A Gay Girl’s Guide to Fall 2016 TV: Featuring All The Queer Lady Characters Who Haven’t Died (Yet)

Here we are at the beginning of another TV season, all hope and wide-eyed wonder. Just kidding, after the year of politics we’ve had to endure and the record number of lesbian/bisexual TV deaths we’ve witnessed, we’re a grizzled group of gays and bisexuals and otherwise-identified queers heading into 2017. And yet! Despite it all! Despite having our hearts broken and our hopes smashed by the storytelling medium that most people apparently use “to escape from reality,” we show up again and again, daring to believe this time could be different. Because there’s nothing like seeing yourself reflected in a story. Stories sustain us. They help us figure out how to navigate life and love and those tricky situations like when our new girlfriend pulls off her face to reveal that she’s actually our ex-girlfriend who’d supposedly died at the hands of another crime lord. We need stories. We need them.

Here are where the gay girls are on TV this year. Sappho protect us.


One Mississippi (Amazon Prime, Season 1) — September 9


One Mississippi is a semi-autobiographical dark comedy about a lesbian who returns to Mississippi after the death of her mother. The lesbian, of course, is Tig Notaro. The series has rightly been hailed by critics as something very special, and I’ll admit that Tig Notaro shocked me right out of my shoes with her acting prowess. A full review of season one is coming your way as soon as I finish the last three episodes. For now let me say it’s one of the best lesbian comedies I’ve ever seen. Funny and sweet and sad and triumphantly true.

Transparent (Amazon Prime, Season 3) — September 23


Ali and Cherry Jones are still together at the beginning of Transparent‘s third season, so that’s something! And Sarah has finally accepted that she’s bisexual! Reports from The Toronto International Film Festival, where the first three episodes of the new season premiered last week, say that this season is more Maura-centric. In fact, her kids aren’t even around for the first episode, which ends with her in the hospital (don’t worry, it’s only dehydration!). One of the major story arcs this season will be Maura’s gender confirmation surgery, and the series will continue to explore the complicated relationships the Pfefferman’s have with each other and their significant others.

Red Oaks (Amazon Prime, Season 2) — November 11


Judy’s marriage is over in season two of Red Oakswhich means she gets to “figure out who she is after 22 years in a time machine.” Apparently part of that exploration involves smooching other women, which honestly isn’t that much different than season one. Judy totally made out with Karen (a thing that somehow flew right underneath my radar!) last year, and will go down that road again this year. “I get to have, like, hot girlfriends that I get to make out with. I’m just the girl who has everything. I made out like a bandit,” Gray said at TCA.


Masters of Sex (Showtime, Season 4) — September 11


Betty’s back for season four. She had more screentime in the first episode of this season than most of last season combined, and guess what else? She and Helen are going to have their baby! Last season we saw glimpses of them working on a way to conceive, and now Helen is nine months pregnant! (So is the actress who plays her.) Annaleigh Ashford promised that we’ll get to see them navigate motherhood and that Betty’s relationship with Dr. Masters will take a turn for the better this year.

The Walking Dead (AMC, Season 7) — October 23


Well, Denise sure is dead. Died last season like two hundred thousand other queer women on TV. There was some question after the finale about whether or not Tara also bit the dust, but on-set photos during season seven filming show Tara alive and well. Or, well, alive. And still human.


Gotham (Fox, Season 3) — September 19


I was on panel at FlameCon (New York’s gay comic con) earlier this summer and literally everyone on that stage with me agreed that Gotham is the worst queer representation in the history of superhero TV. Last season, after sending beloved lesbian Latina Renee Montoya off into the Parking Lot of No Return, Barbara Keen continued to explore her bisexuality, which included making out with another woman for ratings/the man in the room, making out with another woman to pass the time until she could get her man back, making out with a woman and then her brother, and acting like a general psychopath. You know, all the tropes. Tabitha and Barbara will both be back for season three. Also: “a young villainess ‘who uses her sexuality to entrap men.'”

