned one.

      If you’re an AE reader who is new to AS, welcome. These are good people and a kickass community. Please give them money and keep them alive. I know I will be.

      • These things that Chelsea says are very true!

        Honestly Briony we are two sites that appeal to a similar demographic so there will always be attention paid to our similarities and differences and success levels. I’ve talked to gay male media moguls who are so confused by my lack of interest in competition or “beating the competition” — in any other type of media, of course your goal is to be the best or the most popular or richest and to beat everybody else. But idk, queer women aren’t really like that. But of course we’ve been compared to each other a whole lot, and there has been drama and uncool shit has gone down, but I think that’s kinda inevitable, and I don’t intend to talk about it.

        We made very conscious decisions along the way to not overlap with AE and to do things differently in a way that made the sites complement each other rather than compete with each other.

        FWIW, a huge chunk of AE writers & editors are A+ members.

    • I always felt that the main difference between AE & AS is that AE is (was) an entertainment/pop culture-focused site, whereas AS’s scope is much more broad. You will still find TV recaps & other entertainment news here but there is content on many other topics as well, all geared towards queer women.

      I first became a regular AS reader for riese’s Glee recaps, then slowly branched out into reading articles on various other topics. I’ve learned a lot here and feel like I’m a better person because of this site. So welcome! I hope you enjoy it here as well. :)

      • I too feel like I’m a much better person because of this site <3.
        Thank you AS for educating us, teaching us and entertaining us. I wanna be the best Hufflepuff I can be (badger pride!) and I'll keep giving some of my money to you as long as I can afford it <3.

  7. I almost feel like you’ll have to add this death to the list of lesbian deaths in 2016 article. I came to AfterEllen for the Rizzles and stayed for the gay. It wasn’t perfect, but there were so many genuine gems and interactions. I visited it almost every day, and I’ll miss it. Thank the universe you’re still here, Autostraddle. Keep swimming!

  8. I just saw this posted on AfterEllen:

    Yeah, nice try. I noticed a few things:

    1. He did not say he was going to hire a new editor-in-chief

    2. “We will continue to work with our freelancers and contributors” is code for “We may update once in a blue moon, but probably not.”

    3. Did anyone get the license plate of the bus they just ran over Trish Bendrix with?

  9. Wow, wow. I remember reading AE all the way back in middle school. I probably wandered in because of some Tegan and Sara interview and I stayed because I felt like I was in a cool secret club where Real! Live! Adult! Lesbians! existed and talked and had friends and lives and it was genuinely unlike anything I’d ever seen or heard of. I didn’t meet a gay adult until I was a gay adult, and just seeing queer women be alive and happy and real changed my little world. I even watched The L Word even though it seemed like a weird show for old people just so I could know what they were talking about when they used the characters’ names as adjectives.
    I may not have visited AE in years, but I still follow Liz Feldman’s career. Man, now I’m getting nostalgic; maybe I should get involved with volunteering with queer youth or something.

  10. I’m wondering how business-savvy those people from Evolve Media really are, because the 2 year game-plan looks like the worst idea ever or the best idea a 3 year old boy could have. But not a great business idea.

    Ok, here is my thought process: every single day you can find a bunch of news about how many online media’s are struggling, even big mainstream sites like Buzzfeed. So, everybody can imagine how that would work for small places, especially those with a niche-market, a very limited market like the LGBTQ community. We’re evolving as a society but not as much as we like to think, just taking a look at the posts from Rachel, Yvonne, Laneia and you can always find some negative shit going around for our community, particularly involving the GoP.

    Well, the Evolve’s genius wanted to make AE profitable in just 2 years. That’s a ridiculous, crazy idea. How are gonna do that? AE, how are you going to take followers from, I don’t know, Variety, Deadline or TVline, places that shared, more or less, your preferences for showbiz? I really wish that all this could work in any other way, but if you have a niche-audience you can’t go mainstream without losing the followers you have; yes, you can broaden your niche, bringing new generations, but that’s it. Yes, I know this sound as depressing as hell; I’m sure that in the future nobody will give a shit about watching a show with an LGBTQ character, but unfortunately that time is yet to come.

