The Comment Awards Love You! Yes, You!

Hi hi! Happy Valentine’s Week! I have fully embraced Valentine’s Day as a day to express love to all of the amazing people in my life, and guess what: you’re some of them! Thanks for being you! I love our Autostraddle family.

This week, Cameron tried to flirt.

Riese knows a LOT about The L Word. I wish we’d met The Captain!

One Day At A Time is back, and it’s so! queer! Watch it! Tweet about it! Help us secure a season four!

Courtney wants you to fuck while fat, gloriously.

Natalie wrote about Barbara Jordan, the black lesbian president we should’ve had in the 70s.

Vanessa wants you to date casually, and here’s how!

KaeLyn wrote a love letter you need to read.

Love not your thing at the moment? No worries, Rachel’s got you covered with 13 Easy Houseplants for Seasonally Depressed Gays and Their Cats. THIS WAS VERY GOOD.

And then there were your comments!

On 68 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About “The L Word”:

The We Killed Jenny Award to amidola:

Oh wow, wait. THEY don’t know who killed Jenny? Excuse me while I’m over here, hyperventilating with laughter. P.S.:The L Word introduced me to some great music. Whoever was responsible for that:Kudos.

On Pop Culture Fix: Alison Brie and Sugar Lyn Beard are Edie Windsor and Thea Spyer on “Drunk History”:

The Sinking Ship Award to Caitlin and Laura:

Pop Culture Fix: Alison Brie and Sugar Lyn Beard are Edie Windsor and Thea Spyer on “Drunk History

On Yes, Virginia, Queer Women Can Casually Date: Here’s How It Works:

The Speed Dating Award to Chandra:

The first time I tried a no-expectations approach to dating we literally ended up getting married on our literal third date (so thanks for that callout lol), but since we’re non-monogamous and I’m an introvert who doesn’t have sufficient stores of time or emotional energy for another serious partner, I look forward to putting these handy tips into practice 😀

On Foolish Child #39: Ace But Love Your Face:

The Valentine’s Cuties Award to Otis:

Foolish Child #39: Ace But Love Your Face

On What I’m Saying Is You’re Stuck With Me:

The Big Mood Award to Celia:

Crying in the gay bar right now

On How to Be a Grown Woman:

The Heather Hogan Strikes Again Award to ExceptForBunnies:

This is one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve read at Autostraddle. Thank you so much for sharing it! And I’m sitting here thinking of my grandmother now, my Oma, who got a cordless phone for her 75th birthday from her four daughters. They paid 200 D-Mark, she never used it. She worked daily in her huge garden, though, until her death at the age of 86th. I still hear her voice, how she laughed with me and said my name. Thank you, again.

On 13 Easy Houseplants for Seasonally Depressed Gays and Their Cats:

The Turning Over a New Leaf Award to MARISSAMARISSA, Rachel and Iarran Mé:

MARISSAMARISSA: This article may have turned me into a plant gay! / Rachel: YES my work here is done / Iarran Mé: You’re saying it planted a seed? The idea of plants has taken root in your mind? Plants are growing on you? Sow, let us know how it turns out.

And the Air In There Award to Alex:

I made an Autostraddle account after many years of passive reading just to say that my depressed Cancer self and my 17 (yes, 17) spider plants feel *very* called out by this article. That’s not counting the half dozen Christmas cactuses, dozenish aloes, and various other plants crammed into a duplex with my mom and two cats.

And on Who Do You Love: @notallgeminis x Autostraddle Do Queer Valentine’s Day Memes:

The Cross Training Award to Kayla:

this is the most ambitious crossover event in history

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  1. Heeeyyyy QG! Happy Valentine’s week.

    That houseplant article and thread was so much fun. Content I did not know I needed, but I did.

  2. I absolutely 10000% agree with ExceptForBunnies that this Heather piece is one of the most beautiful pieces ever published on Autostraddle. The love emanates from the screen.

  3. I feel like that whole “Who killed Jenny” thing gained a whole ‘nother nihilistic dimension.
    Thanks for the honors!

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