The Comment Awards Goes To The Movies

This has been a roller coaster week. My mom voted for Bernie Sanders, which I thought was interesting because we’re talking about my mom here. Then she said that, if it came down to it, she’d vote for Trump in the general election, which I found disturbing. Also the passenger side headlight on my car stopped working and Carrie thinks I’m breaking the law by driving around with one headlight. If it’s good enough for The Wallflowers, it’s good enough for me, I say. But everything will be all better because Carrie is taking me to see the new Tina Fey movie.

Autostraddle dot com had a much better week than me!

Super Tuesday happened. Heather and Rachel live blogged it. I laughed out loud at least 3 times and even quoted Rachel at the dinner table that night.

The Oscars also happened. Riese wrote an unbelievable detailed piece about 88 years of racism in the Academy Awards. I learned a lot.

Heather, on point as always, had some good advice on how I can deal with my mom if/when she finally does vote for Trump.

A lot of our Team Members and SO many of you talked about labels and identity. It was basically a master class in modern queer theory. Personally, I identify as a honey badger.

Mansplainations are literally the worst, but Erin writing about them is the best and you, the sharpest of tacks, and your comments are better than the best.

Kaelyn wrote a really heartfelt piece about losing pets. As someone who recently lost a cat of 16 years, I really needed this.

Also horoscopes! And Comments!

On When You Need Them Least: Mansplainations:

The This Bra Hurts My Brain Award to Sally:


On The Fosters Episode 316 Recap: Nope.:

The Processing Award to queer girl:

queer girl

On 2016 Super Tuesday Open Thread and Liveblog:

The You Do You Award to Jay:


The Crystal Gems 2016 Award to queer girl:

queer girl1

The The REAL Birther Controversy Award to amidola:


The Best Use of the Word “Fart” on the Internet Award to Hat:


On What I Wore: Navigating the Heternormative Patriarchy (Part One):

The Barking Up the Wrong Tree Award to queerpritch:


On 25 Unsolved Lesbian TV Mysteries Sarah Shahi’s Nancy Drew Should Investigate:

The Jenny Lives Award to Melissa:


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  1. I love that I live in a world in which “the Jenny lives award” is a sentence.
    Also @queergirl I hope TWO comment awards make you feel a bit better about this week <3.

  2. YES! As a British person seeing the John Oliver video where everyone says they equate the name Trump with success just boggles my brain. Who is associating farting with success???

    • I mean I wish John Oliver himself had mentioned it in the segment ! Huge opportunity missed there John!

  3. A comment award for Best use of the word Fart – My mother would be so proud…no really you should see the stuff she posts about Trump on Facebook. Lesbian Jesus bless her. Thanks guys :)

    • Lesbian Jesus <3 I think I could be religious if Jesus were a lesbian with a penchant for drag (it's not like that beard looks real in most pictures anyway).
      Or am I confusing religiousness with "hey, that's neat"? Probably.


    that just goes to prove once and for all that Mia Kirshner has and always will be the best thing about Jenny Schecter.

  5. “If it’s good enough for The Wallflowers, it’s good enough for me, I say.”

    Oh, Bren. Harkening right back to my middle school discman days with that one.

  6. Thank you for the award, it is definitely aptly-named; I spent half today bra-less and was definitely thinking more clearly, for reasons that cannot be mansplained.

  7. You know, some days I end up wondering if things do translate to the page into as funny as they sounded in my head.
    I’ll take this one as a win on that front, so thanks!
    I have an entire headcanon for Trump in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and how he washed up on Earth, by the way.
    Disgruntled waiter from the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, is all I’m saying.

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