    Well, AE did tried to make money; you got bombarded by ads, you could find a big amount of queer baiting trying to entice the big networks and big movie studios, and such. The end result? Your big accomplishment? You alienated your audience. We have an old saying in my country for these situations: “quedarse sin el pan y sin la torta”. And EA fits that like a glove. And what Evolve did when that bright idea obviously didn’t worked? Just pulled the plug without giving a shit about their writers, their workers and of course their public.

    I want to end this on a positive note and I think there’s no better way to make this than saying THANK YOU TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO DONATED MONEY TO AS, WHO JOINED A+, WHO BOUGHT SOME MERCH.

    I want you all to know that you’re keeping AS alive not just for you but for everybody else who can’t spare some money now and needs a place like AS in these fucked up times.

  11. Every morning I get to work.. Fill up my water bottle.. and open Autostraddle. This has been my ritual for over a year now. The very first time I stumbled across Autostraddle was when I was scouring the internet for content related to the (what seemed at the moment) to be my existential-mid-twenties-sexuality-crisis. I found the article “You Need Help: Coming Out In Your Mid/Late 20s” in Laura’s You Need Help! column and I’ve never looked back. Autostraddle is my turn to for all the new problems my straight friends can’t help with. Although I haven’t commented or engaged prior to today, I consider this website a vital life line that allows me to explore my new identity, question 25 years of hetero-conditioning and inform myself. Thank you to all the writers and artists, to everyone who has been willing to put themselves out there for us to learn from. Today I have made my first (but certainly not my last) donation to Autostraddle in the hopes that this brilliant community will never cease to exist.

  12. After reading this (and finally getting a much needed raise at work) I was also inspired to get my A+ membership!

    I don’t ever want to read the words “Autostraddle is shutting down” and I will continue to do what I can to make sure I don’t have to.

    Thank you for continuing to be a breath of fresh queer air in the world.

    • So many new yellow bordered profile pics, hurray! Welcome fellow new A-Lister!

      And welcome to any AE readers coming this way and staying for awhile, and other new A-listers and love for anyone who can’t afford the A+ membership but supports the site however they can.

      Basically welcome/hello/love to everyone.

  13. I have been a writer for AfterEllen for almost four years, and when Heather moved from AE to Autostraddle, I had to check out this new site I didn’t know much about, sort of like how you scope out the new person your friend is dating to make sure they’re going to treat them right. And sure enough this place was wonderful and welcoming to her, and I was happy for her success. And then also addicted to yet another website. (In fact, part of the money I made writing for AE went right into my A+ membership. It was a big rainbow circle and I loved it.) Sometimes a piece on Autostraddle would move me so much I had to comment, always acutely aware I was an AfterEllen writer commenting on an Autostraddle site, afraid of potential backlash since, as it has been mentioned, there are some things on which the two sites, as entities, did not align. But I found nothing but kindness and laughter here, and I found nothing but joy and acceptance at ACamp earlier this year, and now in the wake of this news that has turned my whole world upside down, I have found nothing but support and open arms. I’m very excited to be joining the Autostraddle community in a slightly more official manner, and I look forward to getting to know you all.

  14. I posted this upthread but figured I’d put it down here too so everyone can see it:

    If you guys want to post things at AE, or even have an AE account any more (I do not) there is a LOT of fun to be had over there right now telling the new straight white cis dude overlords exactly where they can shove their “advertising support”

    The best part is Ali and Elaine and Erin and a bunch of other regular AfterEllen writers basically saying they will never write freelance for this company ever again.

    Check out the comment thread, it’s quite cathartic, actually.

  15. Just signed up to support our community… Hope to upgrade in the near future.

    Afterellen now. It’s been a wild ride for more than 10 years for me. It helped me slowly come to terms with myself. Acknowledging being gay and opening up to the world wide web of wlw. The BLWE columns, the vlogs, the writers from the heydays (Sarah, Scribegrrrl, Dara, Karman…) and those that followed in big steps and filled them out wonderfully (Heather, Dorothy…). South of Nowhere, Bad Girls, TLW, Lost Girl, Skins – good times.

    I didn’t like the direction AE took after it was sold off to corporates – who does. But was an avid reader of the Morning Brew (and I recall a short-lived companion piece named Afternoon Delight) up to date. I was already appalled by the way that Afterelton/The Backlot was deconstructed on NNN earlier this year. But what happened to AE is even more upsetting, because it came without a warning, T.H. selling us crap over keeping the site alive (without a dedicated editor). And worst because it takes away one of two (!) websites I regularly follow for LGBT (entertainment) news. I can’t imagine yet what it’s like without AE.

