Mal Blum Invites You To Karaoke With Their New Single “Things Still Left To Say”

Sometimes the hardest part of being a person with a body is admitting how hard it is in the first place. So it goes in the newest single from Mal Blum, rock musician, friend of Autostraddle/A-Camp, and all around cool human.

Blum and their band offer the pop punk vibes we need to survive 2019, with awkward, affectionate storytelling, frenetic drums, and ever-so-slightly clangy guitars. “Things Still Left To Say” gives off serious 90s alt-rock vibes, like something from the soundtrack of The Adventures of Pete and Pete (my favorite genre). The lyrics dig into the way being closeted cuts us off from people trying to love us, and they do so in a way I’ve certainly never heard on NPR before. The video features a flower-covered Blum, a hungry reptile, and a whole bunch of cute people for you to get crushes on and try to find on Instagram later. What are you waiting for?

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