Supergirl (The CW, Season 2) — October 10


We know for sure that Maggie Sawyer will be around for the new season of Supergirl, which feels promising. And we know someone else in the universe will be exploring their sexuality, which I am going to take to mean “Alex Danvers is bisexual” until someone tells me otherwise. Supergirl was one of the most fun, most female friendly shows on TV last season. The move to The CW has a lot of fans worried, particularly with very male-dominated casting news in the off-season, including a much-hyped story arc for The Man of Steel himself. I’m holding out hope that he’ll be around for three episodes and then fly his overexposed super butt right back to Metropolis.

Jane the Virgin (The CW, Season 3) — October 17


“Rose and Luisa will go to the most dysfunctional couples’ therapy ever,” Jane the Virgin‘s EP told TVLine. Yes, Rose. You’ll remember that in the season two finale, Susanna shot Michael on his wedding night and then pulled off a mask to reveal that she is not Susanna at all! She is Rose! Sin Rostro! Luisa’s true love! (I really liked Susanna; it’s too bad the actress jumped to a different show.) Jane the Virgin is consistently the best, most feminist show on TV, and this is absolutely Gina Rodriguez’s year to bring home an Emmy. Luisa’s great. Super great. But she’s only a small part of what makes Jane perfect.


NCIS: New Orleans (CBS, Season 3) — September 20


According to TVLine, new NCIS detective Tammy Gregorio is “a tough and acerbic FBI Special Agent who is sent from D.C. to investigate Pride’s team — triggered by the departure of Meredith Brody in the wake of that season-ending Homeland Security/Agent Russo hullabaloo.” She’s a “by-the-book bureaucrat” with a “mysterious past.” Apparently she’s going to come out later this fall.

Strut (Oxygen, Season 1) — September 20


This Whoopi Goldberg-produced reality show will follow the models of the first ever all-trans modeling agency as they navigate the fashion industry. The cast is comprised of all trans people, most of whom are trans women of color. NBC says the series will have both “integrity and heart.”

American Housewife (ABC, Season 1) — October 11


This sitcom was originally called “The Second Fattest Housewife in Westport.” Now it is not called that. It follows a housewife and mother named Katie Otto who is trying to figure out how to stand out in Westport, CT. Her neighbor and best friend is named Angela and she is gaaaaaay. Black Lesbian Best Friends do not have a very good track record of luck on broadcast TV. The most recent Black Lesbian Best Friend was Annelise from Grandfathered, which got canned after one season. Before that, it was Kay from Marry Me, which didn’t even last a full season. The moral of this story is: How about making a Black Leading Lesbian Character the headliner of a sitcom for a change?


Empire (Fox, Season 3) — September 21


Empire was a disaster last season. It erased Tiana’s bisexuality, killed two queer women after turning them into total assholes, and then had Freda try to murder Jamal. In her season finale recap, Carolyn Wysinger noted: “Freda makes the second black lesbian on TV this season that exits the show in handcuffs headed to prison. The first was Loretta Devine’s elder butch lesbian character C.C. on Being Mary Jane. Then of course you have Poussey on OITNB who is already in prison. Is that where we are destined to be? Invisible or in prison?” (Insult to that injury, of course, is the fact that Poussey was killed on OITNB three months after Carolyn wrote that.)

Ilene Chaiken says Freda will be back for season three: “She’s part of our story. It’s not over. Jamal understand she’s a victim, but he still has to deal with the fact that she shot him. It was a hugely traumatizing event that she perpetrated on him. But he believes in her and in the mission of ending the cycle. So he’s going to have to do something about it.”

Code Black (CBS, Season 2) — September 28


Code Black murdered Malaya Pineda’s ex-girlfriend with leukemia right after she gave birth (classic!), but Pineda is still working the most terrifying ER in America. CBS only picked up the hospital drama for a 17-episode second season, which is apparently going to be a “relaunch” intended to help the series reach a broader audience. In this case, “relaunch” probably means “more sex in the on-call room” and “less blood,” which is fine by me!

Younger (TV Land, Season 3) — September 28


Younger is such a fun TV show; I sure do wish it would kill of its two male leads, eschew the straight love triangle, and focus on the women only! Especially I wish we could get some more time with Maggie and Lauren. Their relationship seemed so promising in the early episodes of season two. A May-December romance between cross-generational artists in Williamsburg? That’s literally the best thing anyone could ever say about Williamsburg! Maggie and Lauren are both back as series regulars in season three, so: fingers crossed.


Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, Season 13) — September 22


Callie Torres is gone but Arizona Robbins remains, and she’s apparently getting a new love interest, which will hopefully distract her from the fact that her ex-wife took their daughter a million miles away to live with another woman. Jessica Capshaw is on the bench for the first two episodes of season 13 on account of having a baby, but she’ll be back in early October. Shonda Rhimes says: “I’m very excited to introduce a love interest for her, and to get to tell a story with her that lets her be who she is, and to see who she is post the relationships that she’s had … You don’t want to just stick two people together. I want to do it organically and I want the audience to be rooting for it. So I think we’re going to have fun with it.” Also, encouragingly: “In our world, Callie still exists.”

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC, Season 3) — September 22


This is my favorite photo from How to Get Away With Murder last season because it makes the show look like a family drama and not a frenetic Slytherin fever dream where everyone’s killing everyone in the name of devotion to Annalise Keating. Eve will be back this season to make google eyes and smooches at Annalise and also Mary J. Blige is guest starring! There’s not a lot of information about who’s murdering who in season three, but apparently The Keating Five are thinking of splitting up to either murder or be murdered on their own. Whatever. As long as Annalise comes out on top. (Annalise always comes out on top!)

Rosewood (Fox, Season 2) — September 22


After a season of mostly hanging out in the shadows and occasionally enjoying a B-story about their impending nuptials, Rosewood‘s first season ended with TMI cheating on Pippy with a man and then breaking off their engagement. They’re back for season two, but not back together.

Legends of Tomorrow (The CW, Season 2) — October 13


Sara Lance returns for the second season of Legends of Tomorrow. She had that one-episode Sapphic dalliance with Betty McRae last year, which I hope she will repeat with another trip back to the ’50s this year, or else I hope she goes to the ’80s and makes out with Jo from The Facts of Life.

Tell me, my friends, what’s got you hyped for Fall 2016 TV?

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    I will now go read the article. Then probably come back down here to comment again.

    But seriously. I needed this.

  2. “…it makes the show look like a family drama and not a frenetic Slytherin fever dream” lololol

    This list makes things look rather bleak, I cannot tell a lie. But Sara Lance is going to tumble with the Queen of France so it’s not all bad.

    • God I would watch the everloving FUCK out of a show that was just Sara Lance time-traveling to hook up with ladies. It could be like Doctor Who, but gay(er?)!

  3. Sooooo after reading all that, the final count is:

    Grey’s Anatomy, HTGAWM, and Transparent, all of which i all ready watch;
    Catch up on 2.5 seasons of Masters of Sex;
    One Mississippi;

    Damn. That’s not a lot.

  4. I’m trying not to be SO worried about Supergirl. I loved the Danvers sisters repeatedly saving the world with their sidekicks last season. I’m cautiously trying to protect my heart, but it was female-centric in the first season. It was glorious!

    I also am excited for Arizona, because they did a lot of weird stuff with her character before finally settling her down with her Richard wing-man and winning custody of her daughter (though the end of that was weird). I’m all here for more of Dr. Robbins!

  5. 1. First things first, “Annalise always comes out on top!” made me choke I laughed so hard. A+ Snark and Innuendo, Heather. Can you give a comment award out to the article writer?

    2. Is “Boob(s on your)Tube” coming back this year? Or is Autostraddle getting out of the recapping game completely? I missed my little tv watching crew from this corner of the internet over the summer! I hope we are going to be able to come together in some form or another ;(

    • With or without BoyT, let’s find some space to talk about HTGAWM and Grey’s (and Arizona’s new girlfriend!? That’s exciting, even if I’m going to miss Callie so hard…)

    • Re: “Annalise always comes out on top!” My head canon is that she’s definitely a power bottom when it comes to Eve. I need more Annalise Eve fanfic in my life.

  6. 1. First things first, “Annalise always comes out on top!” made me choke I laughed so hard. A+ Snark and Innuendo, Heather. Can you give a comment award out to the article writer?