    I’m glad that AS (still) exists, and hope it keeps going for much much longer. You have my support.

    P.S. And yes, pls bring over as many AE writers as you can.


    It seems that Trish Bendix has been denied her severance. So I can disagree with somebody but stabbing people in the back is not my style.

    There’s a foundraiser created by the AfterEllen Staff, with a pretty good message:


      • I gave up, I can’t understand labor law’s in the US. No maternity leave, no paid vacations, no paid sick leave, except if you can find a very generous company? That’s just crazy.

        No idea how Americans will react if I mentioned the 13th salary we get in my country, half on June and the other half on December (if you’re curious Michael’s Moore’s Where to Invade Next, the segment about Italy, can give you a clue).

        • Trust me, the vast majority of USAian Autostraddlers are keenly aware of how fucked up the system here is. We get it. (And I need to say that even though we know it’s fucked up, it’s also NOT SO EASY to change it or to leave the country if we decide it can’t be changed, but I imagine many Autostraddlers here in the USA are also doing their best to improve worker’s rights.)

          • That was not a message to tell people to run out of the country, and I have some experience with fucked-up countries, mine implodes like every 5/10 years on repeat, but I will never leave it.

            The thing is that I’m always flabbergasted as to how US workers don’t have some rights that are considered the most basic on almost every developed country.

          • I didn’t read your comment that way (saying that we should run out of the country), but I do get frustrated with this sense that we’re somehow not also flabbergasted along with you. Like I said, I’m sure the majority of Autostraddlers based in the states are keenly aware of the labor issues in this country but it’s not like there aren’t a lot of people fighting to make it better. It’s a huge country with incredibly varied laws state to state / city to city.

            Sorry to get defensive, I was rubbed the wrong way by my interpretation of your original comment. It’s like how people can criticize their own family and now it is massively dysfunctional but when other people do it’s not easy to process because It’s Complicated.

          • I totally understand about being defensive about this issue and I’ve even use the same family analogy whenever somebody criticizes my country.

            Nobody (well, yeah, except employers) is happy or unaware of what’s going on. I’m also painfully aware that the fight seems too steep against workers but of course that doesn’t mean it will stop, and I know that every Autostraddlers feels the same way.

        • Ohhh, we get it. My friends who are new mothers have tried to return to jobs that were not saved for them – many are stay-at-home moms through no choice of their own. (What? That’s illegal? Yes, but it’s easy for employers to spin it in a legal way.) My friends with families have paid thousands of dollars a month just for health insurance. My friends with chronic illnesses have struggled to get even the most basic health care for their conditions while on disability. At my workplace, we have employees who work solely for the health insurance, basically. I’m actually scared to have children here – I shudder to think of what would happen if I had a child with additional health or development needs, on top of the challenges with employment. And even daycare here is often extraordinarily expensive.

          Well, that was a tangent, and now I’m depressed. Lol

          USA! USA!

          • Oh and I’m writing from the standpoint of a middle-class white girl. I recognize it’s even a privilege to be able to work for health insurance etc.

  17. I am still in the process of coming out. Autostraddle has been everything to me. I didn’t read AE much, but it scares me to think something similar could happen here. It got me to finally join, and become an A+ member while I’m at it. Representation is so important and we need safe spaces like this.

    • I wish you smooth sailing on your coming out quest!
      You know, that’s what I thought when I read all of these comments above and thought about my own history with queer webspaces:
      They’re not just my space, comfortable and cuddly.
      They’re also safe spaces for people coming out or not having a community elsewheres.
      So, actually, I’m not just paying for keeping one of my favorite websites up, instead I’m protecting a place where others who couldn’t dream of paying for it can go whenever they please or need to.
      And that’s what community does:
      It stands up for each other.

  18. I’ll echo was most everyone is saying on here – this is legitimately sad. I have never read AfterEllen, but I can appreciate what a role it must have played in so many womens’ lives because it’s the same thing that Autostraddle did for me when I was realizing I was a lesbian, when I was coming out to people, and right up to now when I need something good to read. I owe a lot to AS, and from what I’m reading, a lot of people are saying the same for AfterEllen.

