The Comment Awards Are Thinking About Harley Quinn’s Breakfast Sandwich

Hello! The Comment Awards come to you this week from a friend’s kitchen table, because I am ON VACATION! That’s right, I was lovingly awoken at five a.m. by a gentle bite on the nose from a very attentive cat (who, I have been informed, was hungry), and I couldn’t be happier. Fuck the primaries! Let’s go outside and feel the sun on our faces! Let’s live our very best lives today!

This week for The Dyke Kitchen, Kamala dove into that absolutely most alluring of breakfast items, the breakfast sandwich.

Mandy wrote this essay you should read RIGHT NOW: Ain’t I A Bottom.

For Autostraddle’s Week On Being Alone, Malic wrote about being young, gay, and divorced, and Christina’s got some romance novels to read if you’re perpetually single; Jehan wrote about the trouble with roommates, and Riese brought us the definitive guide to life after love! Bless us, everyone!

Yao’s beloved Baopu series, much of which has been published right here on this very website, is now available in a collection called Everything Is Beautiful, And I’m Not Afraid! You and I can buy it, right now! I am! So! Excited!

And! Kate wrote about Love is Blind, the new straight dating show from Netflix that is absolutely chock-full of lesbian processing. (I have FEELINGS about this show, and all of them are about the illusion of intimacy that talking for hours and hours and hours can create, and how that’s why all of my queer relationships move too quickly! It’s fine! I’m not fine!)

Lol, then there were your comments!

On The Dyke Kitchen: What’s In Your Breakfast Sandwich?

The Eggs of Prey Award to Bettyonit:

I love all things breakfast but I’ve been thinking about Harley Quinn’s egg sandwich every single day since watching BOP.

On Ain’t I A Bottom:

The I! Am! Ready! Award to herekitty:

Sunday Funday’s Reflection Shows Who We Are Inside

On Sunday Funday’s Reflection Shows Who We Are Inside:

The Productivity Award to Chandra:

I too am now standing around in my robe, watching an endless series of sprinting javelina tweets set to music instead of starting something productive. Happy Sunday to you!

On Also.Also.Also: After 14 Years the Dixie Chicks Are Back, Update Your Misandrist Playlists!

The Not Ready to Make (Kindergarten) Award to Caitlin:

one of my earliest school memories is getting asked to share a song with our music class. lots of Disney and nursery rhymes, I bust out with a very off key, mumbled version of Godspeed. sooooo suffice to say I’m excited for the album

On Yao Xiao’s “Everything Is Beautiful, And I’m Not Afraid” Is as Queer and Hopeful as The Comic You Already Love:

The Infectious Enthusiasm Award to innaffaire:

YES! Ordered. Can’t wait to hold this in my hands. Baopu has a special place in my heart & every time I see a comic on Autostraddle, I know I’m in for a thoughtful, honest, warm experience. These comics have literally made me a more empathetic person. Yay & congrats on the book if you’re reading this, Yao Xiao!!

On No Filter: USWNT Are The Best Aunties Imaginable, Will They Be Mine?

The Dangerous Game Award to Caitlin:

nudes with friends, the bafflingly popular sequel to words with friends

And on Dice for Every Kind of Queer Dungeons & Dragons Player:

The Found Wanting Award to Snow:

excuse me but I failed my resistance check and will need to have all of these delivered to my house thank you

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  1. Yay to everyone ! I’m so burned out right now, the Comment Awards are the only thing between me and curling up under my desk. Woe.

  2. Hey, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate this week’s content and y‘all, I‘ve just been too tired to read and comment because..who started their new job in one of the city‘s biggest ERs the Monday after the first covid case in town?
    I promise to read up on everything though and cheer, although belatedly at all of your brilliance!
    Take care, everyone, big besos!

    • My hospital has been prepping for cases for weeks now, but we haven’t seen any yet. I work with one of the most vulnerable patient populations and they’re pretty scared. That means I haven’t had much time to read, or comment, on here recently, due to work and personal shit. Feels good to catch a break and catch up a little bit! Hope your chance to do so comes soon.

    • thinking of you and snow and all of the people who are working in hospitals these days, amidola! <3 <3 <3

  3. Suddenly I do wonder what the eggs of a bird of prey taste like. Free range chicken and protein they get from their environment makes for a tastier egg but would it for a carnivore?

    Also it occurs to me some people are unaware chickens are omnivores.

      • I’m glad I didn’t elaborate and traumatize anybody.
        All you need to know is domesticating chickens was a good decision by our ancestors.
        The best defense is a good offense.

  4. Winning an award for standing around in my robe is my peak achievement this week, I think.

    Big love to everyone who’s burnt out and struggling lately! <3 Take care of yourselves.

      • You too QG! Btw if you ever felt like writing a post on the illusion of intimacy created by talking for hours, it sounds like something I’d like to read about :) I think I’ve had some similar experiences in the past.

      • I went to a gaming con today and bought several sets of dice, and a cute little travel bag for them. They got me good. A friend and I got to play several games, including Paranoia and Dread, both of which were great fun. We were lucky enough to get to play with a cool bunch of people! Total strangers coming together and digging right into these games based on internecine struggle and doing a fantastic job of it made my day.

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