    2. Is “Boob(s on your)Tube” coming back this year? Or is Autostraddle getting out of the recapping game completely? I missed my little tv watching crew from this corner of the internet over the summer! I hope we are going to be able to come together in some form or another ;(

    3. Rutina Wesley’s character on “Queen Sugar” (OWN) is bisexual, I think. Well, I say “I think” because she’s shown making out on a bed with another woman of color in the show’s trailers, , but she has yet to actually make a move or say something to confirm said bisexuality in the show itself yet (we are only three episodes in, she’s currently in a relationship with a guy)-

    but TARA THORTON IS BACK ON OUR SCREENS! I just needed yall to know that. Her character, “Nova”, is a New Orleans-based journalist, writer, and activist dedicated to black lives matter and prison industrial complex causes. She’s also a community healer and practitioner of black indigenous cultural medicine/ spirituality (I want to say Voodoo, but the show has yet to name her spirituality specifically and I wouldn’t want to mislabel. They say that she “knows the ways of the spirits”.) It’s so beautiful.

    Plus Ava Duvernay (director of “Selma” and indie movie fame, soon to be of “A Winkle in Time”) is the showrunner, so a black woman showrunner of a family drama about a black family finding their way back to each other in the wake of personal tragedy. So far the tone of it feels like an artistically done “Parenthood”, but also a loving tribute to black lives. Duvernay has promised that every director of the show will be a woman. For some extra feminist bonus points.

    Even if Rutina’s character hasn’t started with the dating women part of her story yet, you should all try and watch it!!! It’s thus far been phenomenal television. I don’t say that lightly.

    TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_-ZAELN7oY

    • Sorry for the duplicate comment! I meant to cut it to just the part about Rutina’s character and got super confused in my cutting/ pasting.

      Super sorry you guys for the confusion! But you should still watch Queen Sugar!! It’s awesome. And black queer woman of color is still a rarity on tv!

      (longer trailer- this one doesn’t have the gay making out, but gives more of the plot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Py1GVEAVv4E)

      • YES! This is screengrab to end all screengrabs. (I’m excited that you are also watching! And loving it! It’s really great, isn’t’ it?)

        • Whoa, C.P.! Thank you! I’ll look into this right this second! Boobs Tube will be back next week. In addition to which, I plan to do standalone recaps for Jane the Virgin. And we’re bringing on a couple of new recaps also that we’re sorting out today!

    • Your positive review made me go find the trailer (your links don’t work in Canada, unfortunately), but that hug between the sisters was what sold me. Damn. I immediately want to know more about them and their relationship.

      • Aw, I always forget to be more mindful of out of country views when I put up links. And I should be more careful, one of my very best friends lives in Toronto- so it’s not like I’m not aware of the issue. Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed the trailer. That hug between the two sisters is what sold my mom too, haha. But seriously, it’s such a powerful moment and it even comes across strongly in those quick trailer seconds.

        (Your new icon is super cute, btw :) Love it. )

        • My new icon was drawn for me as a birthday gift by one of my best friends – I’m glad you like it!

          So I actually just watched the two hour pilot – holy CRAP. So many things about this are wonderful, but you were right about the moment between Nova and Charley, I started crying, it was that powerful, even though I’d already seen it and knew it was coming. But also, Charley on the basketball court, Micah waking up his mom, Blue with his granddad, Nova at the end looking in the cop’s house, there were so many great moments. I’m really looking forward to seeing where this goes. I’m already hooked on these characters.

          • RE: the two-hour Queen Sugar pilot

            OMG BLUE AND HIS GRANDFATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes. Just, yes.

            That hug says so much, with so little, doesn’t it? It’s so powerful and affecting.

            And Charley on the basketball court I think was so tricky! It could’ve come off as so melodramatic and soap opera (not that there’s something inherently wrong with that)- but the actress made it so believable and grounded, even in the middle of all of the over the top elements surrounding her.

            Glad you enjoyed it!

          • @c-p Charley on the basketball court worked for me in part because the melodrama was so discordant with the tone of the rest of the show. It really stood out to emphasize how out of control she felt in that moment – because she had literally lost control of everything she thought she knew about her life.