  19. This is the publically listed number for Evolve Media’s LA offices if any of our dear readers would like to offer Emrah some feedback.
    (310) 449-1890
    They have offices worldwide in New York, Chicago, etc and I’m sure those offices are interested in reader feeback as well.
    New York:
    44 (0) 203 058 1745

    • It looks like a corporate CYA move, and besides that they told Trish Bendix that she couldn’t post about it on After Ellen, then fired her immediately and stole her severance pay for her posting about it elsewhere.

      For all intents and purposes, I think After Ellen is gone.

    • It actually is. They won’t have a dedicated Editor to run it, and NONE of the freelance writers have been contacted to keep writing, nor were they even told about the change. Read the comments on that- most of the writers have weighed in. Basically what the guy who owns it wants to do is keep the site “alive” by not taking it down and then making money on people clicking on the site for archived stuff- but he doesn’t want to pay the writers for it. So after Friday I will no longer be going on the site.

  20. Wow AE was my first queer website. I can’t even try to add up how many hours I was on there, reading recaps, watching original content (Vag Magazine!), commenting on topics, messaging people from around the world. It kept me going through my heavy depression years at college, and made me feel a little less alone in the world. Thank you, AE. You done good.

  21. This does not surprise me in the least. They’ve been going downhill since they were sold to Logo. Logo markets themselves as LGBTQ, but probably 95% or more of their product is geared toward men. I once wrote to them about their lack of lesbian programming & they actually referred me to The RuPaul show!

    Everything once lesbian that has been sold to male-centric companies or started including men has ended up with a majority male product. Same thing happened with Wolfe Videos & wasn’t that group of Hollywood power lesbians called Power Up? They started including men who apparently ended up sinking them too. The only decent lesbian movies anymore are either shorts or foreign, yet every d-rated men’s movie easily finds financing.

    Unfortunately it’s a mans world even in our community, they hold the financial power & don’t like to share. I for one am sick of it & for a long time now I refuse to support gay men’s issues or projects & will continue this until things change.

    One day someone is going to catch a clue that their is a huge audience for good quality lesbian entertainment here in the US & make a fortune. Unfortunately, they’re going to need a large investment up front to actualize it.

  22. Really too bad. I am (was) a long time commentor over at Afterellen. Yes, I was bluenote over there, as well. It is too bad that the corporate types ran it into the ground, under Sarah Warn it was a pretty well trafficed and vibrant site. What a needless loss.

    I am glad to hear that writers like Dorothy Snarker are going to find a home here. I guess some of the Afterellen forum users will move over here, as well.

  23. Perhaps you and a few other media sites could form some sort of union. Each with equal share of profits and equal access to writers and stories. From there you could use the union to simplify hr and editing. You could have a dedicated staff for advertising. This way you can share the loads and then prosper together and keep the media wolves at bay.

  24. I grieved this loss years ago. When Sarah Warn initially sold AE, I was genuinely looking forward to the next chapter. But when the changes finally came, so did the decline in quality. A site that one introduced us to so many promising f/f love stories, from every part of the world, began catering to teenagers. They lost their objectivity, as well as, the respect of their audience. The straw that finally broke the camel’s back was the lack of support they failed to give anything that wasn’t on MTV or Logo. A few years ago, there were so many wonderful web series that I hadn’t heard about. There were also lesbian couples airing on various networks that they never covered. They told readers it was because they didn’t have the staff to do so. But they sure found time to write subtext recaps for Rizzoli & Isles and Once Upon A Time or write a new article every 5 minutes about Glee or Faking It. I eventually closed my account and became an infrequent visitor. The only thing I’m truly saddened by is the number of people who will be without a job.

  25. This is sad because another go to place is gone for us, and there aren’t many as it is. I hope the writers there can find new ventures to pour their hearts and efforts into. I’m happy we have Autostraddle, especially as I’ve only really just found it right at the time of After Ellen being shutdown! Sad that we can’t have more sites catering to non straight females co-existing at the same time. Young females need them, older ones too.

  26. How much would AS need to stay afloat for the next 5 years?

    I suspect all lesbian website money problems could be solved if the few affluent dykes that are out there spent less on their houses and weddings and remembered that the survival of their own community matters more.

  27. The comments on AfterEllen, and the biphobia in particular, became so unbearable that it’s a large part of why I stopped reading. There seemed to be this core group of bitter gold star lesbians that liked to take a dump on everyone else the first chance they had.

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