Sunday Funday, Kristen Stewart and Cate Blanchett Welcome Our Alien Overladies

Happy Sunday friendos! Have you had any water today? Have you cleaned your living space? I did both and I feel great! Why don’t you try one and tell me how you feel?

Oh yes, also it was the first week of class and it felt very long and I already feel behind but my anxious thoughts do not control the future, my actions do! So I’m gonna go do my homework, goodbye.

+👽: Hey who’s your human rep? 🙎🏻‍♀️(KStew): Oh, it’s Cate Blanchett.

+ IDK y’all, I have a Meryl Streep google alert and I thought y’all might like this news about her new Netflix movie.

+ Queers made “Are You The One” the show to watch.

+ Seattle’s queer tattoo artists are redefining the culture.

+ “Lesbian detective Helen Keremos returns in ‘Work for a Million’ graphic novel” sounds fun!

+ Black femme lesbians and acrylic nails! Speaking of, it’s time for me to go visit Tiffany.

In Black lesbian communities, cultural aesthetic standards are the driving force behind our signifiers: locs, fades, high-quality wigs and natural hairstyles are some calling cards, as are nail styles and the language we use to identify ourselves. For example, “femme” is understood to be the mainstream label for feminine queer women regardless of sexuality, but the shortened “fem”—which is what I use to describe myself—is popular with Black lesbians in particular. Identifiers for Black masculine lesbians are “stud” and, to a lesser extent, “stem” (a portmanteau of stud + fem), while white masculine lesbians tend to identify as “butch” in its many forms. “Dyke” is heavily embraced by both groups.

+ Maybe I’ll just include marriage/engagement shoots in this every week like a little queer version of the NYT weddings section.

+ (Not an endorsement) Kirsten Gillibrand is advocating for trans rights in her 2020 campaign.

+ DC K-12 kiddos can register for school as nonbinary students!

+ Hogwarts. Sorting. Hat. Croquembouche

+ Julia Eastwood will be the first trans runner to complete the DI Cross Country. 

I love you.

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  1. Loooove that croquembouche sorting hat. What a trip !

    Now I have to take wirecutters to my whisk and wave it around my kitchen, nothing special.

  2. I cleaned my living space too with heavy emphasis on the kitchen and it does feel great! No water yet, but I anti-hydrating w/ 3 cups of coffee

  3. Half of my living space mess is from CATS so I would really like for CATS to GET IT TOGETHER, grow some THUMBS, and CLEAN UP THEIR OWN SHIT!!!!

  4. thank u so much for this VITAL meryl streep news, signed a queer who loves her so much that my car is named Car Meryl Streep

  5. For any fellow queer Gen X fantasy nerds, two of the gelfling characters in the new Dark Crystal series are being described online as “girlfriends” (though I’m only 4 eps in and can’t yet comment on how that plays out on screen). Still though, gal pal gaylflings!!!

  6. When Bake Off was still on the BBC Sue Perkins somehow got away with a crack ( pun intended) about slipping her croque into someone’s bouche..

  7. Well, now I know that ‘Croquembouche’ means ‘profiterole’ so that’s good. Another American English Food Related Mishap avoided! Don’t get me started on pigs in blankets…

  8. Oh wow, both the wedding photos and the croquembouche are so beautiful!
    I could have sworn one of the NYT hosts’ shirts said “Gayffindor”, but the font was just confusing. A missed opportunity! I would love a rainbow cream puff to sort me into Bivenclaw

  9. Good job Kristen, now maybe other candidates will go father with their pledge. Don’t forget to also have water tomorrow it will probably be similar weather as today, so hot!

  10. I’m disappointed Kirsten Gillibrand dropped out, I think she had some good ideas, and I would’ve liked to see her in another debate.

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