            And yes, Blue is just wonderful in every scene he’s in.

  7. Isn’t there a show on CBS that co-stars Lavern Cox this season? Wasn’t her character suppose to be bisexual also?

  8. I think i’ve been waiting for this to be posted this pretty much since the start of the year – I even tweeted as much and then right after, this post went up!

    anyway thanks autostraddle for coming through and thanks for constantly having the best tv coverage around, love u guys

  9. 1. Gotham is really is THE WORST. And the actresses who play those characters don’t make it any better the way they talk about their characters’ sexuality. The type of bullshit they have engaged in makes me not want to watch a show that would otherwise be in my interests. I love all things Batverse. I’m even incredibly fond of the little actress that plays Catwoman but I just can’t do it to myself anymore.

    2. Another show I am highly disappointed in is Rosewood. That show started out so promising only to throw a curveball in the last 3 episodes and TMI and Pippy implode on some OOC nonsense. I’m not sure I want to give that show another chance to let me down either.

    3. I’m excited for Supergirl though. I’ve seen none of it so far but it just got added to Netflix so I’m going to binge the first season. That I do have some major concerns. For one thing, the show is moving to the CW. That network was the biggest contributor to LGBT deaths last tv season as well as just general sweeps week bisexuality nonsense and they have no remorse about it because “it’s just storytelling” and “the internet is full of haters”.

    4. Tara is all over the trailers for the new season of The Walking Dead so I’m confident she will leave a little bit longer. I’m just not looking forward to her coming back to camp to find out her girlfriend was murdered by one of Negan’s men. She is going to be so heartbroken.

    5. Looking forward to Arizona getting a new love. Can’t wait to find out who it is.

    6. From what has been said by HTGAWM’s creator, Famke Janssen has another show so Eve won’t be a big part of this season but I’m glad they haven’t forgotten about her and were at least able to bring her back for one or two episodes.

    7. Finally, I tried to like Legends of Tomorrow. I really did. But it was just too cheesy even for me. Dominick Purcell chews the scenery like he is auditioning to be The Most Interesting Man in the World. And I’m not a big fan of the way The CW treats Sara and Nyssa’s bisexuality. They seem to use it as a gimmick more than anything else. Especially on Legends. They trot out a girl for Sara to kiss every now and then to prove she likes girls but her relationships are not IMO treated as though they are meaningful.

    • 2. I honestly just stopped watching the moment I saw them go for the implosion. I was 100% only interested in seeing them be cute and pursue wedding things (or other non lethal and not relationship destroying)… not some sort of weird love triangle of blah. I could have even gone for healthy polyamory but… unless I hear things sort out with minimal drama I’m not likely to click in again.

      7. Its not just me! I kept reading reviews raving (or at least not wanting to light the show on fire) but each episode felt like snagging tropes from 90’s tv and not really doing much with them. If you got to the end, that was when I sort of went ??? (and if not, or to spare others I won’t spoil but sufficed to say I felt a bit shoehorned by the romance-ish)

      • Thirding this: “Finally, I tried to like Legends of Tomorrow. I really did. But it was just too cheesy even for me.”

        That show is just terrible, even for CW superhero shows, on which I grade on a serious curve.

    • 6. This makes me very sad about Famke Janssen. I seriously hope they can get her for a bit, even one or two episodes is better than nothing! (Because let’s be honest, the fanfic about AK moving with her to NY is never going to really happen).

  10. Megan Ketch tweeted that she would be open to returning to Jane (to my understanding, American Gothic was just a summer miniseries) so Jenny Urman could always pull the whole Susanna-never-existed-just-kidding-she-was-real-and-here-she-is thing?

    Roisa is soooooooo problematic, but damn do I enjoy seeing Bridget Regan’s face and Yara Martinez’s face, preferably in very close proximity to one another.

  11. So i understand people’s concerns about Supergirl but you know what gives me hope? It’s the lead-in for Jane the Virgin. Surely they will realize this and need it to be as laser-focused, ladies-focused (ladies-with-laser-focused?) because #branding?!

