The Comment Awards Know Love Is Not A Lie

Hi there, you happy little clouds! I have a question for you! Did you ever play that parachute game, as a kid?

It goes like this: the teachers unfurl the rainbow parachute that elementary schools sometimes mysteriously acquire. Standing in a circular around the perimeter, each child takes up their own little bit of it. On the count of three, everyone lifts it up up up! As high as it can go! And it catches the air, and creates this great big warm covered space, and everyone runs in towards the center, as the parachute drifts gently down towards their heads.

Let’s do that now. I know it’s a lot to ask, to get sappy and childlike with me, but here we are! And here’s your little bit of parachute, and here’s mine, and on the count of three, we’re going to lift it up! And just like that, we’re going to make space for the joy of our friendships, and the giddy rush of our crushes, and the miraculousness of being in this time and space together. We’re going to make space for every single one of us who is stubbornly thriving in this weary world. Are you ready? Are you ready for all of the things that are going to be possible if we forget, for just a moment, how very tired we are?

One. Two. Three!

This week, Reneice made apple spice bread, which I want to eat RIGHT NOW.

Love was not a lie on a very special episode of Great Bats! And speaking of Grease Bats, THEY ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN BOOK FORM! YOU CAN BUY IT EVERYWHERE BOOKS ARE SOLD! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

The TV team wrote about all of the nine (!) women of color couples who fell in love this summer, and how they changed our queer tv landscape forever.

In this week’s horoscope, Corina told me I get to be a work-in-progress. Thank goodness!

This was so lovely: When I Was 16 I Won a Drag Show in Florence.

Samira Wiley dressed up for Stef’s very last No Filter. 

Vanessa wrote about learning how to survive the zombie apocalypse at A-Camp, with folks from REI as our guides!

And then there were your comments.

On Grease Bats: The Engagement:

The LOVE LIVES Award to RoseEsq:

She said yes!!! Thank you so so so so so much to Archie for making this so special and wonderful! <3

On Sunday Funday, Kristen Stewart and Cate Blanchett Welcome Our Alien Overladies:

The Cats (2019) Award to Erica:

Half of my living space mess is from CATS so I would really like for CATS to GET IT TOGETHER, grow some THUMBS, and CLEAN UP THEIR OWN SHIT!!!!

And the Cara Mia, Here We Go Again Award to Caitlin:

thank u so much for this VITAL meryl streep news, signed a queer who loves her so much that my car is named Car Meryl Streep

On Queer Horoscopes for September 2019: Learning (and Unlearning) How We Love Each Other:

The Growing Pains Award to Maria:

Oh honey, this month is asking you to grow and stretch in ways that might not be comfortable.

On No Filter: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Here’s Samira Wiley in a Bowtie:

The Paparazzi Award to Sally:

Does this mean Stef is now eligible to be featured on No Filter

And the Scorpio, Scorchio Award to Snaelle:

Stef: the Scorpio who brought the Scorchio You are going to be MISSED. Health and happiness to you…and I’m looking forward to updates in other columns along the lines of “Noted bisexual musician Stef Shwartz was seen consorting with gal pals in a coffee shop…

And on How REI Prepared Us for the Zombie Apocalypse and Built Community in the Woods at A-Camp:

The Staff Perks Award to Amanda ling:

AND THEIR STAFF SEEMED LIKE THEY ENJOYED COMING TO A-CAMP! Just, to emphasize to any future sponsors, your company probably has a queer or two in it who would happily discover some marketing skills

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  1. Now hands up who wishes Queer Girl could be the US President 🙋

    Thank you for bringing joy and bringing out the love every week 💜

      • Lol altho I would vastly prefer you as President in that vast place South of where I live, I actually would not wish that horror of a job upon you. Enthusing kiddos seems a much better fit for you 😄

  2. I mean, the number of campers who already call A-camp a work/networking conference on their calendars is a non zero number, might as well make honest humans out of SOMEBODY

    Also, I have nothing at all but time for parachute games and comic proposals😍

  3. If it wasn’t for the continuous stream of rock music I have running at the moment I would be aghast to see the words Cara Mia because that song is an ear worm I’ll have to sing along with to properly banish it.

  4. I do feel so very tired. My wife suggested that I try just not being tired. I do often believe in the power of positive thinking, but this afternoon I decided that I just need a bit of a rest. And so I have been.

    • rest is so important! positive thinking can only take us so far without any fuel in our tanks. (or something!)

    • i know this comment popped up in the wrong post but i’m still gonna say that i just ordered the grease bats book today and i am v e r y excited! <3

  5. thank you for Cara Mia! as i type this my beloved Car Meryl is recovering from a fender bender in which a driver that i can only assume has never had the fortune to see Devil Wears Prada crunched into her

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