    Also, I have hope cause honestly, like otherwise cbs would have like cancelled it or moved it to a sunday death spot like elementary.

    • I will remain here hoping Elementary survives the death spot because I still adore it.

      (And I need to catch up with Supergirl and Jane the Virgin)

    • Omg! You are nearly me! I literally had to read this comment twice to check I hadn’t written it and forgotten all about it (my excuse is I have a bad cold at the moment.) Hello doppelganger!

  12. Another thing about Empire: the prison scenes were filmed in an actual juvenile detention center and the teenagers there lost access to visiting areas and the library among other things. I’d never thought about where those episodes had been shot, but now that I know, I’m done.

  13. – Maura-centric with no kids around? That’s all I ever wanted from Transparent!
    – yay for Arizona’s new love interest! Always here for the adult lesbians being adults

  14. I rely exclusively on you guys for tv rec’s, and I love all of your tv-related writing. I’m just really sad about this paltry list and still salty about every queer woman I watched tv for in the first place being killed off last year. Ugh. Thank you for this, though.

  15. Oooh I just read something else amazing that I feel I must share: if like me you stopped watching UnREAL in season 2 at the very beginning, this might make you want to just watch the rest of that season (there are spoilers, but good ones):
    then just to get in the mood to go on, I found a great fanfic of Quinn & Rachel:
    Okay. Great. :D

    • The Rachel/Quinn dynamic has always been one of the most compelling things about UnReal but, as someone who watched the entirety of Season 2, I just want to say: don’t do it.

      If you’ve managed to avoid watching the rest of Season 2, thank your lucky stars…it was terrible and you’re fortunate that you didn’t waste your time. I wish I’d had your foresight.

      • As someone who made it 2/3 of the way through season 2 (with as few spoilers as possible, I made it to the confrontation with the police episode) and wholeheartedly quit and deleted it from my DVR— I have to agree with Pecola.

        Don’t do it to yourself.

  16. Is there any way to watch “Strut” outside of the US?
    Will it,maybe, be on iTunes?

    P.S.: I’m very here for a Legends of Tomorrow Spin off that sends Sara Lance traveling through TV history to make out with all.the.subtexty.Ladies.
    Cagney&Lacey, Xena, Rizzles, Dana Scully…just imagine the possibilities…

  17. “Slytherin feverdream” yas. This is why I can’t relate to so much TV: all the conniving. I’m still sad about Susanna, too. You think the media has finally graced us with a good-hearted, honest lesbian or bi girl character, then NOPE! Conniving time!

  18. Just finished One Mississippi last night. So good! Like really, really good. But Heather, I have a question about the actress who plays Tig’s mother.

    I am from California and totally unqualified to judge this, but to me her Southern accent sounded kind of fake? Like, distractingly so?

    Please put my mind at ease and tell me that it sounds legit so that I can relax and re-watch the season! :-D

      • Also maybe I just don’t understand anything about anything, because no one outside of the flashbacks seems to have a southern accent, and like at what point would Tig have dropped hers? She has one as a teenager…

        The world of southern accents is apparently totally mystifying to me.

        • The show takes place in the Gulf Coast area, so often the accents aren’t as saturated there because there are more transplants, though of course they still exist for many.

    • I’ve only seen one episode (still working my way through the rest) but nothing seemed overly amiss to me. Southern / Gulf Coast accents can really vary depending on where and when and how long and family factors.

      That said, full disclosure, I would not pass the biscuit test (or maybe I would) so I might not be full stamped SOUTHERNER. The biscuit test/statement is : “well, if a cat had kittens in the oven you wouldn’t call them biscuits, would you?” In relation to transplants and who is southern (I take this with a grain of salt)–but I was a presumed southern child adopted by northern parents and mostly get told I sound posh unless I’m very tired.

      tldr in a given Southern city you can run into someone with a thick twang and someone else who sounds downright standard english and a third whose putting on a gone with the wind (as the original accent for that is extinct as far as I know)

      • Thanks, this is so interesting!

        Also I realize that I must have a total Californian accent to people from Mississippi…

  19. Abso-fucking-lutely mesmerized by the ladies in Holby City.
    They make the best heart eyes to each other and have lines like:
    “I kissed you because I wanted to, other than that I wasn’t really thinking”,
    “I think we should toast to out undeniable sexual chemistry”,
    “-Hello stanger!
    -Serena, is it?
    -is it me avoiding you, or you avoiding me?
    -talk about ships that pass in the night.
    -oh now she compares me to a boat. Charming.

    “I’ve been in love before, I know the symptoms” (they are doctors).

  20. AAAHHHH! What are you doing, bringing up Rosewood like that?! You could have killed me!

    When a show does something horribly offensive, it usually tries to justify it as “necessary for the story”. And I usually buy that at least the creators think that way, even if they’re deceiving themselves. But that ending could not possibly have been considered good storytelling; it was so out-of-the-blue that it broke my suspension of disbelief. I didn’t even feel like the characters could be real anymore.

    From this list, I’m only looking forward to Younger and Supergirl. And I may be disappointed by Supergirl.

  21. Is it just me or does this fall season seem to be short on lesbian content both on quantity and quantity? There’s absolutely nothing on that list that appeals me, I have nothing on TV to look forward to.

  22. so, the second episode of the netflix anthology series “easy” is about a lesbian couple. it is called “vegan cinderella” and everybody is alive in the end!
    the episodes seem to be stand alones, so you can probably ignore the rest if you don´t have time or nerves for hetero relationship problems…

    also, one mississippi is really really good, and it has something effortless to it – i don´t know how else to describe it. while watching i was wondering, why there aren´t more tv shows like that…

    • I was just coming here to mention that series! Glad someone else caught it too. And they all survived the half hour!!

  23. I decided to give One Mississippi a try and was stunned by the raw emotion. It’s so heavy – her mother dying, her mother a corpse!! The horribly insensitive stepfather… Oh my god, just this first episode pressed all my buttons. It was so difficult to process all the fears that were brought to the surface. Scarier than any horror movie out there!!

    That being said, I can’t help but continue to watch.

  24. y’all! The Call of the Midwife! I’m not going to post spoilers but…. go watch season 5 on netflix to have your heart melt. <3

    • *counting the days until Christmas*

      (Though emerald-less promo pics are leaving me v e r y worried about pupcake in s6)

    • Call the Midwife is my favorite. I watched it on PBS and they actually cut a bunch of the Patsy & Delia stuff, unfortunately. I only knew about a few of the scenes thanks to recaps. I bought the DVDs just so I could see them. Definitely worth it, they are the cutest!

  25. Will autostraddle be doing recaps and keeping us up to date on lesbian characters now that AE is no longer going?

  26. (On Masters of Sex) “Last season we saw glimpses of them working on a way to conceive, and now Helen is nine months pregnant! (So is the actress who plays her.)”^

    Uhhhhhh quick correction because I love this show: Helen is played by the awesome Sarah Silverman, who’s definitely not pregnant – but she plays the one carrying the baby. Annaleigh Ashford, who plays her partner Betty, is the one pregnant in real life. They’re using a “I also have to eat for two so my partner doesn’t feel fat” as an excuse for her getting big, too.

    Also I didn’t know any of this and had to check, but it’s interesting information so I appreciate that you made me google it. Sarah Silverman is actually dating the dude that plays Bill Masters. Vert disappointing. Can anyone tell I have a crush on her?

  27. I’m late to the party, but I’ll suggest Mozart in the Jungle. No one knows about it because it’s on Amazon, but it’s really cute/wacky and has a bi girl among the main cast (though her bisexuality is only revealed in season 2 when she starts a rship with another woman).

    Season 3 should start in December, do yourselves a favor and catch up before then! ;)

  28. Where is Wynonna Earp?! The first lesbian in TV history to survive a shooting because she wore a bulletproof west and wake up in the arms of her girlfriend! It could be so easy… Anyway – showrunner Emily Andras needs our support for Syfy to continue the show!!

  29. I just watched all 6 episodes of “Take My Wife” on Seeso, and wow is that authentic lesbian representation. Very little conniving, and also I’m pretty sure no one will die.

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